Whilst attempting to edit dozens of posts/hundred of photos, writing reminders to call home, trying to pack like Mary Poppin’s for London and literally book last possible minute unknown accommodation for arriving in to London (my signature style), I went a little crazy. I had set out to conquer my travel diary from Dubrovnik with inspiration failing my hazy mind. Instead this post is to feature someone whose work continues to inspire my own.

Zanita is not only always there as an incredible friend (oh wow… sorry for the cornball, Z bag) but she’s also lurking around every corner as a personal photographer/my stand in blogger boyfriend. She sneakily played this role for both Nicole and I while we were on our Contiki Chronicles trip together, ending up with this post.

These are the photos I dream about looking back on later in life. Not always the poses and hands in the air but the genuine moments like giggling with friends at the Spice Markets, being caught with my hair up in the Capri sunshine and me constantly gazing off on to the endless horizons. My personal favourite is the first image of me walking (sweating my way) through crowds near Istanbul’s Blue Mosque. I can’t fathom how many people I’ve walked by and shared the sights of the world with in moments just like this image. Most of my travelling has been alone yet surrounded by every different kind of people, leaving me feeling insignificant yet momentous at the same time.

Photos by Zanita