Wearing: Temperley London dress, Jimmy Choo clutch and sandals, Shourouk earrings, Wanderlust + Co rings.

This is one of two looks from my shoot with Jimmy Choo on location in Marrakech a few weeks ago, and perhaps my favourite. I had assumed this strapless Temperley London dress was too big for my lack of curves, until while trying it on I realised the curves seemingly came built in!

You may have noticed how rare it is for me to wear my hair up. This is a personal self confidence issue that I have had since I was young, potentially originating from a few too many “Cheers big ears” taunts. The moment I stopped having to hairspray every flyaway back in to a slick bun for strict daily ballet classes I quickly embraced the security and confidence of free flowing hair. I would never have thought much of it besides habit and preference, but it seems little details like this are what a small percentage of people spot and pick apart online.

While mentioning this rare bout of self confidence for the shoot on Instagram a few weeks ago it seemed to act as an invitation to some who further chastised every aspect of my looks from my weight to eyelids (?). I’m only lightly touching on the subject of bullying of all kinds, and increasingly online bullying, that gets deep under my skin. I am fast believing that ignoring is potentially a waste of educational opportunity.

I’m not super comfortable with my hair up. I’m genetically tall and thin, as my whole family is. I might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I am certainly healthy and happy. I only hope that anyone throwing around needless, judgemental criticism from the safety of their computer screens finds their own inner peace. Everyone needs a little more positivity!

Photos by James Thompson

  • You look beautiful with your hair up! And the dress is stunning!



  • pipa

    Amazing dress!!!!

  • Fabulos Choo’s sandals!!!!

    Kisses from

  • Inessa

    Haters are gonna hate but you’ll still be traveling the world and doing what you love! And there’s no doubt you have way more supporters than negative nancys. Don’t let it get you down 🙂

  • Nico

    You look really stunning! Love that dress!

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  • Jessica, you are absolutely perfect. I was left in awe by this post, not only because of the location and your outfit, but by the fact you look flawless to me! I cannot understand how people criticise the smallest things about your appearance, when every single one of us has something about ourselves we hate. Some sit behind a computer or phone and criticise, while others – like yourself – go out there and challenge themselves to be better and get out of their comfort zone. I admire you greatly for sharing this with us, it just makes me want to come back to Tuula Vintage more and more! X.

  • Fashion Party blog

    Wow this dress is pure perfection! I love it and you’re such a beauty! <3

  • GapToothedGirl

    This dress is stunning!!
    XOX, Gap.

  • Wow this dress is beyond beautiful! You look stunning!

    x Karen

  • This dress is amazing!!

    Xo, Giada


  • Beautiful dress and earrings.

  • MariaDejanova

    So beautiful 🙂 I love the earrings and your hair looks lovely. You look a little bit like Heidi Klum in these pictures !

    xx Maria

  • Elizabeth Hawn

    in love with this entire outfit especially your heels and clutch!

  • Saša Rakovec

    What an amazing dress!



  • What a beautiful dress, and a stunning photoshoot! Love this one!

    x Sarah

  • You look stunning! xo, Christina

  • Natali

    Absolutely incredible outfit, so feminine and chic! Your dress is unique!


    That is a gorgeous dress! Love the purse!


  • You are such a beauty! Love the ponytail! x

  • YOU BLOODY GO BEAUTY! You’re absolutely wonderful and gorgeous. Miss you loads xxx

  • Love the earrings!

    xx OXANAMUA | New Travel Post!

  • Jinnt
  • Feyi A

    Lovely!!! xx


  • Natalia

    So pretty!

  • This dress has such pretty colors!

  • SweetMona

    wonderful dress, love it!

    new look on my blog!

  • These photos are absolutely beautiful. You look stunning! The photography on your blog is without doubt some of the best in the industry.

    Beth xo.

  • Ellen Keating

    This is such a stunning look. You always look so naturally beautiful . Don’t listen to those haters! Xx Elle

  • You look gorgeous in this dress.

    xx Cheyenne

  • Edina

    Your hairdo is beautiful, suits you so well! You look gorgeous, that dress is incredibly stunning! And just forget about the haters 🙂


    Printed or Plain

  • My hair is my security blanket too! You look so beautiful with your hair up, especially with those amazing earrings!!

