Wearing: Asos dress and sandals.

Navagio Beach, otherwise known as Shipwreck Beach on the coast of Zakynthos. Sheer cliffs outlining the blue Mediterranean seas and white sands of this paradise cove that is the alleged smuggler ship ‘Panagiotis’ final resting place. Unfortunately bad weather around the island meant we couldn’t go down to swim at ‘Smugglers Bay’ and see the shipwreck up close, which is only accessible by boat. But I honestly didn’t mind as soaring above the cliff in my overwhelmed state was enough for me.

I feel like I say it often here, and in real life but there are truly some places that I cannot put in to words. I feel like I have stood on the cliff edge overlooking this beach many times before, but it was just from overpowering wanderlust for this specific place that I was slowly considering the dream real life. It finally did happen in real life on a significant day to me, a very personal milestone that meant I was standing here literally in shock realising how much I have seen, how far I have come to get here.

A beautiful local woman (whom was the receptionist at our hotel who went completely out of her way to help us) drove us around the island to ensure we saw as much as we could for the one full day we were there. To my complete shock she told me how she had never been to the Blue Caves or Shipwreck Beach. Not only was I experiencing it for the first time but I also got to share it with her, someone who has lived on the island for years. Isn’t it funny when people travel across the world to see what we have in our own backyards…

Photos by myself and Walt Loveridge

  • Sasha Jane Shanks

    Amazing outlook, so jealous x

  • Ahka Vintage

    Sometimes it’s those precious moments when you realise how far you have come that spur you on to face whatever lies ahead. I love that this post is about that – not about the clothes or necessarily the place – but the moment when we wish we could capture on film not just images, but the feelings and emotions that came with it. Love this so much.


  • Jenelle Witty

    You really never know what you are going to come up against, so learning to appreciate the good times, is a great lesson to learn. Congratulations. xx

  • Emily Hall

    Stunning photos, it’s so lovely to hear how much you treasure these moments when others would take it for granted. It’s also so beautiful how you got to see Shipwreck beach for the first time with your receptionist! I will definitely try to go here someday.

  • Antony

    For young people from Serbia trip to Zakynthos during summer is one of the chepaest and most fun destination. I’ve been there two years ago and steel cant believe how beautifull it is. Then I made promise to myself that one day i will come back there. Wish you all the best! Greetings

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    oh my, so amazing :O <3

    xo, Hanna

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    What a beautiful place!

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    the place looks incredible! I hope I´ll get to Zakynthos once! and you are stunning in these phots!:)

    xx Vanes

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    oh my, another pictures from paradise !

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    OMG! I love your blog more than before with these beautiful pictures of my country!!! Ευχαριστώ!!! Thank you that is!

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    stunning photos!


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    oh wow! this place is stunning!

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    Ok, another bucket list place to go. :) These pictures are breathe taking. Tuula I love the way you are enjoying life to it’s fullest. God bless!

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post ‘Kate Spade and Leopard’. I think you would love it.


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    Love your blue dress!!! So simple and beautiful!


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    So blue!so beautiful !so amazing!
    Like your dress!
    Thank you for these wonderful pics!

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    Stunning photos!

    My Fantabulous World

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    Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing this stunning place!

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    ohhhhh these are truly incredible pics! xo, Alma

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    You should be ashamed of yourself parading like that when people are working! You look lovely dear.

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    Love these photos!

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    I would love to know how you got this effect with your photographs! Was it through using a fish eye lens?
    Lots of love
    Kate xo

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    It’s incredible your dress looks like the ocean!

    Keep up with your blog, I love it! You’re doing an amazing job!

    Carly’s Closet

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    Wow. I am am so excited! What kind of lens realised such amazing pictures. I fall in love!!!

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    The blue of the sea is so unbelievable!! It looks absolutely stunning.

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    Wonderful pictures!

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    so dreamy love that place!!! and the pictures are amazing! i just want to be there right now! :)
    amazing post darling!

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    Stunning pictures!!! I can’t even being to imagine how beautiful it must all be actually there in person!!

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    Beautiful pics!!!!

    Kiss from Spain!!!

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    these pictures are AMAZING!



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    Whoa! Amazing pictures! Love how the horizon is rounded!


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    The pictures are breathtaking!!

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    Wow! AMAZINGLY AWESOME pics, so many shades of blue! love it! perfect location, perfect outfit!


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    These photos are breathtakingly beautiful.. Hope to visit soon!

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    wow what a gorgeous place! the second picture is perfection <3

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    omg what a perfect beach! x

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    Wow what an amazing place xx

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    Absolutely stunning photos and such a cute dress! Loving all your recent asos purchases. :)

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    I always look forward to cracking open my laptop and seeing a new post from Tuula! I can always rest assured that there will be endless photos of exquisite shades of blue <3

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    I really love how you have been wearing a lot of asos lately rather then the typical (too expensive) fashion blogger items you see everywhere x

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    WOW! This place is amazing! The pictures are gorgeous! I can imagine how happy and delighted you were there.

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    That first photo is just stunning! wow is all I can say love how the fish eye makes it look like the center of the world!



  • Eve

    Your blog always makes me happy. The vibe and free spirit — thanks for sharing your adventures :)

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    Bad weather! What bad weather? The sky and sea are such an intense blue it also seems that you color coordinated your outfit to match them!

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    pretty dress

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    This has to be the prettiest place on Earth

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    Wow.. not even words can describe how amazing this pictures are! Congratulations on everything you have achieved.. you’re a great example of perseverance and the way we all should enjoy life!! So excited for your mexican video diary…

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    WOW…this dress and that ocean! perfect match!

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    This is so romantic! Sometimes neither pictures or words can do the feel of a place justice, but the enthusiasm with which someone speaks about it is enough to make you wish that you could one day visit too.
    x eva

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    Amazing pictures, that must have been amazing! Now I really want to go there! <3 you're very lucky :)

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    How do you have so many photographer friends all over the world? Did you know them before starting your blog or met them through the industry?

    I’m envious of your connections! :)

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    Åh, herregud vad jag saknar Grekland<3

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    i am going to greece in about two days. So excited :)

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