Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Wearing: Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb standard jumpsuit (not available for purchase, lols).

The second part of my recent collaborations as Fashion Ambassador for Destination NSW was climbing Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge. Everyone I have ever spoken to about the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb is either so happy they did the experience or wanting to definitely do it- but for no real reason hasn’t as of yet. I can guarantee that it doesn’t matter if you’re an international visitor or have grown up in Sydney your whole life, everyone needs to see the city from up here.

Walking underneath the bridge where it is being constantly repainted, climbing the ladders upwards while trains and cars buzz past, and the steady climb up the stairs where before I knew it I was literally dancing around on top of Sydney. I couldn’t wipe the grin off my face the whole descent. I also want to say an enormous thank you to the Bridge Climb Sydney team for allowing me the extremely rare chance to take my camera up to shoot this post… if only photos did the views and height justice!

Photos by myself and Jayden Stein