Pink Panther

Wearing: Camilla and Marc blazer and pants, Madewell chambray shirt, Windsor Smith sandals, Saint Laurent clutch, Jennifer Zeuner wishbone necklace, Tai Infinity necklace, Tiffany & Co ring,Β Elizabeth and James ring,Β Jennifer Myer ring.

To be completely honest, I usually can’t stand the colour pink. Entirely due to being nearly 6 feet tall and blonde, people often label me a ‘Barbie’ despite my often clashing tomboy-ish personality. Wearing pink significantly enhances this label. But there was something about this suit that made me reconsider my judgements on the stereotypically feminine colour, and that was the simple fact that it is a badass pink suit.

I landed in Sydney from NYC the night before Sydney FW. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I had absolutely no idea or pre planning on what I was going to wear that week. I raided my wardrobe trying to find new inspiration in pieces that had fallen forgotten to the back, thankfully to rediscover and appreciate this two piece. Dressed down and toughened up slightly, thanks to my trusty chambray shirt and statement Saint Laurent clutch. This last minute, throw together was suddenly one of the top outfits I’ve felt confident in.

Photos by Zanita Whittington