2013 Video Diary

I’ve been recovering from wisdom teeth surgery at home these past few weeks. For someone who thrives while on the move all the time it was quite frustrating, but necessary to sit still and rest. To keep myself busy I was able to finally sort through and edit endless footage that I shot along my travels last year. This video diary was shot by me, my friends or weirded out strangers on my SLR, GoPro or iPhone.

Travel is the initial reason and first love of why I started this blog. Although it has led to amazing opportunities being able to work with brands and having fun with personal style posts, it all comes back to being able to have these incredible travel experiences in the end. I have given myself severe “wanderlust” watching my own footage back now in Sydney’s winter, that I hadn’t watched back even straight after filming. I didn’t remember the footage of me dancing wildly in public around the world… but knowing me it makes complete sense.

Shooting photos, relaying tips and stories attribute to a large part of my blog, but there really is no way to truly share experiences unless first hand. Video is potentially the closest thing to that. Then again, the realities of travel still haven’t truly popped up in these video diaries either. For some reason stolen belongings, travel sickness, home sickness, personal emergencies, missed flights and editing/sitting/sleeping on airport floors (and going delirious every now and then) etc don’t prompt me as a moment to bring out my camera and start recording. We choose to remember the good times, because in hindsight when things go wrong it either makes for the best stories or builds stronger character, ultimately making every experience a good one.

  • Oh painful…..wisdom teeth…hope you are on the mend……and great video…;))


  • Emma
  • Dimitra Anastasiadou

    Oh my! i love this!! perfect! 🙂


  • Ana

    I strongly encourage wisdom tooth removal for endless inspiration and creativity.
    This video makes me want to travel and dance around the world.

    Ana x


  • Ana

    Beautiful 🙂


  • Luba

    I have enjoyed so much!! Beautiful !! Lucky girl!

    XO Luba

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  • Great video! Beautiful places you visited. What kind of video camera are you using and which program to edit and cut the videos?


  • Liz Stark

    Incredible video – thank you for sharing your travels with your readers! I hope you continue to heal from the surgery.

  • You are an inspiration. Love the fact that you always travel and share with us amazing places.
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    wao! The first pic is perfect


  • Life of a Travel Czar

    Love this video Tuula! Nothing beats travelling! #safetravels

  • Natali

    You see, posts and videos like this one make me so inspired!


  • Amazing photos!



  • sonia de macedo

    I’ve been so looking forward to another video of yours. There is just something about your travel videos that captivates my mind and while I’m stuck in one place (for the time being) allows my nomad soul to live vicariously through them. I can not wait for another but until then I’ll revel in this one. Sending you good vibes for a speedy recovery!


  • looks like you had so much fun!!

    love all you♥Ongles et De La Vie De Puspita♥

    ♥Instagram♥r dances 😀

  • Vasiliki

    Wow! Great video!! The second part of the video is Greece!!I’m proud to be Greek!I realize there are so many places we can visit in our country before we travel abroad!!Thanx for sharing this video! Hope you recover from your teeth surgery and keep up the great work! I love your blog!!

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    Great video with so many amazing places.. oh wow!


  • You truly see the world! Amazing video and breathtaking pictures! x


  • Nika

    Great photos and video is so cute!


    Nice video and great pictures!
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  • Giada

    So funny 😀 This video is brilliant and you are so lucky to travel so much 🙂

    Keep going 🙂

    Xo, Giada


  • Jeanne Canto

    I loved it! Can’t wait to see your 2014 video with hawaii and indonesia videos… its going to be perfect


  • Hayley Copland

    I love you videos so much!! I think this is my fave 🙂 Greece looks so beautiful xx

  • Lucy
  • Joanne

    Could you please do a tips for travellig and what to bring post please!!

  • Taylor Fuller

    Hey Jessica,

    I just want to say thank you because you inspired me to find a way to make travel possible. In August I will be moving from New York to Florence for a year. I’ll be working at a student travel company and have the chance to travel all around Europe.

    I am in LOVE with your blog and posts like these remind me why! I’d love for some advice on how to really make the best out of small pieces of time in different cities as I will only be traveling on weekends to other countries in Europe!

