Phang Nga Bay, Thailand


Wearing: Zimmermann eyelet top, Asos denim shorts, K.Jacques sandals, Zara bucket bag.

I am currently at home in Australia, laying low while catching up on emails, overdue posts and more importantly, family time. My backlog of unseen posts is quite extensively scattered over the last few years but I thought putting them out there in to the universe is better late than never. I feel like this introduction keeps appearing more often, but it is too true that time passes too quickly and sometimes life gets in the way.

Melissa and I spent an unexpected week in Thailand last May and roamed as much as we could each day. We were staying in Krabi, where the hotel helped us out with access to a boat to get around. As I’ve explained many times in my travel posts my top recommendation for experiencing any travel destination is to wake up at dawn, and arrive as early as possible. It makes an incredible different to experience somewhere on your own, in silence. Thailand has been subjected to enormous crowds of tourists for decades and only continues to grow. I was able to find a few patches of seemingly untouched beauty on the Krabi Islands, but once the crowds arrive to the top tourist spots it is suffocating. If you are visiting Thailand, or anywhere in the world please do so peacefully and respectfully, taking any trash along with you.

We visited Phang Nga Bay (also known as James Bond Island) early one morning and were the first tourists on the island. The locals have long learnt how to profit from Westerners visiting and have set up a row of markets along the beach forefront, which seemed extremely out of place and unnecessary on the tiny island, but watching the vendors have their morning coffee and cigarettes while waiting for the first ferry load to arrive was pleasant. The island was another beautiful piece of Thai landscape but I don’t feel I would visit again.

Melissa and I then spent an amazing few hours on the floating village of Koh Panyi… blog post to come next.

Photos by Melissa Findley