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Wearing: Spell lace maxi dress.

On this day Melissa and I woke to watch the sunrise. We were some of the first people on Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi Lee. I jumped off the boat several times in to the glowing blue waters of Pileh Lagoon. On the way back to Krabi we asked the boat’s captain to pull over in open water nearby Four Islands, stripped naked and dived in together holding hands. We skinny dipped back at the hotel in the pool for sunset, beer in hand and listened to the cicadas.

While I’m still on a personal note after my last post, I thought I’d very lightly touch on the significance of this day. To some these might look like photos of me wearing a pretty dress, in a pretty place. But to me, and my family, they are so much more. To go from not knowing if I would ever walk again, to spinning and dancing with sand between my toes, to falling over in to the water while hysterically laughing is a blessing that never goes unnoticed.

Ten years ago, to the day, I was in a bad car accident that left me heavily injured. I spent months on bed rest in hospital, years in rehab after learning to walk again, to ultimately buy a one way ticket overseas. This is obviously an extremely condensed version of the most defining point of my life that still effects me physically and mentally every day, but I do plan on sharing it all one day… when I finally sit still and write a book of these crazy chapters of lives within my lifetime.

I have known my best friend Melissa for these whole ten years, and having her beside me on this day was immeasurable. She knows loss more than most, and the waves that come with it… we are so fortunate to have shared the highs and lows every step of the way together. She was more emotional than me that morning as I was somewhat distracted by how surreal and perfect everything was. And how fucking lucky I am to still be here.

Photos by Melissa Findley

  • Wow. You’ve been on such an emotional and trying journey. I’m very glad to see you healthy and happy here now, sharing your gorgeous experiences with us!


  • Lovely Pics & enjoy your Day!! 🙂

    Lisa | ;> | Joy Della Vita Travelblog

  • You look absolutely gorgeous in these photos, but what’s even more beautiful is the significance of this day to you. I really admire your ability to stay positive and overcome such a huge obstacle.


  • Natali

    Breathtaking nature… This place is a real paradise!


  • Whooo I did not know you have conquered such an intense time in your life! So happy you shared this (short version of your) story! Now you are not just a very pretty girl with the perfect dress, but also an extremely strong woman who really fought for her way of living! Xx Susanne – http://bagatyou.com

  • Saša Rakovec

    Beautiful place!



  • The pictures are gorgeous <3

    Luise | http://www.just-myself.com

  • Vacation dream.

    xo Jenny

  • Bri

    I love getting a first look at your photos and creating some thoughts in my head only to discover some other side of the story to really compliment those photos. After having read this, you can even notice in your eyes that gentleness and gratefulness that comes from your heart to be able to walk again, to live and to experience all that you were blessed with. It is so refreshing to see someone as humble as you Jess, who appreciates their life extremely and doesn’t take a single day for granted. I am about to undergo a hip surgery on Tuesday and I really am scared of how it fill affect my life in the future, if it will get better or if it will get worse. So I can really relate in terms of having to deal with something physical on a daily basis, and I am only inspired by you, that after challenges we have to face sometimes, there’s a lighter tomorrow.

    With Love,


  • lavieenliz

    love this dress


  • Kimberly Ann

    What an amazing story! Good for you on your amazing recovery and gorgeous photos 🙂


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  • Beautiful location! I would love to hear more about your story.

    xoxoBella | http://xoxobella.com

  • Beautiful dress<3

    Shall We Sasa

  • The photos are so dreamy! If you ever decide to open up about your story we will be happy to hear it and support you in every possible way 🙂


  • Inspiring! I’m so happy for you that you’ve managed to experience things which you thought you might never be able to. I went to Maya Bay this summer and it was so so busy, it looks so much calmer and more beautiful when you went. Hope you enjoyed Thailand as much as I did, the holiday of a lifetime! 🙂

    Growing Positive | Francis

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    This is gorgeous! And photos….oh my. Lovely.