    Keep these kinds of posts coming!


  • Awesome video, babe:)


  • Omg, stunning. Wish I could travel more often.


  • SweetMona
  • I love your videos! Beautifully done! Greece is my favorite travel destination.

    xx, Kristi


  • Reichel

    WOW, amazing, no words! 😀

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    Non stop year…

    Like and greetings from http://lucslook.blogspot.com.es

  • Elisa Taviti

    This video is really amazing!!! Love it!!!


  • Noe

    Sooooo in LOVE with your videos Jessica!! They always give me chills and make smile and happy all over no matter how many times i´ve watched them… best wishes from Spain and please please please keep them coming!!:):)

  • Dominique
  • Vanessa Basanta

    very nice pics
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    wow beautiful photos and video..kiss


  • Joe Mitchell


  • Your dance moves are so adorable! Great travel video, really encapsulates the feeling of endless taxis and beautiful vistas. And those vertigo-inducing shots from the top of the cliff through the fish eye lens are terrifying and beautiful 🙂 A pleasure to watch. Feel better soon, wisdom teeth are so awful!

    Tamsin xx | A Certain Adventure

  • Leesa

    wow, really amazing!

  • Mercia


  • Fabulous video which inspires! I want to travel. And these photos, you keep outdoing yourself!


  • monkeyshines
  • Paula Fleur

    Your videos are the best I have ever seen! I want to travel around the world even more after seeing this! Thank you for such inspirational and fabulous ideas
    Inspiration Point by Paula Fleur

  • Julia

    Ahhh this video is amazing! It really triggered the wanderlust in me too. And although you’re at home now, just think about what adventures still lie ahead 🙂


  • Katey

    Beautiful Tuula so amazing!


  • ediot

    Fantastic post.
    hope you and your mouth feel a lot better soon. I’ve done three wisdom teeth surgerys- they’re not fun..

  • Marlee

    OMG your footage is amazing! This has definitely made me develop wanderlust…….


  • Emi & Kimi

    wow i love this! amazing.


  • Piia

    You’re so cool! I wish you were my older sister (and I sincerely hope you have a younger sister).


    Bowtie Diary

  • Oh Jess, this is giving me such wanderlust. Honestly, I just want to pack my bags and head off on a whimsical adventure! X

  • This is beyond awesome!! Love love loove your videos! 😀 X

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  • Rae

    This is such a fantastic video! I have such a desire to travel, and this makes me want to even more (:


  • Daniella

    fab! these are my faves!




  • What a beautiful picture with panorama!!!!!!!In love!!!!!




    As you set out for Ithaka
    hope the voyage is a long one,
    full of adventure, full of discovery.
    Laistrygonians and Cyclops,
    angry Poseidon—don’t be afraid of them:
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    as long as you keep your thoughts raised high,
    as long as a rare excitement
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    Hope the voyage is a long one.
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    Wise as you will have become, so full of experience,
    you will have understood by then what these Ithakas mean.

    Este bellísimo poema de Kavafis… podría venir perfectamente ilustrado con tus fotos y tu video… Gracias por acercarnos a los “puertos de Fenicia”…

    This beautiful poem by Cavafys … could come well illustrated with photos and video … Thank you for your approach the “ports of Phoenicia” …

  • Jennifer Wilson

    This makes me so happy! I love seeing videos like this and traveling to beautiful places! x


  • Jeany R.

    amazing video! Right now I want to jump into a plane and travel somewhere!


  • So pretty! This just makes me want to keep traveling. Can’t wait to see your next adventure!



  • lyndesloovere

    Loving this video, so many beautiful places! And your outfits are always on point, let’s not forget 😉
    I freaking LOVE your dancing skills, so much fun!
    xo Lyn

  • Daisy Daniels

    These photos are one of the most breathtaking photos I have ever seen! The ocean is incredible!!! Love it!


  • Cristina Monti
  • Beatrix Hanna
  • Incredible place!!!!

  • Andres Poiche
  • Jo

    this is simply amazing, what an awesome year you’ve had!

  • Just gorgeous place, i love it <3

    Been there in 2009 and I was amazed!!


