Stingray City, Antigua

Wearing: Zimmermann halterneck bikini.

I was at home in Australia for quite a few months earlier this year, and while I was recovering from having my wisdom teeth removed I distracted myself by writing a bucket list for this years travels. Over the last few weeks I have been pinching myself non stop as these have been coming true (if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen my hot air ballooning over Cappadoccia in Turkey!) but my first tick off this list was swimming with stingrays in Antigua.

We stayed nearby at Rosewood Jumby Bayย and caught a boat over to “Stingray City”. Not too far off the Coast but still feeling in the middle of the ocean, we pulled up to a few pontoons that were floating over the bluest of Caribbean waters. Dozens of huge, dark shadows were gracefully darting underneath the surface and for a brief moment I froze. It seems that the experiences I love doing so much are usually things that scare me (flying in planes for example; I am terrified). The adrenaline of the unknown stays for only a few seconds, as by the time I climb into the water and touch these beautiful, silky animals for the first time I am only relaxed and grinning.

You can swim and snorkel with, hold and even feed them squid. There is a common misconception of stingrays because of a few, but extremely rare incidents. The stingray would only naturally react with it’s barb when it feels threatened or cornered, or accidentally stepped on.

I hate to rate things, but this was without a doubt one of my top 10 travel experiences so far. Even my boyfriend who “warmed up” on the pontoon for an extra half hour thought it was incredible in the end!

Photos by myself and James Thompson, taken with iPhone in Watershot housing and GoPro.