    PS: I have a blog – http://www.bymybedside.com
    Please check it out lovelies xxx
    I’ll give you an invisible cookie if you do… 😉

  • And what a life you are living.


  • You look so beautiful!




  • Stunning photos! Need that dress!!

    x Sarah

  • Sanja

    So inspiring, photos and place

  • Emily
  • Stunning location, beautiful dress, and a heartfelt story! Its amazing what we take for granted (walking, dancing, etc.) in our day-to-day lives.

    Lena Parker-Duncan – Graphic Design and Photography

  • Ika

    Beautiful photos and touching story!

  • Charlie Su

    Wow. Thank you for sharing such a personal story. It goes to show how strong a person can be, especially in the face of obstacles. Congratulations Jessica, for overcoming so much.

    love the dress of course:)



  • Ailén

    Amazing photos Jessica!



  • Inspiring story! Never take a day for granted 🙂


  • Gorgeous photos, Jessica! Thank you for sharing this very personal post with us! I love the second pic, where the water splashes between your feet. I can’t wait to read your whole story, when you decide to share it. Keep on smiling, dreaming and please, never stop sharing your travels with us!
    xx Elle

    http://www.cherryblossomstreet.com – Swedish Model and Lifestyle/Travel blogger in TOKYO

  • Elizabeth

    such gorgeous beach photos!


  • Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing this post with us. It was nice to know more about you.

    xx, Diane || http://www.modernisticphoenix.blogspot.com

  • This is beautiful! And what an amazing story. So happy for you!

  • You are so strong for being able to overcome your past. Thank you so much for sharing your story and these beautiful, stunning moments with us!!

  • The Sunday Mode

    That was a really touching post and an amazing story, you’ve been through so much but definitely came out on top in the end. These pictures look amazing and it seems like you had an incredible time. Thanks for taking the time to let us get to know you more!


  • Beautiful post! Not just the photos, but the words too! It really reminded me of how easily we take things for granted until we get hurt xo

  • Wow that’s such an amazing story ! I really had no idea that happened to you. These photos are beautiful though and you are so blessed to not only be here but on top of it to visit such beautiful places !


  • Laws of Exploration

    “Lives within my lifetime.” How perfect and poignant at the same time. Glad you got to remember the day that your life changed with your best friend and wishing you many more good times ahead.

  • Lorena

    lovely dress and nice views!

    xx, http://www.girlswearblack.com

  • Very beautiful dress and the place is surreal !


    I Dress for the Applause


    That dress is so lovely and i love the place!


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    Beautiful pictures – the water looks gorgeous. Inspiring story. Xx

    Tiffany Tales – A British Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • I’m glad you are here too! Keep inspiring! http://worldsessed.com

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    Nice background & outfit! Very refreshing. <3

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    stunning dress and photos


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    this beautiful place with the perfect comfy dress 🙂 amazing pics
    xo xo from Paris

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    Beautiful post… Glad to hear you made it through those difficult times.. can’t even imagine what a tough part of your life that must have been xx

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    Beautiful pictures! I love the dress!




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    So amazing place, want to go!!




  • The Fashion Panda
  • Whitney V

    You never know… I bet when you were in bed at the hospital all you wanted was to get better and walk again. Life has given you the opportunity to walk all around the world and your feet have taken you to so many places many other people haven’t had or may never have the opportunity to go to! Sharing this experience with all of us may give so many people hope, and hope and gratitude are everything…



  • That is an absolutely stunning location! Beautiful pictures! <3


  • everything in the photos are just perfect,
    the place, the dress and you <3
    xxx, Yolanda

  • Wow! The pictures are so beautiful and so in love with your white lace dress! <3

  • Anna

    Seriously girl!! your life is goals lovely pics


  • That dress is beautiful and ethereal! I love seeing people with white crochet/lace dress on the beach, the photographs are definitely pretty!


