Wearing: Rag & Bone jeans, Stylestalker knit, Asos boots and sunglasses.

A quick hello from my weekend in Wrocław! My boyfriend and I hired a car for the weekend and even though it was unfortunately just the two nights, I was so happy to finally be in Poland. It has been on my bucket list for a very long time, feeling so close in Europe but somehow never venturing over. Then again my bucket list should probably just read “everywhere, ever”. Wrocław completely won me over not only with the colourful buildings in its beautiful Rynek (Market Square), and the soup and dumplings, but the humble community feeling from everyone I met. I’m excited to post my photo diary as soon as I get a chance, as in the last few days I have been through Wrocław, Berlin and Paris without much sleep. Do widzenia!

  • Karina

    Cześć! Nice to know that you took chance to visit my country. Hope you like it 😉

    Te spodnie są super!

  • Emily

    Wow, the colours are so cute and (I don’t even need to say it) your outfit is fabulous!

    xxx another-emily.blogspot.com.au

  • Agnieszka

    Nice to see you in Poland! Greetings from Poznan (also with great Market Square :-)).


  • http://www.shadowofstyle.com/ ShadowOfStyle

    Great pictures <3 I'm from Poland but I live in Sicily.. Wroclaw is beautiful :)

    Shadow Of Style

  • Michelle

    This place looks ridiculously beautiful! So good that it was just a drive away… you must’ve spotted beautiful things on the trip there :)

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net

  • emerja

    Love this pictures with this amazing colorful houses!! :)


  • http://www.trashtotreasured.blogspot.com.au/ trash to treasured

    I’ll be in Berlin soon and this post makes me want to do a pit stop in Poland! Lovely pictures :)


  • froschkuss

    I didn’t even know the place but it looks so nice that I’ll add it to my bucket list as well! And I’m in love with the rag&bone jeans, I love the brand so much!

  • Nesrin


  • Ana

    If you like it, then you should come to Portugal, you would love it ! Lisbon is AMAZING

  • Sydney Corporate

    Gorgeous snap shots! What a fabulous little place <3


  • Andrea Encalada

    These pictures are really cool! Love the buildings and architecture!

    Visit my blog! New post is up!

    Let me know what you think! ;D


  • MartaBarcelonaStyle

    woow!! such an amazing place!!


    (Blue & White outfit)

  • Rachel

    WOW, I’m from Poland. So glad that you liked Wrocław :) Do widzenia <3

  • beska

    i dont belive :) you be in Poland . I live near Wroclaw.
    its grat that you visit my country : )))))

  • http://stylewild.org/ Amber Callanan

    I want to live your life! Can’t wait until I’ve finished studying so I can get a decent job and save for travel!



    those colorful buildings are gorgeous


  • Soulofashopper

    gorgeous pics!!! I love the shape they´ve got to!!! kind of a new esthetic! xo, Alma


  • Magda

    Poland is amazing! Jesteś śliczna! Kocham Polskę i Wrocław!

  • Natalia

    Do widzenia tuula! I hope see you soon in Poland :) Natalia, Polska

  • natalie

    beautiful photos!

    love your jeans



  • Kelsey Wilburn

    how fun! hope you had a blast

    kw ladies in navy

  • Jessica G.

    Great pictures!


  • rhodawong
  • Agnieszka

    Cześć Jessica,
    I’m so happy that you visisted my country, your blog is my favourite!! Your every post is amazing :-) Pics from Mexico were fantastic :-) Thank you so much for using polish letters (Wrocław). Take care, best wishes from North Poland xoxo.

  • http://www.chicreaction.com/ Liliana Ferreira

    Beautiful place and great photos !



  • http://thefashioness.com/ Lu

    Beautiful colorful buildings! Enjoy your trip!


  • Elle

    omg, i’m so so happy that you enjoy your trip to my country! :) it’s even better when I see that get known some of polish words! Thank you for that! Love you Jessica! :))

  • stylishlyinlove

    What a beautiful first picture.



  • http://www.eruiel.blogspot.com/ Elizabeth

    Superfin blogg!

  • Andi

    The buildings look absolutely amazing, love these photos!


  • Emma H

    I love the fish eye lens!! I really want one, it looks super cool with this scenery. I love your pants too!


  • The Fashion Panda

    Really cool pics, love that square :p


  • Irene Laura

    totaly making me want to visit POLAND!


  • Joanna Banach

    so happy that you liked Wrocław :)

  • Pink Elephant Blog

    Love the photos! Old town in Wroclaw is so pretty!!


