Lover’s Beach

Wearing: Lover jumpsuit, Gorjana cuffs, Jacquie Aiche rings.

Before I travel anywhere I make sure to do my homework online and asking around for advice. I travelled to Cabo with the rewardStyle team for a few days and asked only one thing… to see Lover’s Beach (Playa del Amor). I was so happy that my request soon turned out to be the highlight of everyone’s trip!

We took a small boat out from Cabo San Lucas and other than google images, had no idea what to expect. Apart from my first time on Mexico’s listerine blue waters, the wildlife took me by complete surprise, with birds swooping while sea lions were getting an easy catch from the back of fishermen’s boats. It was surreal bouncing on the boats bow and seeing the waves crashing between Lover’s and Divorce Beaches.

It reminded me of my helicopter ride over Rio de Janeiro, such an exhilarating rush of experiencing something you never thought you’d be lucky enough to see… all in an adrenaline infused 15 minutes. Our energy was bouncing off each other and I don’t think a soul got off that boat without grinning.