REVOLVE In The Hamptons





Wearing: 1/ The Jetset Diaries maxi dress  2/ Saylor lace romper  3/ For Love & Lemons rose dress  4/ Greylin lace up back dress  5/  The Jetset Diaries off shoulder dress 6/  For Love & Lemons rose maxi dress 7/ For Love & Lemons lace off shoulder top  8/ Tularosa lace up bikini top and bottoms.

You may have noticed that I have been a bit quiet on my blog, and social media accounts this year. It wasn’t a conscious choice to withdraw, but simply a coping mechanism for too much going on around me, and my loved ones. Travelling is one of the biggest blessings in my life, but in order to make the most of it you have to be in a good physical and mental space. It is an inexplainable feeling to be on the opposite side of the world in an idyllic  paradise, but only wanting to be home surrounded by family and friends. Thank you so much to my readers who emailed, and left supportive comments without jumping to far-fetched conclusions after noticing this extended period. I really appreciate your respect for my privacy, knowing that I do not post a lot online about my private life. Unfortunately I’m not ready to go in to more detail but am finally in a better place. Sometimes it takes big things to happen around you to finally re-evaluate what, and who means most in life.

I wasn’t going to address this on my blog as it is easier to just keep moving forward… but in reality these are the much more important issues that only leave opportunity for understanding and appreciation.

As I withdrew I also stopped taking on any work or travel opportunities, and instead focused on the positive of being at home with my newborn nephew. I hesitantly dove back in and went to a weekend long event in The Hamptons hosted by REVOLVE, taking my brother alongside me for a piece of home.

Having such an enormous opportunity to work as a personal style and travel blogger at this capacity still blows me away, but even more so that it is in the company of such like minded, humble and supportive individuals like those that I met on this trip. I had already known some of the girls from over the years, but the entire REVOLVE team made sure to not only support our visions, but include us all as family. Which is exactly what I needed to feel confident in myself, and my blog again.

I had never really considered the Hamptons as a travel destination, but after just a few days I was not wanting to leave. Spending the morning taste testing wine with the girls in a vineyard for the launch of RAYE, shooting The Jetset Diaries along a new shoreline, and spinning my way in to REVOLVE’s hosted event with Rachel on the grass were moments all too good to be true. I also walked barefoot through a sunflower field at sunset on my last night, before watching fireflies light up the trees around me for the first time. It was one of the most memorable and fleeting moments I’ve experienced while also alongside my brother, and secretly celebrating a very personal milestone of 10 years since learning to walk again. But the only thing the photos couldn’t capture was the hilarity of me being electrocuted while entering the sunflower field!! Or the policeman who gave me a firm talking to afterwards…

I have just been on my second trip with REVOLVE in Croatia, and cannot wait to share even more stories about our time there. A big thank you to REVOLVE for such amazing adventures, but mainly for re-inspiring a comeback within myself.

Photos by myself and Jayden Stein