  • Lidia

    awww so nice to hear all that from you! Cracow is also a very nice city. Come and visit Warsaw, I’d love to meet you :)

  • eva

    Great pictures! x


  • Maggie
  • Stephanie

    Beautiful photos, wish I could visit one day!

  • http://forthemrs.blogspot.com/ For the Mrs

    I love how much you travel. It inspires me too visit some cities I’ve never seen!


  • and kate

    You look gorgeous
    I love these photos <3
    Lots of love
    Kate xo


  • el armario de la nena

    Very beautiful city, I didn´t know about it. 😀 Now, I´m glad that you´ve showed me


  • Anna Black
  • http://www.creativityandchocolate.com/ Eva

    Great shots, I;ve never been to Berlin…xx


  • jessicastein

    Completely reminds me of Prague’s square! X

  • maud.schellekens

    Loving the fish eye shots!

    XOXO Maud


  • Somebody from Somewhere

    love all the photographs! nice atmosphere


  • Piera Anastasia

    Love these pictures! :-)
    And I hope to visit Poland this year!! :-)


    Piera Anastasia


  • Chic Trends

    So pretty! Lucky you that you got to visit Poland!

    Best, x http://chictrends.co.uk/

  • Kasia

    At last my country! :) I hope you’re going to know Poland better because it’s worth it :)

  • http://www.sadieetsescupcakes.com/ Sandrine
  • Maria Inês Ribeiro
  • marta

    It’s my lovely hometown ! Such a big surprise that you’re here. Don’t forget to visit pubs (near Rynek ther’s a lots of cosy places) and meet all dwarfs 😉 have a nice weekend !

  • Eva Marie Close

    That first photograph just drew me in – its like your falling into this beautiful, colourful town! How do you make me want to visit every place you go! And I’m loving those jeans. I feel like they would suit almost anyone with the structured goodness.
    x eva

  • Lorena

    Check out my photoblog http://postvitri.blogspot.mx/ :)

  • amodeworld

    Looks beautiful! Like Germany but more colourful :)


  • http://eatshoploveblog.wordpress.com/ Yollie Pollie

    Oh wow….these pics are amazing!!!!!! I so want to be there amongst those coloured buildings!!!

  • Daniella

    beautiful! I love the pants!

  • Alison

    Love these photos, so cute, the fish eye is awesome xxx


  • Linda Wendel

    It really looks nice!



  • Anna-irena

    I used to study there for 5 years :)! Enjoy!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lydia.bishop Lydia Bishop

    love the coloured buildings! xx

  • Em K G

    Looks absolutely stunning! My bucket list is so long now that I’m pretty sure I should just go anywhere I can.


  • http://agirlastyle.com/ A Girl, A Style

    Wow Jess! I’ve always wanted to visit Poland too, and these pictures just sealed the deal for me. Can’t wait to see more from you!

    Briony xx


  • Clara

    Wrocław is a fabulous city…. great pics you have here…

  • Dean Corno

    The buildings look so pretty! I love your sweater too.


  • Whitt Jago

    This looks perfect, love the colours and the fisheye filter! x

    http://www.whiteislandblog.com x

  • dwietwarzedwaspojrzenia

    mój kochany Wrocław. 😉 świetne zdjęcia. 😉


    Photos, gorgeous, as always! You look fabulous!


  • karolina

    I’m from Poland and You’re my inspiration! Kisses, Do widzenia! :)

  • http://futurereflectionsk.blogspot.com/ Yosilda K

    Amazing post, the photos are amazing!


  • Emmie

    these pictures are simply stunning !
    So colourful and pretty!

    Emmie :) x

  • Michał

    I’m living in Wrocław, and I’m so happy that you like our city, especially because is not as “obvious” beauty as Berlin or Paris (I hope you get my point). There are thousands beautiful places, not only Rynek, but I hope that you visited some of them. I thought I saw you but I don’t known that you were visiting our city.

  • Anna

    Nice to see you in Poland, I hope you will back to us soon 😉
    fashion blogblog modowymodastyltrendy

  • Alyssa Hartwick

    What a cool place. I want to go there to! :)


  • ewelina

    o wow! so nice to see you in my country :) i’m glad you enjoyed your stay, do widzenia next time!

  • mamasaidbecool

    so cool! I’m from Poland:) Glad that you like Wrocław, you should also visit other cities;) do widzenia!;)


  • Magda

    You should visit Poland again and pop in to Kraków! Love all of your photos x

  • LiliEss

    You have to visit Gdańsk too I think you will love it !!!