Pier One

Wearing: Lover leather top and skort, Elena Ghisellini bag, Windsor Smith heels, Tiffany ATLAS bangle,ย Tiffany ATLAS hinged bangle,ย Tiffany ATLAS open ring,ย Tiffany ATLAS pierced ring.

It feels like my blog seems to be travelling much more than I am! Jumping between posts from Sydney, Europe, NYC and soon to come London are making my travels seem much more serious in a blink of an online eye. Apologies for the apparent time travel but while on the go it is impossible to sort through posts properly and in chronological order.

I shot this outfit back in Sydney, spending my last weekend in my favourite spot underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This might sound extremely weird but I’ve realised another reason that I have always preferred dainty jewellery like the Atlas collection; I have a pet hate of hearing jewellery clang against each other. I suddenly noticed that I kept subconsciously sliding the second bangle up my arm to separate the pieces. So I have simply decided to roll with the accidental styling…

Photos by Walt Loveridge