3 Rue de Castiglione, 75001 Paris, France

Wearing: Asos top, J Brand jeans, Sophia Webster heels, Proenza Schouler handbag, Jennifer Zeuner necklace, Jacquie Aiche finger bracelet, Rebecca Minkoff rings.

As I previously mentioned I took bare minimum luggage when I visited Paris last week. I thought I was doing myself a favour and even ‘high fived’ myself after the quick 2 outfit pack… only to immediately regret when arriving in Paris and realising how much I would actually be doing. I threw in this top and jeans as pure backups, and not with wearing them together in mind. For some reason I thought my carry on would turn Mary Poppins style on me and magically conjure all of my wardrobe options from back home. I wore this casual outfit for a relaxed tour around the Louis Vuitton family home before the Parisian heat set in.

Photos by Zanita Morgan

  • pipa

    So beautiful<3

  • MartaBarcelonaStyle

    wow!! those high heels are awesome!!!


    (Black & White Bomber outfit)

  • Anna Black

    I always over pack even when I try and take only the bare minimum!



  • Natali

    Great jeans and bag!


  • Pilisstyle

    the shoes are amazing!


  • Dosta Radnjanska

    I adore the shoes

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  • Great way of dressing up jeans!!


    love your casual look!the sandals are sooo great!!!kisses dear!


  • Casual and effortlessly chic – always makes for a great outfit! Love the location, too!

    xx Nicole

  • Bri

    Perfect simply look. Those heels are beautiful!



  • Em K G

    Perfect chill outfit – maybe I should invest in a top like that? x


  • stylishlyinlove

    What a wonderful place to be. I’m to NYC today. If you get a sec, check out my latest post ‘Cotton Candy’. Thanks



  • sagit

    Love this look!
    The jeans goes so beautiful with those shoes ♥




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    Xoxo, Saga ♥

  • Elisa Taviti
  • Those shoes are gorgeous!

    Keep up with your blog, I love it! You’re doing an amazing job!


    Carly’s Closet

  • emerja

    Love the top and the contrast it and the shoes make with the casual jeans. Nice and chic!


  • extremely fabulous top !!! 🙂


  • Broken Cookies

    in love with your shoes!

    xx, Sabinna and David

    Broken Cookies

  • even with the simpliest clothes you manage to look superb!
    i love that about you!

  • Luba

    YOu look beyond gorgeous ! love the heels !

    XX Luba 

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  • Caroline

    Love your shoes!
    You look like Heidi Klums beautiful little sister 😉

  • Soulofashopper

    wonderful look! still loving those sandals! xo, Alma


  • Love this classy look! Those Sophia Webster heels are amazing!!

    XOXO Lillian Chaton

  • lyndesloovere

    love this casual chic look ! and damn, that bag, I keep falling in love with it !! xx


  • Andini Ria

    Love your jeans, great look!


  • Kelsey Wilburn

    gorgeous! you wear jeans like a jean model

    kw ladies in navy

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  • valentine
  • Mia#@Razzle Dazzle Rose
  • The Fashion Panda

    You look great like that, just a casual nice outfit! The shoes are so beautiful!!


  • Jessica G.

    Great look!


  • Charlotte

    Amazing outfit!! I love it! It’s super simple yet so chic! <3


  • Completely off subject as this is an outfit post (which is def casual chic), but I saw on instagram that you were working on your ‘Mexico’ video … Will you be sharing it soon? I LIVE for your travel videos and can’t wait to see what you put together this go round 🙂

    • jessicastein

      Hi Setarra,

      I’m so happy to hear you enjoy my video diaries so much!! I have attempted to start making it, but unfortunately whenever I have had some time to start editing my iMovie freezes and whole laptop crashes! My laptop is a few years old now and I use it all day every day with large applications so it really makes sense that I need to invest in a new one… but I hadn’t anticipated it in my travel budget! I promise I will get it live ASAP, and it will be worth it. I’m also still figuring out which song will suit it… X

      • Oh no! Nothing like a temperamental laptop to throw off plans haha. Good luck with a getting a new one and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect song. I love your blog and really appreciate you taking the time to respond! xo

  • rhodawong

    such a sexy top! love it!