    XO, k |

  • Lindsey

    Love the hair, makeup and dress is beautiful!

  • Beautiful! 🙂 Love the sparkly clutch

  • Your hair is perfect like this! x

  • El lugar es fantástico, muy relajante, y el vestido te sienta de maravilla. <3

  • Eleonora Milano

    love this place,really amazing!
    and your dress is so beautiful!
    new post on my blog

  • Insa

    And I always thought, big ears were an ideal of beauty since they make you look cute (and you DO look cute with that ponytail, so fresh and glamorous. By all means, you can wear that more often:)

  • I cannot get enough of this post. The dress and the location are both stunning and perfect compliments to each other. Thanks again for sharing, you have certainly brightened up my Tuesday!

  • Chrissabella

    You look so pretty with your hair up (or down for that matter) and I love the printed dress. Don’t let the bullies get to you, you are perfect and keep up the amazing work!

  • Beautiful look! Love the dress on you 🙂


  • Whitney V

    Omg… These pictures, this location, this dress, your hair, you… Has to be one of my fav post/dresses ever! I love your natural make up are you even wearing any?! So gorgeous! You look natural and make the dress look even more beautiful than it is, pure perfection!!


  • Beautiful dress! Moreover the place is amazing!


  • lavieenliz

    beautiful dress

  • This stunning dress in this setting!! These photos couldn’t be more perfect.

  • Oh you look absolutely amazing with this hairdo!! And the location, the pictures… everything so beautiful!

    Love from Munich, L

  • Mónica Sors

    So beautiful!!




  • Amalie

    Gorgeous as always xx.

  • wow amazing pictures and am in love with that dress

  • natalie

    wow that dress is amazing


  • Amazing dress! So in love! <3

    Shall We Sasa

  • claudia
  • jennifer

    I am disgusted by some people’s negativity and you are literally gorgeous and perfect in every way! Don’t let any of those people get you down! Keep doing what you are doing! 🙂 xx

  • Emma
  • Julie / It’s My Passions

    Such a great dress and love the location too! 🙂

  • Benedetta

    Woow this dress is amazing!!!Love it!!!
    Be Happy with Fashion

  • Liz Stark

    You are fabulous – ignore the haters! They’re jealous and pathetic. Keeping being you and doing what you do!

  • Laura Girard

    Wow you look marvelous, and those earrings are pure perfection !

    Love from Paris

  • Emily

    That dress is stunnnnning

  • Reichel

    WOW, JUST WOW! Everyone has it’s own self confidence issue and it was really brave of you to tell us 🙂

  • Hey Jessica, thank you for this post! I have noticed before, too, that there isn’t much variation on your blog when it comes to hairstyles but with this explanation I can fully understand it. My mom used to tell me that I had big “dumbo-like” ears as well growing-up. I have pretty long hair so when the top-bun trend came around, I actually tried at (of course first at home) and some of my close friends who saw me wear my hair that way at home actually told me how much they liked how the bun made me look and assured me that my ears are completely ordinary and normal. Well, of course, that doesn’t change it all, all of a sudden. But slowly, I started wearing my hair up a little more and I got braver. I’m still shying away from a really slick bun but hey, who needs that anyway?

    I really, really like the way you look! You have an extraordinarily pretty face and such a friendly smile, which makes reading your blog so much nicer. Of course, as a reader, you do get suspicious if you post big meals on Instagram and I see the way your body looks on your blog… but who am I to judge? It’s your lifestyle! As long as you’re healthy and feel good about yourself, it shouldn’t be anybody’s business what you eat and how skinny you are! I am still a bit jealous of your gorgeous body 😉 Thank you for such a wonderful blog, it’s been one of my favorites for a while! And btw – I love that ponytail on you 🙂

  • That dress is beautiful! I’m so happy that bloggers like you talk about self-confidence because you inspire all of your readers! And there’s always going to be people who criticise you, but the only thing that matters is staying true to who you are.


  • pretty dress and i see you have make up on fist time i see it, you so pretty without it too , and your perfect

  • Fashionpumpkin

    You look great…just ignore them….great dress and beautiful hairstyle!

