Paris Photo Diary


Wearing: Zara jumpsuit (similar here), Sophia Webster sandalsProenza Schouler bag, House of Holland sunglasses, Jennifer Zeuner necklaceRebecca Minkoff rings.

Thank you to The Westin Paris for the surreal feeling of sweeping views over the Louvre and across to the flittering Eiffel Tower from my very own balcony. I could visit Paris a thousand times, and always have a completely different experience with this magical city. I stay somewhere new every time, and explore (get lost) down streets I’ve somehow never found before. I have some obvious favourite spots in Paris like Place Vendome, Le Marais and any rooftop I can possibly find.

But I also have found places that make me feel at home in Paris when I visit each time which I do not know what street they are on or their name. A park bench I share with elderly couples near a metro stop perfect for people watching, a cafe with good tea, great wifi and cute boys stopping in, a bakery with my favourite sweets selection, and a florist where I walk past fantasising about buying a bunch for my sun drenched Parisian apartment. I don’t mind that I can’t recite where these spots are without retracing my steps as it feels that these little part of Paris are all mine.


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    again sooo jealous about your trip :) great pictures !! :)


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    amazing pictures!!!!

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    A truly magical place!


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    Love the jumper! The place looks like a dream!


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    Lovely pictures!


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    Stunning pictures !

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    Great lifestyle pictures. It’s like we are traveling with you :)

    Enjoy it!
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    what a dream!!!

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    Amazing pictures! Hope you had fun in our lovely capital !

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    Paris is lovely, isn’t it? I’ve been there once in May! x

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    lovely photos. i love paris too!
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    Truly beautiful shots! Paris is a beautiful city. You look lovely as always!

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    Love Paris, one of my favorite cities! The picture of the moving vespa oddly enough is my favorite. I love those action shots!


    Peonies and American Honey

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    Great photos, I wish to go to Paris someday.

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    I’ve always dreamed of going to Paris! You look like you had an amazing time, and your jumpsuit is beautiful!

    Holly |

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    I’m always happy to hear someone say they love my country and capital, it’s so nice to see you had such a great time!

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    Such a beautiful photos! Seems like you had amazing time in Paris!

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    Paris is so beauttiful I can’t stand it !

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    I’d kill to visit Paris someday. Love your travel photos, such an inspiration!

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    Ohhh I absolutely love Paris, you’ve made me so nostalgic. What lovely pictures!

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    Beautiful pictures :)


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    Beautiful pics :)


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    Paris really is something special……. i have been several times……. but every time feels better than the last.xx

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    amazing photos, after viewing these shots I really want to go to paris!! you look stunning!! xx

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    lovely jumpsuit and lovely city… i loved the time i spent there 2 years ago…. is such amazing!! hope you enjoyed, but I am sure ;)

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    Love the photos, they are amazing!!!

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    Thanks for making me feel like I was in Paris for a few minutes with the photos :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

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    That city is seriously gorgeous!
    x Haleigh
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    Such beautiful photos, Paris is such a magical city!

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    wow these photos are gorgeous! especially that one where the motorcycles are whizzing by :)


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    Paris has stolen so many hearts – including mine. Looks gorgeous!

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    Love Paris! Love the food, love the shopping!

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    You’re giving me more reasons to study hard at Law School with this post Miss Jessica. Going to Europe has always been my dream and I know that when I become a lawyer years from now, I can afford to go there. Love the photos!

    Ericka from The Philippines

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    Oh, Paris ♥ Beautiful pictures Jessica, looks like you had a great time!

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    Looks like you had an amazing time! Paris is a wonderful city. I love your jumpsuit! x

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    You look fabulous darling! Everything looks so lovely – makes me want to go soon! The romper, the food, the prints for sale on the street… love love. And is it just me or do the strawberries look more delicious there? Ha! Thanks for sharing! xo Big Hugs @ Waiting on Martha

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    Love the jumpsuit and shots of Paris. It’s such a beautiful city.
    With Love,

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    Your pics are lovely! I was there recently and cannot wait to return, such an amazing place.

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    Beautiful photos!!!!

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    These photographs are beautiful! Looks like you are having perfect weather there. Lucky because it’s storming down here in Sydney right now. I’m incredibly jealous!

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    Beautiful pictures of my favorite city in the world :p

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    I’m in love with Paris, your pictures are beatiful.

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    I love Paris and your pictures are beautiful! Nice jumpsuit!


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    Always a plesure to see a bunch of lovely photos from a trip. Specialy Paris!

    Lots of love.

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    *_* PARIS <3 my love!!


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    beautiful pics! Love your look too!

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    I love those photos !! Very very beautiful and I love the jumpsuit a lot !




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    You really show some of the most beautiful aspects of my beloved city girl, I love that!

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    Love this city so much! Great picture collection!

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    Your style is so delicate, like you!

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    That’s some proper food! Looks yummy…


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    gorgeous photos!

    kw ladies in navy

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    *sigh* someone please take me to Paris~
    Lovely jumpsuit!!

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    great photos, i love to go to paris again

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    love the pictures! i miss paris sighhh


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    nice pics! I love this post!!! what hotel you are?


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    Paris is the perfect city for romance, glamour and photography. I really like your pics, I remember when I was there, it was a great time!

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    You make me wanna go paris right now!
    love it <3

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    Paris is so beautiful !
    Love your jumpsuit

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    Looks amazing! What views, I’m going to need to go to Paris soon :)

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    That jumpsuit is major! The colour goes so well with your skin tone. And Paris looks amazing, as always x

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    Beautiful pictures! I feel like I’m in Paris.

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    These pictures are beautiful! Love Paris so much and the jumpsuit is lovely. Perfect color and goes completely with the mood.


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    Ah this photo diary has me in such a Parisian state of mind. Gorgeous.

    Christie x

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    Amazing pictures!! I loveee Paris <3

    great jumpsuit :)

    xoxo manu

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    I was in Paris when you posted this! I had such an amazing time! We were there to celebrate a birthday and take part in Bastille Day festivities (the fireworks, oh the fireworks)! Your pictures have me Paris-sick!

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    I’m so excited to go in November! Such beautiful posts :)

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    Thank God I started following your blog! These photos are AMAZING! It’s lovely to see different locations in blogs. And you look stunning :)

    With love,

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    Adorable post! Every photo looks like postcard itself! Paris is one & only!

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    My god those photos are so beautiful, I absolutely love your blog! :)

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    what camera do you use?

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    I love all your Paris pictures. I like your blog more than other fashion bloggers as they go overboard with makeup and fake lashes etc. Your more down to earth and naturally beautiful