Waimea Bay

Wearing: Lisa Marie Fernandez Bikini, Asos dress, Volcom Hat.

Another brief but nostalgia stirring post while I’m trying to catch up on everything that is Hawaii. On our last day in Oahu we ventured out on a boat in hopes of whale watching. We caught a very brief glimpse of a whale in the distance, but it seems they were more interested in the depths of the shoreline than our little old boat. Instead, we took advantage of our viewpoint and sat between reef breaks at Waimea Bay and watched the sets roll in. That week the surf got to 30 feet, and I would be lying if I didn’t admit I was nervous with every bounce and roll of the boat. Melissa and I jumped off the boat to momentarily float in the open water (before voicing about being petrified of sharks) and spotted rainbows forming as a sudden downpour sent us back to shore.

Photos by Melissa Findley