  • Саша Тернер
  • Wow you look so beautiful! Love the dress and this incredible location!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  • Jeany R.

    such a beautiful outfit! You look gorgeous! <3

  • Dominique Kane

    What a beautiful setting! I’d love to get to Morocco one day. I love the Jimmy Choo clutch and earrings, they add a nice bit of sparkle to your already gorgeous outfit.

  • Simply 2 Wear

    So beautiful!! Love dree!! 🙂

  • Charlotte Copeland

    Such a beaut outfit! and your hair looks gorgeous up x

  • online bullying is people’s rant on their own lack of self confidence.. you look amazing, and so do your eyelids.

    the styling is gorgeous, you should be proud!


  • Gorgeous photos! That dress is positively exquisite on you! And I’m loving your hair up 🙂

  • Kblossoms

    Beautiful earrings and dress! Looks very Moroccan

  • Drop dead gorgeous!

  • Sara Nena

    I totally agreee, this look is so amazing. and I love you with the pony tail

  • Jenny

    Your dress is so beautiful!!


  • Rhea

    You look beautiful. I love how you have a knack to pick the most unusual/perfect dresses. Also, love what you wrote and I do believe that we need to stand up against bullying rather than ignoring their comments. Really appreciate what you wrote here.

  • Jessie Van Sickle

    You’re beautiful and so is everything that you post. I just recently started following your blog and I told my husband that you look like a young Heidi Klum. Don’t forget…

    “When people undermine your dreams, predict your doom, or criticize you, remember, they’re telling you their story, not yours.”

  • Sharon

    It’s incredible how you opened up about your self confidence issue with having your hair up; it makes you as a famous blogger more real. Props to you for addressing bullying in this post!

  • I feel like I shouldn’t be surprised that you have some insecurities, because to me you are so healthy, fit (girl you have abs!), and gorgeous it doesn’t seem right. And yet it’s these thoughts that always make me think of the saying “it’s on the inside that counts” because appearances are just that, appearances. Internet trolls are cowards, they would never dare say it to somebody’s face because then they would have to truly see the affect their words have and the consequences of said words. Stay strong, Jess! You’re beautiful inside and out xx


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  • Zoe

    I think you look even more beautiful than when your hair is down. Everyone has their own insecurities, including those who criticise you. Instead of pointing their fingers at you, why can’t they applaud you for slowing and steadily getting rid of your insecurities? This world can be beautiful if people can stand together and fight their common fears. You are awesome for letting women all over the world know they can be beautiful no matter what their fear is. Xo

  • This is an absolutely gorgeous party-ready outfit! Love the striking and colorful mirroring prints of this structured dress which looks really flattering on you! The statement earrings further glam up the outfit, you look amazing! And personally, I believe that cyber bullies have serious self-esteem issues and we can only hope that they learn to overcome these issues using healthier methods instead of trying to hurt others. As what you so wisely said, let’s hope they can eventually find their own inner peace!


  • monkeyshines
  • Marrakech is so beautiful. So is this location and your dress. Simply beautiful!
    It’s a great post, thanks for sharing!
    Katharina //

  • Kaja

    some people are ridiculous, don’t worry about them at all! you are absolutely stunning! and you look amazing with hair up and the dress is to die for!

  • Vanessa Basanta
  • Kevin Christian L

    Well, I’m pretty sure the ones that said bad things about you are the ones who have problems with their eyes and brain for not seeing how beautiful you are! Just dont let them get under your skin, they dont deserve it.


  • Jessica Anderson

    You look stunning with or without your hair up! I have exactly the same issue myself and appreciate the courage it can take to wear your hair up in public let alone post pictures online for I don’t even know how many people to see! Thanks for helping others with having the confidence to do the same. P.s. great name! x

  • Pam

    This is my favorite post ever. You look so stunning and that dress looks amazing on you!

    xx Pam

  • You look stunning Jessica. The dress is gorgeous, adore the quilting. Such a shame there are people like this in the world. Just remember how many people love you for who you are.