  • you look stunning

  • Wow wat an emotional story! I love bloggers who share personal stories ! Kuddos to you for recovering!

  • amazing white dress, magical look


  • Beautiful simply and fresh . . . A feel for the calming waves of blues. Simply breathtaking scene. 🙂

    La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  • I’m glad that you were able to celebrate the 10 years in such a beautiful, fun way! Congratulations, I’m very happy for you. I also love that you guys skinny dipped all the way back to the hotel, it must’ve felt so freeing and refreshing. I can’t wait to go back to Southeast Asia, I love their clear waters and food!

    Characters & Carry-ons

  • love this post!!


  • Janina

    Wow that story was so touching! Good for you for learning to pick yourself back up, literally physically and mentally. Very inspiring 🙂

    XO Janina

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    gorgeous dress, I love it!

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    This place is a paradise! I love the photos!


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    That is such a beautiful place! Plus, that dress is STUNNING

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    Dream Vacation! You have so many white lace variations!


  • Lindsey

    the dress is gorgeous and the scenery is beyond breath taking!


  • Holiday inspiration! Location, dress – stunning!


  • Wow, the scenery is GORGEOUS! These photos are fantastic, and that dress looks stunning.
    With love,

  • You look stunning and you are a very strong woman for all that you have been through so keep it up!

    Agnes x


  • Stacey

    Oh I love this! Both of you girls are so inspiring, courageous and insanely talented. One of the reasons why I love your blog so much Jess is because you write about real things, real places with real feelings. Most other blogs are filled with vanity and mindless consumerism so it’s refreshing to come here and read a story behind the pretty dress and pretty place. I hope both you and Melissa keep striving to do things that make you happy, taking beautiful photographs and writing wonderful sentiments along the way. I for one am looking forward to reading your book one day! Your blog has opened my eyes to the world and all it has to offer so thank you for sharing so much of your journey. Best in love, health, happiness and life – xx

  • I can’t believe you got that island to yourself. When I was there, it was absolute mayhem!


  • Amazing view and dress dear! good job


  • Tracy

    These pictures are breathtaking! Gorgeous destination!


  • I love the photos!

  • wow. Stories like yours always put things into perspective… glad you are still around!
    and that is a beautiful dress!!


  • Silvi

    Gorgeous photos! This place is paradise 🙂


  • Denise

    Wonderful picture and location!

    Kisses from Germany,

  • lyndesloovere

    When I read the part of your car accident, your journey and your friendship with Melissa made me tear up.. I’m so happy for you that you can walk again and enjoy life at it’s fullest and that you take us with you around the world.
    You’re a beautiful person Jessica, on the outside and on the inside!
    Beautiful location and pics as well, especially the ones where we can see how you can step/move your legs and feet, it’s incredible!
    PS : only write your whole journey when YOU are ready!
    xox Lyn

  • These are some of the most beautiful photos you’ve ever published. And they accompany such beautiful words. I’m so sorry to hear about your accident but I can only admit my endless respect and admiration for where you are today, how far you’ve come and how you’ve built yourself back up to be strong and to enjoy life to the fullest.

    Stunning post.

    Beth xox.


  • Gorgeous! This was such a sweet post


  • Kblossoms

    Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing your journey http://www.kblossoms.etsy.com

  • Amazing photography! This gets me so excited for my holiday next week!

  • Just look at what you have achieved, inspiring! xx

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    you look so beautiful and hot in your outfit! Great style!!


  • heygoodtimes

    Excited to see your new blog design…


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    Beautiful dress and amazing scenery…what a great combo!!


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    Such beautiful photos!

    Love, Marie Roget

  • Such a beautiful place and stunning dress.

  • Adorate

    Thank you for sharing a piece of your story. So happy for you! xxx


  • Well, I for one would be reading your book one day Jessica. It’s events like these in our lives that really do define us. I always say “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. I appreciate you sharing something so personal & emotional.
    Gorgeous dress btw!
    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • mybeautrip .com

    I was there last year and it’s the paradise!



