Dubrovnik Photo Diary

Years ago on my first trip to Europe I did a Sail Croatia trip of the Dalmatian Islands. We stopped in to Dubrovnik for one afternoon, and I fell in love with this magical walled city for our brief sunset affair. I was so excited to come back to Dubrovnik on our Contiki Chronicles trip and see if it was as beautiful as I had remembered or I had been romanticising for years.

It was as amazing as ever. The crystal clear waters, picturesque walled old town, some of the best seafood I’ve ever tasted, endless islands nestled around the corner and of course now spotting where my favourite Game of Thrones scenes were filmed! My favourite spot in Dubrovnik is of course the Buza Bar for an afternoon beer and leap in to the sea. But another opportunity was that Contiki organise for a local woman to introduce the group to the streets of Dubrovnik. It is nice to wander the alleyways by yourself, but having someone there to describe in first person the beauty of growing up in this city, and living through the war that damaged it so badly makes you appreciate it in a whole new way.