Athens Photo Diary


Wearing: 1/ Asos shorts, Supermuse top (similar on Asos here), Alexander Wang handbag, Asos sandalsMichael Kors watchJacquie Aiche finger bracelet,Rebecca Minkoff rings.  2/ Asos topSupermuse skirt (similar here), Isabel Marant sandalsReece Hudson clutch,  Jennifer Zeuner necklaceRebecca Minkoff ringsJacquie Aiche finger bracelet and ring.

I have visited Athens previously but all for only 1-2 day stopovers on the way to the Greek Isles. Unfortunately I didn’t get much more time in Athens again but it somehow felt much longer, seeing and getting to know the people more. I was in Athens for the Marianna G swimwear show, getting to spend time with the beautiful Marianna herself. I had a sneak peek of the classic and classy cut out one pieces from backstage before the show, selecting a few to take with me to Zakynthos for our collaboration.

After the show Chiara and I wandered Athens in the afternoon heat for hours until the sun set from atop the Acropolis, trying to soak in as much as possible. We saw Ethnikos Kipos (National Gardens), Parliament, the main shopping district with the quaint Church of Panaghia Kapnikarea nestled between the high street stores. Towards the Flea Market but didn’t have time, so up through the historical neighbourhood of Plaka up to the Acropolis.

Last year while I was chatting with a young 30 something old local he explained how the financial crisis had affected him, basically being fired from his not well paying job only to then be able to compete for the exact same job (along with dozens of others suddenly unemployed), but for less than a quarter of the pay.

Despite still battling financial troubles it was amazing to see that over the last few years I have briefly visited, it does not seem to have broken their resilience, love for their country and seeing others enjoy it too. I hope more people can aim to visit and support Greece tourism much more, and know it is not all about drinking on the Greek Islands but to experience the hospitality, incredible sunsets and of course… the food.

Photos by myself and Walt Loveridge

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    I’ve always dreamed of going to Greece. Maybe one day!

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    lovely pictures as always! I love how you write abt the financial crisis over there and how the people handle it. I would love to go to Greece to support their tourism =)

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    Lucky you! It must have been a wonderful trip/encounter. Love the sporty chic outfit (sport tee and sandals).

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    Incredible pictures! I went to Athens a few years ago and completely fell in love with the city.

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    Wow, those are some amazing pictures! I am sure that you can find history in nearly every corner of Athens…
    The story is very well written, the financial crisis is of course bad, but after all it’s their own fault!

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    Gorgeous pictures! Makes me want to go to Greece even more!!

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    I am so glad that you are able to showcase the beauty that we have here in Greece and more specifically Athens, although Greece is known for its islands Athens is a beautiful lively city where modernity and tradition mix for everyone to enjoy! I’m happy you had a great time here and am grateful for your lovely post in supporting Greek tourism!
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    I love the pictures of the graffiti tunnels and the fruit stand! THe super muse top is so cute! :) THanks for sharing the photo diary. I am now dreaming of Athens. :)

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    These are absolutely gorgeous. Being half Greek, I have visited many of the little islands and it’s amazing how any financial crisis traces are visually gone, since people show such hospitality towards you it’s amazing how you simply forget everything. I hope to visit the mainland soon! You look like you had a lovely time. X

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    You are very talented and I love your blog. The pictures are amazing but made me homesick as I am Greek and Athens is my hometown. As you can imagine I live abroad (UK) and I am looking forward to go back for holidays. This year I will also go to the amazing island of Santorini that you visited last summer.

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    I’ve been going to Greece since a very long time and most of my greek friends live in Athens… Yes I love the greek islands but for me Athens is also a must see and I will never get tired of it, thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures :)

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    So cool that you supporting greece when its going through a hard time, does not take away from the beauty of the place! Simply amazing gal, hope you had a blast x

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    you portray my town so beautiful. I am proud to be Athenian and I’m so glad that you had a great time. I see that you visited Cine Thiseion, one of my favorite Athenian spots. I am emotionally connected to this place. I hope to see you the next time you’ll come visit Athens.