Wearing: Asos dress and sandals.

Navagio Beach, otherwise known as Shipwreck Beach on the coast of Zakynthos. Sheer cliffs outlining the blue Mediterranean seas and white sands of this paradise cove that is the alleged smuggler ship ‘Panagiotis’ final resting place. Unfortunately bad weather around the island meant we couldn’t go down to swim at ‘Smugglers Bay’ and see the shipwreck up close, which is only accessible by boat. But I honestly didn’t mind as soaring above the cliff in my overwhelmed state was enough for me.

I feel like I say it often here, and in real life but there are truly some places that I cannot put in to words. I feel like I have stood on the cliff edge overlooking this beach many times before, but it was just from overpowering wanderlust for this specific place that I was slowly considering the dream real life. It finally did happen in real life on a significant day to me, a very personal milestone that meant I was standing here literally in shock realising how much I have seen, how far I have come to get here.

A beautiful local woman (whom was the receptionist at our hotel who went completely out of her way to help us) drove us around the island to ensure we saw as much as we could for the one full day we were there. To my complete shock she told me how she had never been to the Blue Caves or Shipwreck Beach. Not only was I experiencing it for the first time but I also got to share it with her, someone who has lived on the island for years. Isn’t it funny when people travel across the world to see what we have in our own backyards…

Photos by myself and Walt Loveridge