  • I adore the simpleness of this look in combination with the stunning background!
    And, oh well, I just can’t get over those shoes…


  • theweekendbook

    You wear this beautifully; I would just look like Sandy from Grease in it and so I’ve been admiring (ok a little jealously) how well you pull it off!

  • monkeyshines
  • Katerina

    Such a simple, yet great outfit!! And you kill me everytime you wear those heels. They’re unbelievably gorgeous!


  • Wietske | Framboise Noire

    Love it! Is simple and chic, perfect combination!


  • You make the simplest of outfits look amazing.


  • madeline

    You are beautiful and your blog is full of beautiful pictures of these outfits and locations. But with all do respect, because I don’t think that this is your intention, your writing is beginning to sound pretentious and inauthentic. I’ve been reading for a while, and as I go on, I can’t help but notice how repetitive- telling us that you’re ‘only at home while travelling’ (we would all love to travel), reminding us that you barely packed anything and just ‘threw these things together’ over and over again- that is not the way the pictures are taken, there is an obvious effort as you are taking the time to document your clothing. It is a fashion blog, about you and your pictures, and it would feel more honest if you presented it as such. You also take beautiful pictures of places around the world, but your writing is always about you- which of course, there is no reason it shouldn’t be! It would just feel more genuine if you didn’t disguise it.

    This isn’t meant to be rude, but the nonchalant and seemingly disingenuous, just a “casual outfit for a relaxed tour around the Louis Vuitton family home in Paris” threw me over the edge.

    • jessicastein

      Hi Madeline,

      Thank you very much for such honest feedback. I sincerely appreciate hearing how my readers interpret in different ways than I was intending. I wrote recently that I feel I have begun to repeat myself… and I promise that I do not do it intentionally. Opening this post I also mentioned that I had previously mentioned it! Now I feel I am going in circles. In absolutely no way do I intend to come across as pretentious or ‘inauthentic’. This is quite an insult while I am trying to extremely hard to manage myself as a full time blogger after years of it being a hobby/working for free, while making sure I am constantly doing everything involved for the right reasons, for reasons I started this whole blog about.

      Very recently I have had dozens of comments (eg on Instagram) about wearing the same thing, like this top, jeans and my goodness especially these “same old” shoes. I feel I have to keep reiterating the fact that yes, I DO live out of a suitcase 80% of the year. Yes I have put myself in this position. But even if I didn’t choose this lifestyle and to travel so lightly, I would still be wearing these pieces again and again. I did not get dressed this morning with an outfit post in mind, quite the opposite actually. I threw on all that was left and was surprised they plainly went well together, and later in the day reminded myself that I am trying to blog more often and what I am honestly wearing day to day. Z also helps that she usually shoots my photos within 2 minutes while I’m waiting or standing around.

      This blog is my PERSONAL diary. Being that every outfit I wear, show I see, or more appropriately place I go to is MY experience with it. I will always write about how it made me felt, even if it means repeating every now and then because sometimes we honestly just lose the appropriate yet always new and exciting vocabulary after a few hundred posts. Truth is, like everyone I have the lowest of lows and the highest of highs. The highs are what get blogged- and I’m not trying to disguise that what you read or read in to, is all there is.

      In regard to the comment about Louis Vuittion- Haha yes reading back I can see what you mean. I wrote it as an introduction to my upcoming post about the actual lunch and tour we had there. I was also going to explain how they have open days- and it is actually quite a normal thing to be able to go visit the home yourself if in fact interested. The tour was no exclusive event but genuinely casual, either sitting on the couch in the house or maneuvering between machines in the factory.

      The moment I am toting a handbag that I could buy a house with, please dropkick some sense in to me. Until then I don’t feel I have become insensitive or ingrateful, quite the opposite being in shock that my hobby has turned in to a blessed job after hard work that I promise myself not to take too seriously. If anyone wishes to find out for themselves without reading in to what is displayed online, please feel free to have email or have tea with me!


