Mexico Video Diary

I don’t even know where to begin. Maybe it is because of the time passed that it has taken me to finally upload this video but watching this back is bringing a flood of amazing memories and nostalgic emotions. My only other video that has made me feel like this is my Europe Video Diary from last years summer travels that results in Zanita and I sobbing uncontrollably and very, very unattractively.

Still snapshots of photos are great for a vague insight, but video helps where my vocabulary simply cannot. Even though majority of this footage either has strands of my hair in the way, sea salt on the lens or just really shakey (and then youtube downgrading the quality by a bazillion) it transports me back the way no photo could. Remembering the boat bouncing on the crashing waves at Lover’s Beach in Cabo, the echo when clapping at Chichen Itza,Β swimming with catfish at Ik Kil cenote and seeing how deep I could dive at Gran Cenote (which turns out is not very).

I started doing videos on my blog as I realised I had accumulated a collection of few seconds snaps, mainly sunsets and seemingly pointless shots of my feet walking through several countries. I shoot these clips as reminders to myself, even just for a moment it brings back more than any Instagram could.

But it seems others might also enjoy them as much as I enjoy filming them. I have a new personal dream for Tuula that I hope to make reality in the near future. Not just blogging outfit posts and travel photo diaries, but starting a video channel. Each video would be from a location around the world with as much travel advice as possible. From where to go, how to get there, where to stay, what to pack, where to shop, where to eat, what to see, introduce you to the people and the culture… Would you be interested in this? Unfortunately I am still a one woman team and this is just a pipeline dream, but one that I really hope to find a way to bring to life.

Video by me
Song “Games” by Claire (Talul Remix)

  • Kim

    Love the video! I am going to Mexico in December! Your dream sounds amazing!!!! xxx

  • This post makes me want to go to Mexico straight away!

    Mafalda ❀

  • Kira

    I love your video travel diaries!! Please go on with your video channel, would be great to discover some new locations through your videos! Which camera did you use for filming?
    Greetings from Munich!

  • InΓͺs

    Yes, a video channel would be a terrific idea! It would be a great plus for the blog

  • The video is amazing. I hope you’ll start a video channel soon πŸ˜€

    xx Mira

  • Do the video channel it would be amazing x

  • i so love your video diaries! you inspired me to make my own travel video diaries! πŸ™‚ xx

  • Eva
  • Luba

    Great summery vibe !!

    XX Luba

    Pairing today comfy shorts with elegant striped
    blazer, awesome shoes and vintage bag

  • Sydney Corporate

    A video channel would be amazing!!!! This video is incredible…I have a sudden urge to just pack up shop and book a ticket outta here!!

  • Molly Pavlovich

    Your dream sounds incredible, 110% supportive of that idea my girl! Woo hoo, this video is celestial just like you! He he πŸ™‚ Next trip? Mehiko!!! X

  • Ninette Assentoft

    I love this so much! Cannot believe what your videos are doing to me. My heart is beating faster, and I just wanna grab a bag, leave for the airport and enjoy our beautiful world like you for the rest of my life.
    I wish you a lot of luck with your dream. Hope it comes true – would be so amazing for both you and everyone else <3
    Kisses from Copenhagen

  • natalie

    so many amazing bloggers!

    looks so beautiful and fun


  • lena

    it really looks like paradise!

  • Emily K.g

    Your video diaries are always amazing. This one in particular – they fill me with extreme wanderlust and make me want to jump on a plane to absolutely anywhere. I’ve already added these cities to my bucket list & I absolutely cannot wait for more videos! The European one also gives me the same feelings.

  • Pilvi L

    That video was so amazing, what a paradise! The video channel sounds like a perfect idea πŸ™‚

  • Hayley Copland

    I love the video diaries so much! They always inspire me and I’m going to try and record things to make a video diary of my europe trip in january! What do you film with? xx

  • Raquel C.

    Your Videos are so amazing.. paradise to me ! πŸ™‚

  • Amanda

    It’d be amazing for you to start your own video channel on traveling! So, insightful it would be. Why don’t you start with posting picture like blog post about travel advice?

