Wearing: Zimmermann dress from For Artists Only, Valentino bag, Asos sandals, House of Holland Sunglasses, Jennifer Zeuner necklace and ringGorjana cuff.

While in Dubrovnik we hopped on a Contiki sail boat for the day and visited a few islands, including the beautiful Lopud. This dress was nearly perfect for the hot day at sea… catching the wind a little too much at times!

When we were leaving for Dubrovnik at Rome airport Nicole decided to “window shop” at Valentino. Before we knew it we were in the store, both demanding to know if the prices were legitimate. Even though we expected a little help from tax free, the difference was too good to be ignored. We were both obsessed with the same rock stud bag and opted for mine in cobalt blue and hers in mint, both promising to share when needed. Like our own sisterhood of the travelling bags (even though I’ve never seen that movie)!

Photos by Nicole Warne

  • Elisa Taviti

    Amazing Valentino bag!!

    xx Elisa

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    Gorgeous dress! Beautiful pictures! x


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    Obsessed with these photos! xx


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    You look so stunning in that dress! In love with your sunglasses and bag too. x


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    That floral dress looks marvelous.

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    Amazing dress!!!

    Today I’m wearing a BACK TO SCHOOL style, thought I tried to make it more Lady rather than GRUNGE, check it out I would love to know opinions:



    xo, from Spain

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    pretty dress…. i love the color of the bag!x


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    Stunning dress!

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    Amazing dress!!!

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    Love your blog! Just a note however it takes me aaages to load your page especially on my iPhone and I have super fast internet! I think it’s because your photos are bigger than they need to be…as in when you click them they open in another window bigger than the original image on the blog…so you could optimise them so they are just the size of the page thus loading a lot faster!!

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    I’m in love with that bag & the dress is also so nice, perfect summer dress! xx


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    such a beautiful dress!


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    What a fun dress!

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    Wow, that dress is stunning!!


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    Okay, can’t even grasp how much fun that dress probably is to wear! Looking fabulous as per usual.

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    You look amazing! Beautiful dress & scenery!


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    Loving the summer look in September! missing summer!

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    Amazing dress!! You are gorgeous! Sandrine xx http://www.iamsandrine.com

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    When I saw this dress on instagram, I instantly fell in love with it!


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    Beautiful shots!



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    wow, how can you not love this dress?! absolutely stunning

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    Love this look! It’s so put together but it seems like it would be amazingly comfortable. Thank you for sharing!


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    I’m in love with your dress and bag! :)

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    this is amazing – even more than usual. xx


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    Lovely photos!

    Lots of love.

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    What a perfect boating outfit I love how the fabric falls and floats, you look amazing!

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    Love the colouring of the print with your skin tone. Such a gorgeous dress!


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    Love the last photo!! haha!

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    Incredible dress, such a beautiful print x


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    this dress is amazing!!! i loveee the bag <3

    xoxo manu

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    So colorful!
    Love how the wind moves it. Great style as always….
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    Your dress is AMAZING!


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    I love dress… Amazing Photos….


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    Love it! The pictures look soo free and fun! diamenrose.tumblr.com

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    This dress looks aboslutely beautiful! I love the flowy and maxi look – I need this asap!


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    The flowy dress is so eye-catching!


  • Nina Rachel

    you look simply to die for! couldn’t wait for this look to come as i saw it on instagram!
    you are perfect:)

  • Andrea Ryan

    This is officially my favorite outfit of yours! Great pictures! This dress is so pretty and airy.


  • http://www.foxyoxiesupernova.blogspot.com/ Oksana Radionova

    Obsessed with this dress from the moment you posted it on Instagram! So very perfect, indeed, for not only a day at sea, but for photographing! So effortlessly chic, it’s almost too much of a good thing! Almost! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, one of the reasons I love looking through your traveling photos is because it gives me another perspective of the beautiful places I myself have been to, but perhaps saw from a different angle. Thank you for that! XOXO


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    I love your dress and bag!


  • Emilie

    Jaw.Dropping.Amazing. This dress made me smile, such a gorgeous piece.. I love your style.

  • Cristina Monti

    This zimmerman dress is exquisite, love the way you styled it with the perfect bag!
    Check out:
    With Love,

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    Obsessed with that bag!! Beautiful!


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    Jealous that you can look gorgeous in any outfit!
    xo sarah


  • http://www.archistas.com/ Maya

    That first photo is just STUNNING! You look amazing, that dress is insanely beautiful. And so cool you and Nicole can switch bag colors :)

  • jess

    Hi Tuula my name is Jess. Your photos through Europe
    based in Dubrovnik and Croatia I find incredibly amazing. I love the insight
    into which you bring not only to fashion with your gorgeous clothing but the
    places that you travel. From travelling all around the world what has been your
    favorite place that you have experienced and which culture did you enjoy the
    most? Seeing your travel pictures defiantly inspire me to revisit some of these
    many beautiful places but also explore some of the beautiful places I have seen
    on your blog from Amalfi Coast in Italy, Dubrovnik in Croatia and Instanbul in Turkey.
    Although when I travelled I didn’t do a Contiki but through viewing your pictures and
    reading about your experience it has inspired me to embark on a Contiki soon as a
    new adventure.

    I also love that you include details about your Contiki
    through to transport experiences and tours as well as food on your journey. I
    was wondering if you would recommend your Contiki tour to anyone? Your fashion
    posts are amazing and bring me lots of inspiration for this year’s summer in Australia
    as well as next years trip to Europe in June which is their summer. I would
    love to know where you got your items of bathers, summer dresses and hats? And
    also if you have and recommendations for trends this summer? What would also be
    your go to outfit for a summer night beach party?