Sailing Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast

Wearing: 1/ Zimmermann printed halterneck bikini, Prada sunglasses  2/ Zimmermann Hydra halterneck bikini  3/ Winston White romper.

No matter who you travel with, it will teach you endlessly about yourself as well as those around you. How well you: 1. Adapt to change (like missing a flight and sleeping on the airport floor), 2. Deal with daily necessities (like owing each other money), 3. Consider others (not everyone came to see the same things) are all qualities that will quickly come to light.

I have travelled the world; by myself, with a partner, with siblings, with girlfriends, with a large group of friends… but I absolutely love travelling with the boys. I’ve always gotten along with guys a bit better then girls, and believe being able to travel like a boy brings out different experiences. Boys seem to pack lighter, stay out longer, shower shorter and be up for anything. They don’t make a fuss over which bed they are left with, dealing with finances every day and if you happened to wear the same top for three days in a row. But they certainly come with a few downsides… they are smellier and often on purpose for humour only they seem to understand.

This was actually my fourth visit to Croatia over quite a few years, and my second spending time sailing on a boat. The previous sail was an organised “Sail Croatia” aka party boat. As I was travelling by myself at the time and only 20, it was the perfect introduction to the Dalmatian Coast. The following year I caught a ferry to Hvar with three guys (ancient blog post from the trip here). We had planned to make our way through the Islands but never made it past Hvar’s stunning beaches and nightlife. That week carries enormous emotional weight with me due to the loss of one of those beautiful boys earlier this year, which was replaying heavily in my mind. He reminded me to jump from a little higher, appreciate several nectarines a day and to watch the sunset in silence.

This last trip was with some of my best guy friend’s from NYC. I loved them before but somehow adore them even more after spending a week in extremely tight quarters with them. I’m going to do another post of our trip shortly as I feel our collective phone photos caught the week’s moments much better than these brief times I used my SLR. In that post I will be writing all of my recommendations and details about the islands we visited, but if you urgently need any advice about what you see here please just leave me a note below. X

Photos by myself and James Thompson