  • el armario de la nena

    Love this kind of video, specially the ones underwater!

  • stylishlyinlove

    Another one added to my bucket list. Thanks for sharing these beautiful places with us. You are soooo blessed to have been there.

    Hope you had a great weekend.

  • Valerie

    Your travel tv channel is such a great idea! Looking forward to seeing you realising your dreams


  • Lucy

    Wow what an amazing video! you should definitely do a travel channel I think that would be great! xx

  • ElizabethGray

    You should do that! it sounds amazing πŸ™‚ I know I’d watch it!

  • jane

    Totally in love with the first picture. This place looks like a dream <3

  • Rosa

    Woaw that place is amazing.

    Discover some of the most visited cities in the world with our guides, visit us

  • Dani

    that is an excellent idea!! really hope you’ll make it happen πŸ˜€ xx

  • Yay! Yet another ah-mazing video! I know you were worried about music choice but I think the video came together quite magically! What camera did you use for the underwater shots? They’re soooo clear. And as far as pipeline dreams go, I love your idea of a video channel. I live in America but you know … If you ever were in need of a ‘virtual assistant’ to help with the channel, I’d be down. Just sayin πŸ™‚

  • Meelena L

    it all looks amazing!!


  • Eni

    This video is amazing! You’ve been to so many beautiful places!

  • Dean Corno

    Awesome video. I would be so excited if you started doing more travel videos of different locations! I always look forward to your recommendations.

  • Andrea Encalada

    Amazing video. You’re awesome! Love it!


  • You always make the awesomest video! Love your work.


  • peonies and american honey

    Tuula I would love to watch your video diaries!


    Peonies and American Honey

  • The Dreslyn

    WOW! That looks like such an amazing trip!

    x Haleigh
    The Dreslyn

  • Guia

    Starting a video channel would be great, as long as you still keep this blog going! πŸ˜€

  • Rebecca


  • Alter Ego

    Amazing views, amazing video, amazing Tuula!
    Visit our blog!

  • Laura

    I love your videos, they inspire mine so much. Your Europe video is absolutely my all time favourite.

    Hope your video channel dream becomes true, I’m your first fan already!


  • Andrea

    I would love to know the camera you used! I would like to get the same one!

  • Cristina Monti

    Incredible video, this just makes me want to buy a ticket and runaway to Mexico!
    Check out:
    Instagram: @cristinamonti
    Tweet me: @thebohoflow

    With Love,

  • Kady

    yeah, it would be really interesting when you could do this.

  • LauraLily2

    Absolutely amazing Jessica. Yes, please do videos!!!

  • Amazing, amazing video! xo, Christina

  • sagit

    Amazing video!!! Iwish I could edit videos like this too !!




    My Facebook fan page::


    My blog- The Fashion Saga::


    Xoxo, Saga β™₯

  • Daniella

    That sounds like a great idea!!

    But I still hope you will create videos like this and your other travel ones because I find them so inspiring and beautiful

  • I love love loved this video! I can only imagine what it brings up for you! It looks like you had such a magical trip. I always adore your travel videos – so I think your idea is a wonderful one! I would definitely love more of your videos as they are always so amazing to watch. Have you ever thought about posting playlists of your favourite songs? You have the best taste in music I’ve noticed! Would love to know more of your favourite songs! Keep up the fabulous work. Xx

    K a t e C r o s s | Modette

  • Tory

    Amazing video and an even more amazing idea! For years it has been feasible for TV programs like Getaway to run and evidently be successful. With a changing market, the internet and online videos are continually becoming more popular and there is no videos currently online like the one you are suggesting, making this a huge gap in the market. I could not think of anyone better or more suited to create such a channel then yourself. It would honestly be amazing and I look forward to watching them in the future!