  • Lucy Van Dean

    OMG! The water looks enchanting! Love your dress too. <3


    Lucy Van Dean | Instagram

  • Utterly stunning photo and very inspiring personal journey.

  • When In Doubt

    You’re such a beautiful person inside and out – thank you for sharing your story! Your courage and perseverance are so inspiring and I’m beyond happy that you got to share this special moment with your best friend. Needless to say, these photos are breathtakingly gorgeous. Keep on traveling and spreading the love!

    xoxo, Cindy


  • Such a beautiful place and stunning dress!!!

  • gia
  • Tailored and true

    What a beautiful post! You are such an inspiration and your strength and tenacity are so impressive! Thanks for sharing!!


  • Beautiful place and you look great.

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  • Joules

    Wow, thanks so much for sharing your story. I’d love to hear more if you ever feel up to sharing the rest in detail. You look lovely as always!

    lifestyle by joules

  • Brittany

    Wow, that is an incredible life story you have. It’s wonderful to see you taking every opportunity to seize life and travel the world, knowing that every day is special. Thank you for sharing part of your story with us, it means so much.


  • jasmin

    such a beautiful dress and as always breathtaking pictures. Miss Thailand, can’t wait to be back soon.

  • Emily

    Stunning location, gorgeous outfit, and amazing photography! This site never fails to impress and inspire! Great post 🙂

  • Caterina

    Wonderful pictures. I have been there and its a wonderful Place, without The Tourists 😉


  • Beautiful shots!!

    Leonie ♥ Lo On The Go

  • Gorgeous per usual! Thanks for sharing!

    xo. http://www.lifethruraybans.wordpress.com

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    Beautiful photos! I love your dress 🙂


  • <3

  • Chelsea Dunkley

    Thank you for sharing your story if only the tip of the iceberg…. We keep getting stronger everyday and your journey is a testament to that.

  • What an incredibly defining moment that must have been for you – and how strong you must be years later after literally learning to walk again. I’m sorry to hear that the accident continues to affect you but am glad that you remain alive and well despite what must have been a horrific experience. Being in such a beautiful setting must help to soothe the mind. That white sand is gorgeous – I’ve only ever seen the like of it in Thailand, and would love to visit again so I can see Koh Phi Phi someday. xx

    Tamsin / A Certain Adventure

  • Wow-what a moment these pictures captured. I’m sure it was so much more as you described. Every day is so precious. Life is so precious. It’s so nice to see someone like you share your ups and downs, your journey and just show your gratitude. Admirable!

  • Thank you for sharing your story as it’s very personal for you. Though we all knew you just through your blog, still remember you have a great community out here supporting you. Perhaps one of us have something experienced, and may as well can hold on to each other by related to each other. Anyhow wish you the best Jessica, be who you want to be and be happy is very essential in life 🙂

    ENG&CHINESE blog: http://tiffgoesto.com

  • Photos are beautiful, love your outfit 🙂


  • Thank you for sharing your story. I had no idea. It’s a wonderful reminder to us all to appreciate and savor everyday and every blessing. I’m so happy for you that you are healthy again and able to travel and enjoy life to the fullest 🙂

    Taffeta & Tulips

  • the color of the water looks beautiful. i had no idea that you’ve been through so much so early on. Hope you’re enjoying life as it is right now and i wish you all the best.

    whereisbchk.com X

  • You’re my inspiration and motivation to go on and live for my dreams. 🙂

  • Wow I’d no idea you been through so much. Thanks for sharing such a personal part of your life – it must make you appreciate your travels that much more. And the pictures and outfit…amazing as usual.


  • I don’t even know where to begin with this comment.
    You have such an incredible outlook on life and i’m so glad you were strong enough to push past through the difficulties you have faced and so happy to see you have somebody to share all of those moments with. What a remarkable journey you have had – if you ever get around to writing a book, let me know – it’s definitely one i’d be interested in reading xo

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    Amazing post..Well done! I really love your blog. Keep going.

