Wearing: Stylestalker playsuit (or here), Jennifer Zeuner Mini Eye & Hamsa NecklaceJacquie Aiche chain finger braceletElizabeth and James ringJennifer Myer ring.

Each sunrise from the same spot down by the beach in Nusa Dua felt like a different view. The first was eerily beautiful, the second somehow even more incredible, the third brought the Volcanic views and the fourth the most mesmerising yet with its burning rays… It continued like this for every single morning we made sure to wake and witness.

It fascinates me that first light hovers for seemingly so long, but when the sun breaks it races far off the horizon within moments. I’ve read that it is due to the atmosphere refracting the light at sunrise and sunset but not at midday. It makes sense that of course, the most beautiful moments are often the briefest.

Photos by Nicole Cooper