Wearing: Asos mesh dress, ankle boots and leather clutch, Boticca double line-rose ring, Jennifer Zeuner necklace, Mesh rings.

Sometimes when I shop online I will find one piece that arrives is somewhat questionable… being slightly different, fit or colour wise or weirdly textured compared to what I thought I saw online. This dress is exactly that. When I first took it out of the packet I couldn’t figure which item from my order list was some kind of shrunken elasticised fish net stocking. I laughed for a moment thinking I would need to return this straight away. As I clambered in to the dress to give it a chance it stretched and formed around my body, it evolved from a fisherman’s net or a bag for oranges in to exactly the dress I had ordered.

Zanita and I both found it hilarious and as she snapped this BTS shot of me trying to get it on. Once it is on after finally figuring it all out, I adore the dress. The mesh texture feels strangely amazing and gives an illusion I’m wearing more than the reality that is a bodycon boobtube. Matched with this white leather weaved clutched, ankle booties and double line rose gold ring that all arrived  with perfect ordered online expectations.

Photos by Zanita Morgan