Three Days In Barcelona


Wearing: Mango vest (similar here), Asos stripe skort, Chanel Boy bag.

My recent trip to Barcelona was a whirlwind. I flew for over 25 hours from Sydney to Abu Dhabi, to Amsterdam, to Barcelona. The 35+ hour transit trip left me exhausted but so excited to be back in Europe, even though my suitcase didn’t arrive with me. Still in the same wintery clothes as the epic flight I ventured out solo in to the summer heat to get back in the travelling mind frame. I wandered the streets of Barcelona from La Rambla, to Placa Reial and my favourite markets of La Boqueria. Unfortunately my jet lag hit hard and I was awake from 3am and longing for bed or falling asleep at the table from mid afternoon. I adore Barcelona and want to see much more, and eat my way through Spain as soon as I can.

Photos by me

  • Renata

    It looks like it’s an actual photo glued to the window. Amazing view, the first photo is breathtaking =)

  • Bec

    I love that balcony photo! It looks like each one is made out of a mask or something! It’s amazing!

  • Kuyeek

    Beautiful views and vibrant colors. Barcelona is a beautiful city.


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      Barcelona is one of my favorite cities. Such a great place to visit :)

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  • Cheyenne

    Your photos diary is amazing!! Such beautiful pictures,

  • Kelly Piez

    Stunning. Love the shots. Do you stick with the same lens? is it the 24-105mm?

  • Sandrine

    Wow the pictures are stunning, I’ve never been in this city of spain but it’s definitely on my bucket list now!

    Sandrine x

  • Feyi A

    amazing pictures! x


  • Daniella




  • Chrystin Aponte

    Another amazing photo diary! I cannot believe the view from your hotel room! It’s breathtaking!!!

    Kisses from Buenos Aires xx

  • Beatrix Hanna

    Amazing photos <3 you make me want to visit Barcelona <3

    Hanna on

  • Eye Like Fashion

    Gorgeous photos. Definitely makes me want to visit Barcelona.

  • Rachel, trés beans

    beautiful photos :) what a long travel..35 hours! so many layovers. if only you could’ve stayed in all those places for a bit :) Barcelona looks beautiful though

  • Laura Jane Atelier

    What amazing photos!!

  • Avanti

    Love these pictures of Barcelona! I would love to visit Spain one day. Your photos make me want to visit even more.


  • Carolyn

    loved barcelona! gorgeous seeing the city through your eyes

  • monkeyshines
  • intotheblonde

    Amazing 1st shot! Love the view from your hotel window. I’ve only been to Barcelona on a hen do so need to go back & see the real city.

    Hugs xoxo

  • pipa

    Amazing post!!!

  • Leesa
  • Paula Fleur

    Beautiful views, amazing!!! I love your hotel room shots when you just watch the city from birds eye perspective
    Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur


    The pictures are beautiful and I like that white vest.


  • Miss J.

    What an amazing view!



  • Jenni

    Beautiful pictures! :) Barcelona looks amazing!

  • Dominique

    amazing! I love it:)


  • Natali

    Lots of beautiful postcards from Barcelona :)

  • Loren

    I LOVE Barcelona! Such an incredible place. The view from your room is amazing!

    Cloudy Coconut

  • Irene Laura

    Barcelona is so special

  • fran

    love my country
    amo mi pais!

    this week i have a new outfit on the top of madrid!!!!!!!!!++

  • Reichel

    Wherever you go, your pics are always amazing 😀 – New new post <3

  • Lizzy Hadfield

    I was there recently and it was fantastic! Love all these photos!

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  • Stanislava E.

    Amazing photography! I’m impressed!


  • natalie

    wow beautiful photos!

    i’d love to go there one day


  • Whitney V

    Stunning pictures, looks gorgeous!! :)

  • Tracy

    Your pictures are amazing, Spain is such a great country to visit!

  • Marta Caneda Domínguez


    Beautiful place!!!


  • Marina Martin

    Yay, I’m amazed to see so many bloggers visiting my city!! Hope you liked it x

  • Dépêches Mode

    Love the vest !


  • Charlotte Copeland

    I desperately want to go to Barcelona and this has made me want to go even more x

  • Paulina Villalpando

    OMG! That view! Looks like a perfect holiday destination.

  • SweetMona
  • Oligatorka
  • Savannah Giersthove

    I love this city so much, really have to go back soon! x

  • Jint

    Wow these pics are amazing!

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  • Michelle’s Style File

    What a beautiful city!

  • ManonB

    I have the chance to sleep in this hotel, so wonderful , The view is unique and unforgetable !
    I really love your photos, especially when you stayed in the front of the windows !

  • It’s About L.A

    Amazing photos, such a great place, thanks for sharring that with us!


  • Elizabeth Hawn

    beautiful photos! great blog post

  • Aishling Browne

    Stunning photos!!

  • Oliver Lips

    Amazing photos! I really need to visit Barcelona soon :)

  • Sasa Zoe

    Amazing photos as always! Def want to visit Barcelona:)

  • Pia Hocevar Mucic

    Beautiful photos!