  • To be honest this video makes you a much more interesting person as oppose to just your photos, which are still very beautiful. It’s good to see your personality through a different lens 🙂

    Love it x


  • Elizabeth Hawn
  • Kaja

    wiw this video is incredible! You’re so lucky to travel to all these amazing places! 🙂


  • It feels like I’ve just been through different places 😛 Amazing that you could travel around the world! PS. you’re so adorable! haha

    New Post: Blue Piece
    xx, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  • Diana

    Great job !amazing video good idea !



  • Whitney V

    Love it so so much, wanderlust is incurable for sure!! 😉


  • Kristina

    I adore traveling a lot! This is what makes me happy! Nice idea to dance all around the world with other bloggers))
    very beautiful parts, i`m Greece lover! keep on shooting!
    Check my travel diary: http://www.blondlife.com

  • Francisc

    Great video! The water looks awesome!


  • Chiamaka Abasilim

    Awesome video. Love your travel diary.


  • woow!! this is amazing!!! A true inspiration.

  • Nilu Cooper

    I think you’re awesome… Keep on dancin’ girl!

  • spiritedpursuit

    I absolutely adore your spirit and personality!! Great video, you always inspire!

  • Definitely in my bucket list! Your videos rock like they always did. You look AMAZING.



  • Beautiful pictures. I really cant wait to visit Greece early next year.

    Dubai | A Visual Diary

    Dubai | A Visual Diary

  • r

    I always loveeeee your video diaries! I was SO excied when you had a new one, please keep making more they are so great!

  • Haha I loooove your dance moves! Great video 🙂


  • goldenvoyage

    In love with this video diary and wishing I could make a quick escape to those beautiful right now!


  • MissAnneDerstood

    What a beautiful life and beautiful world! Love ur blog And everything you do ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hannah

    Can we please be best friends?

  • Perfect video ! 😀 You are stunning and so crazy ! <3

  • Veena

    I’m speechless. You’ve seen so many beautiful places it makes me crave traveling so much! I’m so grateful you shared some of your travel experiences with us; this video is gorgeous!

    ♡ veena | seveninchstilettos.com
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

  • Hof Kim Cohen

    OMG! First off your adorable! amazing locations!!! I also travel alot and just got back from Greece and Turkey and said I would make a video for my blog and didn’t, but you just inspired me that for sure for my next I will for sure! Very beautifully edited.
    Travel Blogger: VanillaSkyDreaming.com

  • Fabulous! You should definitely do more videos.

    Hugs xoxo


  • Judith

    LOVED the video!
    Your new follower says hi! 🙂 hahahaha


  • Annika

    I really want to watch this video but I can’t because of GEMA. I HATE IT, aaargh!

  • Agnes Etien

    Superbe vidéo – j’adore ta joie de vivre

  • Ljiljana Pasic

    Love the video. I’ve beed at the Vendome and done the same thing few monts ago.

  • Emilybronte

    I would love more descriptions of the cities that are filmed or where about’s in Paris you were driving through..etc. The photos of you on the cliff at the top of the page I’m guessing Capri? Am I close?

  • And this is how you live life … 🙂 Simply amazing !

  • Maria Grey

    Hey Tuula. During a lot time I’ve been doubting to leave a comment or not, and I am pretty sure you are not going to answer to it or not even to read this as you are such a busy woman, but someone once taught me that we have nothing to lose in this life, so I am going to write you anyway, because I have nothing to lose. Everytime I visit your blog I feel like you are living the life and being the person that I exactly want to be in the future. So I somehow feel like I ow you something, because you have been a great part of my motivation source to fight for what I want. I sometimes wonder what you have done to arrive where you are, or how you have arrived here. I do really admire you for it, because I guess it took a lot of effort and that it wasn’t easy at all to arrive where you are, but neither to be where you are, guess it’s not easy to be far away from your relatives and that there are moments which are not nice (streess, nostalgy…). . So, you may be thinking how stupid this comment is, but, however, I just wanted to say you THANK YOU for everything you do, share, show and, most importantly, transmit. A MILLION THANKS.

    sorry for my bad english, it’s not my native language :/