Istanbul Spice Market

I never thought I was a fan of Turkish Delight, until I tried the real thing. I was utterly drooling after trying my first sample of pomegranate with crushed pistachio Turkish Delight before wandering the Spice Markets. The beautiful building houses corridors of endless vendors, selling everything from sweets, dried fruits, nuts and assorted tea’s to lamps, dishes, embroidered furnishings and jewellery. Despite the overhead call to prayer the markets were absolutely packed with non stop commotion, while the lovely vendors wanting to chat and dance the whole time.

I made sure to stock up on apple tea, nuts and plenty of the above mentioned pomegranate Turkish Delight. My favourite purchases were rings (that I instagrammed here) from jewellery store Number 71. I must say that besides my experience at the Turkish Bath, this was my favourite part of Istanbul!