    Hugs Adele xoxo

  • Sonia Verardo

    Gorgeous dress and beautiful photos!
    You look great 🙂
    xo from Italy,
    Sonia Verardo

  • The Fashion Panda
  • I know exactly how it feels like to not have the confidence of wearing your hair up, because I’m the same. I did notice that people are becoming more and more judgemental these days, and it seems like the more you ignore them, the worst they become. I agree that you don’t have to respond to every insulting comments about you, but every once in a while it’s good to speak up and share your feelings. And they really do need more positivity! So thank you, for sharing this post with us. You are a beautiful person inside out, Jessica! Xx

  • Beauty Doll

    Perfection! Your earrings are so beautiful

  • eleonora

    Oh, I love this hairstyle on you – so pretty! 🙂

    xx, Eleonora


  • Such a beautiful and intricate dress! I love how you balanced out the beauty by keeping your styling simple!


    PS: Check out my holiday gift guide for him featuring No. 4 Saint James

  • You look amazing! Those earrings are stunning girl!


  • Woah, you have really upped the ante with that incredible dress, styled perfectly with the Choo’s and statement earrings.

    On another note, I’m not 100% comfortable with my hair up either, but after reading this I think it’s time I embraced it again. You are so uniquely beautiful Jess and incredibly courageous for putting yourself out there to millions of followers, despite this uneducated ‘bullying’ from but a small percentage. We could be the most perfect, beautiful people in the world, with not a flaw inside or out, and it would still continue to happen.

    Thank you for talking about it. I’m sure you’ve helped many with just a few sentences, which makes it well worth it.

  • Lucy

    You look absolutely amazing and your hair looks beautiful up. I agree, everyone needs to be more optimistic! I love your blog! I would very much love to go to Marrakech!

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  • The only thing that could make these pictures more perfect was your post – the last line said everything. People who hurl abuse are usually the ones hurting, and they do need to find peace within themselves, you are amazing and beautiful, there is no need for anything other than pity and compassion for cyber bullies. You’re also one of the most wonderful online personalities I know, and I can’t help recommending your blog to all my friends, stay true to who you are <3

  • Francesca

    This dress is magic and it’s perfect for the background! You are right: we all need to find our inner peace! xx

  • S.C

    Hi Jessica! First I wanted to let you know I used Dana in Bali, the driver! After your recommendation, I added him on facebook as I was planning my trip. He was the sweetest person and had nothing but great things to say about you. I admit I was potentially a bit of a fan girl when he would mention, “Jessica went here” when we arrived at Tenenugan waterfall. 🙂 I really love the destination tips you leave, I truly love travel as well and you’re blog is one of the few that I scour over before I go somewhere. Please continue to add more including restaurants or sites that you visited!

    I never knew that people were sending you negative comments about your physicial appearance, the reason being I constantly am so mesmerized by your JAWDROPPING photos and outfits and amazing content that I don’t even READ the comments! I hope to try and add some positivity by telling you that you’re my inspiration for every trip I plan, every outfit I wear on vacation and that I really admire your simplicity. You are absolutely beautiful and so genetically blessed to have your figure! While I embrace mine, I constantly have the thought “she should be a victorias secret model!”. I also love that you don’t photoshop your freckles, you don’t need to as they add to the natural simplicity of your blog, and its great to see clothes on real people.

    Above all else, you really exude grace and kindness and that’s what has drawn me to return to your blog. You’re passion for travel is refreshing and it always leaves me with the greatest uplifting feeling.

    Thanks for addressing the haters, but I’d say just block all abusive people and don’t give them the time of day… your positive followers don’t really notice those comments anyway, and you have no obligation to justify anything about your physical appearance! You really seem to have it all, and a dream life that so many people want, and clearly some are choosing to be jealous rather than be happy for you. You deserve it all! xo

  • Gemma Lawrence

    I wouldn’t spend any time listening to the negative comments, that’s not any way to live! If you’re healthy and happy, which you certainly look, then it’s definitely better to focus on that! For the record I think you look just as stunning with your hair up as you do with it down! 🙂

  • Beautiful dresses and dont worry to much about the ears. Life is too short for that.

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  • Love everything about this post. That dress is amazing & those earrings are simply to die for. You look stunning!


  • WOW! LOVED THIS. Seriously deserves to be written in giant all caps, but then I’ll come off as yelling. hahaha. BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing!
    XOXO Ines

    Check me out here!