    Many kisses

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  • Your photos are magical as always. I would love to read your book, you have an amazing story and you are a wonderful person.

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    Very nice!

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    congratulation for your ten years! you’re an inspiration ! and amazing post + outfit + place as always 🙂



    have a great day



  • What an incredible milestone. You’ve come so far and these photos and this blog is a testament to that.


  • Wow what a breath taking location!!!

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

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    this is so wonderful! All of the beautiful locations in combination with your outfits make me SPEECHLESS all the time. I love it – it’s magical in some kind of way!

    xx Rebekah Wing

    Flirting with Fashion Blog

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    Such a Beautiful Place!!

  • Your story sounds so incredibly inspiring and you couldn’t have picked better images to reflect that Jess!

    Helen xx

  • In love with your dress! Perfect for vacations.
    ♥ Nissi

  • Becky

    I am so glad you are back to blogging!! – you must hear it all the time but you have literally inspired me to travel everywhere.

    Can’t wait for your next post…hope it’s soon. Do you have any Video diaries from your recent travels? I really miss them.

  • Such a beautiful dress : ) You look great and the picture… just wonderful : )
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    Oh, I love this place. I’ve heard from my friends that Kho Phi Phi has one of the most beautiful waters in the world. I would love to visit one day!

  • If you haven’t stayed at Point Yamu by Como Jess you should definitely check it out! I have some photos from my latest post here: http://ch1k.com/travel/point-yamu

    Helen xx

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    Wow these photos are breathtaking!!! 🙂 beautiful place and I love your dress!

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    • Karl Joonas

      That’s a really bad case of asthma when just looking at the photos takes your breath away. Are you okay?

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    Wow, these pictures are amazing!


    Come see the first pictures from my Italian adventure!


  • Thailand is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, love your photos <3


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  • Great dress! So chic & feminine



  • This is gorgeous! And that dress perfectly matches the scenery 🙂 I’d love to hear your story someday.


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    Totally understand that feeling….btw great pictures and I loved that beach!


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    So beautiful and romantic!

    ✖ ✖


  • Hey Jessica, just want to say thanks for sharing your personal story and the significance of this day with us. It’s really deeply moving and glad that you are ok now 10 years later to share these wonderful photos of you playing on this beach! You are also definitely very blessed to have such a wonderful friend be with you through all this time… they are hard to come by these days! Look forward to following more posts from you!

    Stephanie @ Sartorial Diner

  • kaisuelina

    Your photographs never fail! I wish that some day I’m able to take as beautiful photos as you and visit all the gorgeous places! Your blog is one of my favourite 🙂

  • These photos are amazing, and yes you do have a very pretty dress. But the short story was very moving. I’m very happy that you are still so motivated to travel the world and enjoy life! Thank you for sharing!


  • You look stunning in this outfit! Spell lace maxi dress are awesome and fabulous !

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    Great dress and beautiful photos

  • It’s a big luck you are able to walk again after the accident, wish you the best! Love your photos as always!


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    Amazing photos!

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  • You make vacation look so glamorous. On another note, it’s always important to reflect on life’s moments. Glad to see you’re doing well after such an arduous life event. Looking healthy and happy girl!

    xx Yasmin


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    I’m ready to hop on a plan, great photos.


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  • This is just beautiful Jess – thank you so much for sharing such personal reflections with us on such a special day for you. We are all so lucky to be able to share in your journey, your thoughts and your travels 🙂


  • Great article! Love her whole style! Nice outfit!
    Stefan Buzas

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    More years to come. God is on your side!
    Big Kiss from Pt! :*

  • Nice pictures and stunning beach!

  • That is a very inspiring story and I find it amazing that you decided to share it. Well done on pushing yourself above and beyond! Loving your posts!

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