Blue Caves

Wearing: Marianna G swimwear

To be completely honest I didn’t know much, or anything about the Blue Caves before I landed on Zakynthos. I foolishly overlooked all signs pointing to their beauty as one of the top tourist locations on the island in favour of Navagio Beach.

On the morning of the shoot with Marianna G swimwear we were told the weather was too bad to visit the beach at Navagio, despite being on crystal clear and flat waters of the port. Somehow we found a captain with a boat willing to try and take us there. Not even half way the wind picked up and waves were suddenly enormous, and as we clung to the bouncing boat while we turned around I imagined being those ‘stupid tourists’ who capsized on a far too crazy expedition.

Heading back we were able to make the most of our experience with the serene and completely empty Blue Caves system. Our captain must have really liked us as he was urging me to leave the boat, climbing on to and through the caves and on to the cliff face. There isn’t much more of a surreal situation when the boat then left the cave, leaving me behind perched on the freezing cold and rough suspended rock pylons above the glowing blue’s in the water beneath and knowing I was one of the very few to sit here. This day will forever be unexplainably postcard perfect in my memory banks.

Photos by myself and Walt Loveridge