  • I love the message that you wrote at the end. Yes, everyone needs a little bit of positivity. And most of all, if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all!!

  • Samantha Stroud

    Love this post Jess! Such a beautiful message & you look amazing as always! x

  • That dress is absolutely gorgeous! You look so pretty!

    xx Elle

    New outfit post up on: -Swedish Model and Fashion Blogger in Tokyo

  • Kblossoms

    I love your embrodered dress!

  • Camille Beygui

    Such a beautiful dress


  • Best dresses eveeeeeeer 🙁 <3

  • luciana

    Such a perfect dress for the setting!

    x Luciana

  • So Beautiful!
    Can I have a shot like this too please?

  • I think you look beautiful with your hair up and should put it up more often. And screw what all the haters say. They just want to see you fall, but I hope that it’ll only drive you to keep pushing on to be better. Great post & beautiful dress. Keep up the great work, jessica!

  • Michelle K. Lee

    beautiful outfit! such a perfect dress and clutch bag. (btw beautiful words too! great post

  • anon

    you look great with your hair up! i remember seeing a picture of you with your hair up from your contiki travels to croatia and wondering why you didn’t do it more often.

  • Beautiful outfit and beautiful place.. you’re such a perfection!! <3


  • Such perfect match between dress and location ! Would love to visit Marrakech!

  • TheWestCoastExplorer

    Such a beautiful outfit!

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  • Hannah Rankine

    I would say that this is the most beautiful we have seen you. I’m sure your insides and outsides have changed a lot since you were at school, so maybe it’s time to let go of the insecurities you had from way back then. So gorgeous!
    – Hannah

  • Marta

    I’ve been following you for quite a while now, probably some years already, and i have to say that you are one of the few bloggers who encourages us to love ourselves no matter what. You embrace natural beauty and kindness, and honestly, that does help people with their confidence issues, or at least it has with me. I’m naturally thin and flat chested, and it’s crazy how cruel people can be sometimes. I admire you for sharing this with us and being who you are. Keep it up girl!
    By the way, i think you look so beautiful with your hair like that! 🙂

  • I am madly in love with this dress! It looks great on you and goes so well with the location, too.

  • Andrea Ryan

    Love the look. Everything is really beautiful. The patterns on the dress are so interesting.

  • love this dress so much!

  • Always the most amazing photos!


  • you look beautiful Jess! So elegant and you’ve captured the dress and location so well

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  • Faith

    I haven’t commented on your blog before (not from lack of checking it out though–seriously amazing trips, looks & your photos are without fail gorgeously lit)–but wanted to because I really love your notes at the end of your post. Its hard to stand up to negativity–because you think, oh maybe just ignore it and it will go away…but its very refreshing to see you address it in a thoughtful and polite way. Proud of you! Takes a lot more courage than I would have.
    Also, I just wanted to tell you that looking through these pictures (before I even got to your notes!) I thought–(1) wow, this hairstyle is PERFECT for this setting/dress (2) the side picture of you is drop.dead.amazing. I love the pony/side swept bangs…especially for travel! Maybe a mini tutorial on how you got the bangs/volume so perfect?
    Merry Christmas! Thank you for all your inspiring posts/pictures of travel…Planning a Turkey/Croatia costal trip in late 2015 thanks to your inspiration!!

  • fashion illustrations by mc

    that dress is so gorgeous, I would love to draw it!

  • I got an ugly comment about my non perfect teeth today and I was
    wondering why some people even bother to comment about other peoples
    flaws, flaws that actually makes everyone of us unique and beautiful in
    our own way. And in the end, how do we even define a flaw in an other
    person?! I wish people could embrace themselves as they are and be happy
    and at the same time embrace other peoples differences and beauty.

    eyes got caught on your instagram picture because of your hair, I think
    you look absolutely stunning in this dress and the hairdo fits
    perfectly to you!
    I wish you a positive and a love filled New Year! <3

  • The dress and the background !!! omg !! the best over !!

  • Louise McDonagh

    Well said! To be happy and healthy is the most important thing, we all come in different packages with our own quirks and insecurities, it doesn’t give anyone else a right to comment.