    Fashion latte with vanilla

  • Lindsey

    Such a beautiful place! Great views!

  • Kristi

    Gorgeous shots! What a great place to visit!
    xx, Kristi

  • Luba

    One of the most beautiful postcards I ´ve seen from Barcelona! Glade you enjoyed my country!

    XO Luba

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  • Kevin Christian L

    Magnificent photos! I wish I could go there someday :)


  • Sasha Avgherinos

    Barcelona is so beautiful, I love the Gaudi house.

  • Nico

    I went to Barcelona some years ago and I really wanna come back, is amazing! Love these shots!

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    Beautiful photos


  • Kate {Taffeta and Tulips}

    The view from your hotel room is spectacular! I love your pinstriped skirt!

  • Claire Liu

    The building is incredibly amazing! It’s soo beautiful <3
    New Post: Concrete
    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  • Konstantina Bourtzou

    Gorgeous pictures, dear! Everything looks incredible! 😉

  • Erica M

    I’ve never been to Barcelona, but your photos look absolutely gorgoeus!


  • Jennifer Wilson

    As usual, I love everything about your outfit/photos. x

  • Tamsin Lim

    Lovely photos of a city that I adore. La Boqueria really is one of the world’s best markets, if only for the tapas bars! The view from your window was just stunning, you lucky thing – that water colour is unreal.

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

  • Fortune Tarantola

    Looks beautiful! Those ice pops look delicious.


  • Monika Wlodarczyk

    I can imagine you loved Gaudi. Enjoy Barcelona. It is truly my favourite city!


  • adela cechova

    Your photos are always amazing!
    Adela x

  • Hof Kim Cohen

    awwww love the pics! Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world! Looks like you had fun!
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  • Melissa Tierney

    Such gorgeous photos!
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  • Becky

    Great photos! I love Barcelona, can’t wait to go back!

  • itsjpei

    Delightful photos! They’re so nice and crisp :) So jealous of your view from your room, btw!

  • Andres Poiche
  • Freese Ruth

    Nice,I love it!

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  • fran

    barcelona is powerful
    i have a new outfit in my blog, on the top of madrid


  • goldenvoyage

    These photos are beautiful – Barcelona looks so dreamy…

  • cristina

    next time you came call me!!

  • Yvonnelaura
  • Jenelle Witty

    Beautiful photos, and editing I must say. What a hotel room! Do you just get there and not believe it??
    Thank you for sharing your story with us earlier and congratulations on the epic milestone. To understand your journey creates a level of depth and respect for us as readers I think. Having read Tuula Vintage for years now, I have always wanted to know more about ‘happijess’ and where your strength comes from. The inspiration is not felt lightly.
    xx Jenelle

  • Jenny

    beautiful photos!!

  • Belle melange

    Amazing pics!

  • Francesca Giagnorio

    This shot is great *_* have a nice time in Barcelona!



  • Lindsay Truax

    Cool photos!! Loved seeing your Gaudi images.

  • Саша Тернер


    love this pics very much!

  • Frangonarda

    Beautiful city and amazing photos! :) –> Let me take you to the magical journeys across the deep blue oceans and wavy seas..

  • Greta Gale

    Absolutely gorgeous photos – I was just in Barcelona too, it’s such a vibrant city!

    Love, Greta

  • Bianca @ItsAllBee
  • Daisy Daniels

    Great shots! The view is gorgeous! I am in love with the pictures!

  • Gemma Lawrence

    Ah awesome shots – so vibrant and full of culture! Looks like a stunning hotel room too! :)

  • Amelia Barnes

    My dream is to stay in that hotel. Makes me miss Barcelona x

  • Erin Johnson

    This is GORGEOUS!!! The colors in the photos are like a dream!

  • Heather

    Your photos are amazing! I especially love the aerial shots.

  • Karen – Dressing in Labels

    Very beautiful pictures!

    x Karen

  • Ajnira Muminovic

    barcelona is gorgeous

  • Paula Algaba

    Great post!! Hope you like my country and also hope see you soon here!!!
    Check out my blog!

  • Jessie Khoo
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  • Laura Garcia

    Wooooow! Fantastic pics from Barcelona. The city is very exciting, I love it and all the buidings from Gaudí. I am looking for cheap holidays to barcelona for the next autumn, it will be my 3rd time to Barcelona 😀

  • Oksana Radionova

    I recently posted my own Barcelona photo diary on the blog!

    XOXO, Oksana

  • Emma G

    I love Barcelona and I also love Custo. What do you think about him?

    Emma G. from:

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  • AZI ZA

    Ich bin total begeistert. Was für Bilder. Ich will sofort nach Barcelona.
    LG Aziza

  • Smart Dresser

    Beautiful pics :) I’ve been to Barcelona once a few years ago!

  • Vera

    Oh, my dear town. It is so beautiful! I hope you had fun! With love,

  • Perikles Zagkaretos

    amazing! which hotel is it ? i wanna go too

  • nachodelmar


  • Zorica

    Amazing photos
    Such an inspiration