      • Cleo Lauwers

        Hello Jesicca,
        I personally think that Madeline was kind of rude. The thing is, you’re such a lovely blogger. I just started reading this blog, and I think you kept me busy for 2 days. I litterly read everything you wrote trew your years as a blogger. And I must say, it surprised me that there are also this kind of blogs on the internet. Most bloggers are constantly buying new things and stuff, what’s nice to see… But it’s not how a regular person lives het live. I love you are re-using clothes and still keep it that different. It is just zo inspiring. And honestly, I think you’re a writer. Cause the pieces you are writing are marvellous!! So, keep that in mind.

        And another thing,
        You’re hard work brings profit. Cause all those people who are jealous or not. They should know that, of you want to do the same thing you’re doing, they need to do it by themselfs. Looking like that at others, does not change anything about your life. YOU need to change and do it. Just like Jesicca did it.

        So do not take these kind of comments let you down. I think it is important for you to know that all the things you did, is so worth it. You diserve good comments.

        Good look in the future,

        • Rhiannon Johnson

          I love that you re-wear things! A lot of blogs make you feel hopeless, and that you can only feel stylish if you wear something completely new and different every day, or if brands send you free things. This isn’t the case for most bloggers. As well as being un-realistic, that is a waste of beautiful clothes that will be stuck at the back of a wardrobe after one wear. Seeing you mix your pieces up and have a real love for them is inspiring, and you are one of my favourite bloggers.


  • Lucy

    simple and chic! Love it! xx


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    Very lovely

  • lubica

    Amazing outfit…so simple so feminine…


  • Nathalie

    Love this simple look!

    Great outfit 🙂


  • Alison

    i love your shoes and necklace, perfection.


  • Elena Vasilieva

    so loving these photos of you, absolutely gorgeous


  • brunetteletters

    simple with your special touch-love it!


  • Daniella

    STUNNING LOOK!!! so perfect for france! its so classic and chic! again I am in LOVE with those shoes!!

  • Mary Gui

    your jeans are perfect!


  • carissa

    always keeping it classy.


  • Lubna

    I really like how simple this outfit is.


  • Sophie Matters

    Simple but fashionable! Love it!


  • Emilie

    You make those jeans look so glamorous, yet laidback!

  • beautiful casual look <3




  • Pennywise Poundcake

    Ohhh those shoes! I like the off-the-shoulder look too!


  • Nesrin

    Wow, you look absolutely gorgeous. Your travel photos are just to dream about.


    Style of Purity

  • Sassy Coco

    You look so gorgeous!!

  • Lisa

    I love this post, it’s dreamy and everything else I imagine Paris to be like! Keep writing honestly, it’s lovely to get a peep into your wonderful lifestyle!

  • Karina

    Hi Jessica, I actually think that you are the most genuine, real and least pretentious blogger out there. And this is exactly what you are liked for.

    For others, it is like a crime to wear the same piece of clothing more than once but the truth is how unrealistic that you would have something new every day especially for travelers like you going on long trips constantly.

    I totally believe that you just “threw these together” because with your body a simple tee and jeans would turn out chic and thought through. That’s also called fashion sense that you just put things randomly and it works!

    Don’t change your attitude Jessica, you are fabulous! The only thing I would like to see more from you is your pose, you have the exact same pose in every photo, is it intentional?

    Keep up your good work!


  • Holly Skelton

    Love the outfit! You look so chic and beautiful. Great blog. Holly xx

    http://caramellacouture.blogspot.co.uk/ Holly xx

  • I just cannot get sick of those shoes!!


  • Ananasa

    Truly beautiful blog, besides loving all your outfits, those shoes in the picture are so delicate and original, we absolutely love them!

    Ananasa.com- Home For Handmade

  • Trisha

    I absolutely adore your shoes! You wear them quite often and I can see why!

  • eda filiz

    just such an amazing outfit! love each item!! xx