  • Lucky girl, you look awesome! //

  • Kathy

    Whoa what a great video!! Definitely creates the feeling – I’m travelling Mexico in November, planning on going to most of these places so I am unbelievably excited!! This video is super aspirational πŸ˜€ A video channel is such a great idea – esp. with focusing on info about each local area in a fun way – I’ve already got heaps of ideas from you for Mexico πŸ˜‰ Look forward to it. x

  • Brooke

    Incredible video Jess! Your dream for Tuula is what I’ve been wanting to do for some time now. Currently finding it difficult to get my own blog off the ground but will persevere! This video took me right to the heart of Mexico, without leaving my desk – can’t wait to get amongst it just like you did X []

  • Pilisstyle

    it looks so exciting!

  • Corinna

    I think that’s an amazing idea! I’ve always wanted to watch something like that because I’m a big wanderer at heart, but every time I turn to the Travel Channel they’re always showing something about food rather than guides of cities (they should actually be called the Food Channel).

  • Oliver Lips

    This video is really great! It gives a good insight on how beautiful Mexico is!
    Would love to see more videos as you are traveling frequently.

  • BlushandBeige

    Such an amazing video! The colours are so vibrant and the environment looks so lush. Beautiful outfits as well. x

  • steph

    please do make a video channel it would be amazing to see and hear what you have to say about all the countries and cities you visit !!

  • Raindrops of Sapphire

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! That video was amazing, watching it is like being there. You look amazing in a bikini too!

    Check out my new purchases!

  • Anca

    This video is amazing!

  • Karolina

    Amazing video, enjoyed every single moment! Mexico is magical!

    xx Karolina

  • Amazing photographs!

  • Nicolle Hazard

    I have a question, what camera do you use to shoot these videos? And what waterproof gear do you use to protect it? Congrats on the video! Having been to Mexico myself, I can say you managed to pack it’s beautiful sights perfectly!

  • Beautiful video! I love the fact that people are more frequently using videos.
    It gives us the opportunity to experience your magical trips!
    Hope you will using it more often.

  • StyleGodis

    This is beautiful! Really makes me want to go to Mexico! The video is amazing and very inspirational!


  • Julia

    I was hoping you would consider doing travel videos or posts on what to do, what to wear, where to stay, etc. I recently traveled to Paris, before I left I read each of your posts on Paris and I planned my trip based on the places you mentioned You always seem to find the most magical spots. I would worship these posts! Keep being wonderful! Love from America!

  • Alicja, greetings from Poland!

    great video, it makes me go to Mexico!! and the snapshots in the water are just amazing, I can’t hardly wait to see your video blog!!

  • Soul Fishing
  • Fatima Payan

    i <3 MEXICO

  • Gemma

    What an inspiring video, Mexico looks beautiful! πŸ™‚

  • Kathleen Harper

    Wow absolutely stunning! So jealous πŸ™‚ Looks like a fabulous time!

  • Alicia

    Love the video! Mexico is looking incredible compared to Sydney!

  • Oksana Radionova

    Jess! I cannot even begin describing how much I love your videos and following all of your travels! Did I tell you you’ve inspired me to compile my own Europe Video Diary?!

    I hope we can finally meet when you’re back in EU in August or perhaps in the States in September! XOXO

  • Anastasia

    I would really like you to start this sort of a video channel! I think it’ll be awesome! And I’m sure you’ll be able to find people to work with easily πŸ™‚

    Hugs from Russia (which you should visit asap, Jessica! :p)

  • Dejay

    That’s an amazing idea — starting a video channel about traveling You’ve become one of the inspirations into starting my own travel ambitions. I’m heading into my last semester in september, and I’ve definitely caught the traveling bug. I would love reading/watching your advice as your photos are more genuine and real than other travel sites. Cheers!

  • mponcic

    Great video!! I just watch it and made my next trip will be to Mexico :)))) i ve got to see this Ik Kil Cenote place :)) thank u !

  • Huyen

    this video is breathtaking, I would love to see your dream of making a parallel video sphere for your blog, I’d love to watch those!


  • Bethany

    Would definitely love to see more travel videos!