  • Stephanie

    You a lee beautiful just as you are!! Don’t let the critics get you down. Please check out my blog at

  • Melanie

    You are so stunning! I have grown up with ears that poke out a bit, and was also teased for them as a young girl. As a result, I rarely ever wear my hair up outside of ballet class which I take five times a week. I’m also tall and thin so I understand the awkwardness of the body type. You are absolutely gorgeous, though, and the haters are gonna hate but you have no reason to worry about them. Thank you for the inspirational message! (Oh and I am in LOVE with this look, especially the built-in curves girls like us so desperately need.)

  • Jessica,
    I’ve been following you on Instagram for a while and was appalled at the comments you received on your recent post. I am glad you didn’t take it down and you are taking a stand. We need more strong women like you to educate people on the power of kindness. Keep up the great work. You are fabulous!! I will always be a fan!
    Happy new year!!
    Jen 🙂

  • Jessica Wright

    Thank you for sharing with us, it is so inspiring and great to see it from your view! Xxx

  • isida

    Well said!! People seem to criticise others when they’re honest and open up about some insecurities because then they think you’re not grateful or something, but then at the same time feel it’s ok to pick others apart and assume they must have an eating disorder if they’re thin!!! It’s actually damaging to younger more easily influenced girls and boys who think they need to starve themselves to be thin because some random Jo Blogs from his/her computer screen has decided that she can only be thin due to not eating! It’s so wrong and plain nasty. If I was to call someone fat I’d be perceived as a bully and a horrible person and calling someone anorexic without knowing them is just as bad! I think this world would be a much better place if we just embraced ourselves, because mean comments only come from insecurity but being open about your insecurities isn’t a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of strength!

  • Jeenu

    Dear Jess,

    Do not listen to those people they are just insecure and jealous of your achievements. And I believe you look more beautiful pulling your hair up 🙂 Happy new year and wish you more adventours in 205

    Love youxx

  • Dépêches Mode

    This dress is amazing ! You are so pretty 🙂


  • You are glowing, such a radiant Beauty! And the dress fits perfectly! ♡

    Cheraine from C H A N E X T

  • This is a very interesting post. Jessica, you are really a genius in fashion and style. You blog are always inspiring to us. The unique style containing dress named Merida is awesome. You haven’t variation in your hairstyle based posts, but in this post your fashion thought are very high in level. The photos are awesome and the girl looking gorgeous in the dress, Please keep posting like this kind of informative posts. Thank you very much . For more details:

  • Absolutely beautiful 🙂

  • The Stylish Style

    That clutch and earrings!!

  • Megan

    You are absolutely right ! You are perfect the way you are, I love your photos and you should try to wear your hair more up sometime. It looks great !!

  • stormee

    Our nature is to desire praise, accolades, appreciation and approval from others in order to give value to who we are. When you go to a great concert, the performer may carry out his skill in a way that he receives a standing ovation. Applause! Approval! We desperately want a verdict that declares that what we do is worthy of other’s nodding acceptance. But when day turns into night and the performance is over, two things happen: the exhilaration doesn’t last, and the expectation of what is forthcoming is heightened. So, by Friday, you are thinking, “Oh, no. what am I going to do now? How will I please them tomorrow? What will they come to expect of me come Monday?” And what eventually happens is that you are never loved for who you are, but only how you perform. Our identity is always being questioned. We come to believe that if others are made happy by what we do, we are a success; and if they are unhappy, we are condemned to lead a lousy life. No wonder we are screwed up. But there is a way to avoid it all. There is a better outcome. There is a way to have a head held high…….

  • katherine

    perfection! love the hair up , you look like Heidi klums sister 🙂

  • Ebee

    Beautiful dress … But does no one see how the pattern makes her hips look twice as wide as her bust? Bad design detailing.

  • This was such a beautiful post. Thanks for spreading your message about beauty and your insecurities! Bravo to your honesty, I love it.

    I went to Morocco recently as well and had the most amazing time, it’s truly a wonderful place! We went with this company, Let’s Travel Morocco Tours, if anyone is interested! Super affordable and helpful! Loved it.

    Great post, thanks babe! xx