Gran Cenote

Jotted all along the Riviera Maya are cenotes but this one has easy access by car and a hut set up for renting snorkelling and scuba gear. My brother and I visited to cool down after exploring Tulum. From the outside it looks like a lusciously overgrown fern gully pond for tadpoles, but as you get closer you can see just how clear and blue the water is and thriving with fish and turtles.

Swimming through the caves was as surreal as my first cenote Ik Kil, but due to completely different reasons. At Ik Kil it was the ambience while looking upwards from in the water to the gaping sides of the earth towards the sky with the waterfalls, birds and bats. There were still bats zooming around the tunnels of these caves but the true beauty lives under the water. Swimming in the crystal clear cold and disappearing depths amongst stalactites was something I never imagined doing. To be honest it was petrifying, in an extremely welcomed way. There is no possible way for my photos to give this cenote justice, without an underwater housing. So I will have to rely on google image to explain for now….