  • Angelica Lainis

    Loved the video! I think the idea is wonderful and will be truly lovely x

  • loved the video!! so beautiful


  • Adorate M

    Aaaahhh! I adore your video diaries. They always inspire me and make me itch to go travelling. Thank you for always sharing Jessica! xxx

  • Elisa

    Jessica I think this is the most amazing idea ever! I just love watching your videos over and over because they show me much more than a photo. I’d really like to know what type of camera you use for recording under the water coz I’d like to make a video of my next week trip and want to buy a camera for it, please!
    Really love your blog, xxxx

  • Jess

    Hi Jess, I am a huge fan of your blog – it always brightens up my mornings πŸ™‚ I think your dream is amazing and I wish you all the best with it. I definitely think given your fan following you will be able to get the best tips for each city you choose to visit. keep up the great work and if you ever come to NYC and need the latest places I would love to help as a fellow Aussie girl taking a bite out of the big apple!

  • I would love for you to fulfill your dream. you exude such a contagious energy, and I know you’d be a success making travel videos.

    World famous. Even more so than now.


  • Sasha Jane Shanks

    Love your passion for travel – it helps everyone else live vicariously through your experiences! Travel channel sounds fantastic πŸ™‚

  • Rafael Messias

    I’m blown away by the video, Mexico is such a beautiful place! And I’m very excited over the video channel idea.. that’s something that no one else is doing right now and I’m sure it would be a huge thing. Personally, I’d access it all the time. I’m a huge fan, keep up the good work. x

  • Eva Marie Close

    Please do a video channel! I look at the way you travel and it seems to be geared to take in the most of everything and have an incredible time- and I would love advice on how you do this as such a seasoned traveller.

    I didn’t even watch that video with sound (I’m at work huddled behind a desk) and yet it was so beautiful!

    x eva

  • LOVE how you take us everywhere you went, even under water! This looked like the most heavenly trip.. So very enticing when Sydney is so dreary today! Perfect choice of music too πŸ™‚ x

  • Pilar

    I love what you do, your pictures, the way you enjoy life but I’m especially grateful to you this time, I’m from MΓ©xico and I feel extremely happy that one of the people I admire the most saw my country and is showing it to people the way it is.. with it’s amazing places and nature, glimpses of the delicious food and energy of the mexican people! Thank you so much Jessica for everything you do! I really hope you read this and know that your energy and way of living life inspires other people!

  • kris

    amazing video! maxico wasnt my dream destinatin, never…but now it is!!! love it!


  • Jess, this is so utterly wonderful! I felt like I just had a little mini trip to Mexico. Thank you so much for sharing and reminding me how wonderful this country is.

    Briony xx

  • me

    amazing idea!

  • happyturtle77

    Go for the video channel!

  • Lisandra Matos

    can’t wait for you new project!

  • Jennie

    some beautiful moments captured here!! a travel video channel is a wonderful idea, I’m sure lots of your readers would love this! it’s not just a pipeline dream, start simple and I’m sure you can do it !!!

  • Rafa

    Amazing video. You should upload it in vimeo if you dont want the quality to be downgraded

  • Nadine et Nicole

    Wow this is a wonderful and amazing video from Mexico! It is very inspiring, thank you for that great video.

  • Natalie

    oh my GOD, such a beautiful place

  • Gaia

    I can’t watch the video in my country (Italy) :(!!!

  • Mads111

    Is there a way I can view this video? I’m from Australia but apparently the video is not available in my country. Any suggestions?

  • RLB

    does anyone know how I can view this video? it says not available in my country (AUS) I am desperate to see it and show it to my friends!!

  • Teri

    Love the blog! Trying to plan a trip to Ik Kil but wondering where you stayed (Tulum? Cancun? which resort). Any info would be helpful! Thanks πŸ™‚

  • DΓ©pΓͺches Mode

    This is a paradise !


  • Nina

    Jess, please notice the comment! This video for some reason won’t work anymore! Is there any way you could fix it? Thank you xx

  • Cachemire

    Amazing video, I would like to be there !