Wearing: Isabel Marant top (similar here), Nobody jeans, Jennifer Zeuner necklace, Jacquie Aiche finger bracelet, festival flower crown.

I’ve been trying to catch up on my blog recently and stay in chronological order, but I wanted to skip ahead and share these photos from last weekend in Germany. My bestie Zanita came to visit me in Berlin for the weekend, with plans to visit the BRN street festival in Dresden. At the last minute we ended up hiring a car for the weekend and making a road trip out of it, stopping in at random castles and German pubs for beer and schnitzel on the way. For some stupid reason I left my camera at home, but Z was snap happy enough to capture these.

The BRN festival was unlike anything I’ve been to before, with 3 days of nearly constant live music on each corner, street festivities and endless food and market stalls. It was humbling to see Dresden’s sense of community, with young children being as involved as the young adults. On the Sunday morning everyone brought out any household table they could find, and lined them down the entire street to share their breakfast with their neighbours and friends.

On the Sunday morning before heading home to Berlin I checked my twitter, and a reader suggested I visit Bastei in Saxony Germany. After I googled this place I had never heard of I was on a sudden mission to figure out how we could possibly get there. Thankfully my (German) partner filled me in that it was only 30 minutes drive and we could spend the afternoon there. Success!

Not having any expectations (apart from the sneaky google image) we spent too short of a time exploring the paths and views of Bastei. It was refreshing to get out of the cities and in to the trees, making me realise how much more of Europe I should be exploring while I’m here and it is all so close. Now we’re planning to hire a car again next weekend and explore in a different direction…

Photos by Zanita Morgan