Ik Kil Cenote


Wearing: Asos bikini

These photos will never do justice to what can only be described as the best thing I have ever seen and experienced in my life. I researched Mexico for weeks before I left, and Ik Kil cenote was the inspiration and driving force that led me through some not so great weeks. There was not a person to walk in to this open cavern that didn’t gasp in wonder and amazement. The lush rainforest suddenly gives way to the earth and exposes a little piece of true heaven… with sunlight flooding in and small waterfalls creating rainbows of light between the hanging vines.

We came straight from Chichén Itzá and after hours of walking in the heat this was instantly refreshing in more than one sense. When we arrived there was a modest line of people meekly attempting the multi levelled jumps from the side. My brother worked his way up, jumping several times along each step. When the crowds started rolling in towards the end of the afternoon I nearly literally slapped some sense in to myself as a reminder that it is now or never… resulting in walking straight up to the top platform and jumping in.

Floating on my back and staring up to the rainforest and sky above through waterfall droplets above was something I never thought I would experience in my life. There were birds and bats constantly fluttering around and though it was calm and tranquil, there was an echo keeping us all company. My mind would wander imagining the creature that lived in the 40m depths… and every catfish that touched me as it swam past would make me flinch.

  • rhodawong

    this looks like it’s from a movie! and in love with your bikini top!


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    i think i have never seen something like this ! beautiful !



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    Beautiful pictures!

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    Wow what an awesome and special place!

    xoxo Laurenzia


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    Fantastic shoots!
    Georgous place!

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    Wow, the photos are amazing! xo, Christina


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    This place is absolutely amazing !!

    I guess it looks like heaven 😀

    Love your bikibi ♥♥




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    I love your bikini! and this place looks so magnificent :) It’s honestly hard to believe a place as special as this looks, exists!


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    Absolutely amazing place, is it a natural phenomenon?


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    This looks like lot of fun ! Amazing place!

    XX Luba

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    I too am looking over these shot’s thinking this can’t be real? It seriously looks like the most iydillic, peaceful and beautiful place on the planet!


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    oh my…. what an breathtaking place…you are one lucky girl to have the chance to visit such amazing places! =)


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    Wow, I’d never heard of this place, looks fantastic!

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    Unreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so beautiful

    xoxo Iren

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    This is absolutely amazing, I really hope I get to experience this in my life time xx
    Gorgeous bikini too :)
    Vicki x


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    this location is absolutely insanely beautiful!

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    Oh my, these pics are amazing! That seems just an amzing place. And your bikinis are so pretty. :)

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    This place seems to be amazing!


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    Amazing! Thank you for sharing :)

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    oh my gosh I MUST GO HERE

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    OH wow! How amazing! I need to go here xx

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    So pretty! Paradise!

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    Wow this place is breath-taking, looks like a scene from a film! Your bikini is super cute!


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  • Саша Тернер
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    It looks ridiculously gorgeous!! I now need to make a trip to Mexico just so I can witness this beauty in person!! Nice pics!! And I love your bathing suit 😉


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    This place looks just like heaven!


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    sounds incredible – lovely to have these words to bring the images to life

    p.s. I have been trying to get my hands on this bikini for weeks and now I understand why it is sold out!

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    Wow, what an amazing place!! Even the photos are mesmerizing!


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    It sounds wonderful :) I’d like so much to have the chance to experience that too !!

    It’s really magical :)



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    Wow. It looks so beautiful! x


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    Looks like so much fun!! Love the bikini!


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    OMG Amazing pictures!!!

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    I want to go here so badly! It looks amazing.

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    It looks amazing. Makes me want to travel to Mexico now.

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    1. These photos are incredible. I really want to go there. The photo with the fish is incredible.

    2. The bikini is super cute and retro! Love!

    Style by Joules

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    These photos are amazing. I can´t waiting to visit it.



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    looks unreal! so amazing



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    the place looks down right magical!

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    This is simply incredible – I’m going in August, I’m beside myself with excitement. Jessica would you mind telling me quickly what camera you use? Your fisheye photos are so beautiful – look like a byproduct of a GoPro, but I’d really love to know! Xx

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    OMG!!!!! You aree soo lucky, and your bikini is adorable!

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    Wow, this is truly amazing… xx


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    this is definitely on my places-i-want-to-see-before-i-die-list !


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    That is absolute paradise…and the way you described it – I wish I could experience that!

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    This is a DREAM…

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    This looks ab-so-lu-te-ly perfect! Must have been such an experience…
    The bikini looks good as well, but can’t compeat with Ik Kil cenote!

    X Marjolein – nevertoopolished.com

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    Your pictures are pefect ! I like the way you make me add places in my Most-Amazing-Places-On-Earth-Where-I-Want-To-Go list by all your travels ! 😉

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    The place looks amazing!!!!!

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    looks fantastic!! xx

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    BREATHTAKING photos!
    Kendra & Dayle
    Toronto, Ontario

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    WOW! Thats amazing! Sounds like such a wonderful experience, fish freak me out so I’m not sure I could do it!

  • Molly Gertenbach

    these images are truly breathtaking. I never would have imagined that a place like this existed. Hopefully I’lll see it for myself one day.

  • Sienna

    I used to get really envious of your wardrobe,
    but now I’m more envious of your amazing travelling experiences!!

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    wow this is just so mindblowinly amazing!!!

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    beautiful place! and gorgeous bikini!

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    WOW!! Great place and photos!! But I want to see you jumping into the water!! :p

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    Merveilleuse photos !
    Outstanding ! truly like heaven :)



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  • http://www.littleredpurse.blogspot.com/ Leah S.

    I have been to this Cenote as well and know how indescribable it is. Great photos though and glad you enjoyed yourself.

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    Looks like a little piece of heaven.

    Your pictures are wonderful!

    Bise, C.


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    Wow!! Amazing place. Dream place actually.

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    Wow your writing for this is beautiful Jess, I pictured the scene so vividly and oh my goodness, #1 bucket list! Received your fabbbbulous J Brand blue jeans by the way, thank you so much lovely xx


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    Wow straight from Chichen Itza to here… must have been an amazing day, I’m so jealous! Looks phenomenal x


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    These are amazing pictures and it’s paradise. Thank you for sharing these pictures and I am adding this to my bucket list of places that I would love to visit.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post ‘Orange Dream’. II would love to read your thoughts on my new purchase a Bebe romper. Thanks



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    love these pictures! It must be so much fun!!


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    I NEED to go here! It looks so incredible!

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    This place is a proof to how wonderful nature is!

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    I’ll be visiting Cancun next week! Hopefully I get a chance to take a dip here. It’s extraordinarilly beautiful, and must be even more so in real life.

  • jenna_james

    This is perfect place for swimming in the clear blue water. This natural swimming pool is 196 feet wide and about 130 feet deep, it is an open cenote about 85 feet from the surface. The Mayan Pool is popular tourist destination. The pool was used by Red bull to host their Cliff Diving World Series in 2012. Participants from around the world came there and experienced the thrilling adventure. Here are some more photos: http://www.worldfortravel.com/2013/06/27/ik-kil-cenote-narural-pool-of-mexico/

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    Would love to visit this some day.

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    Been there. Great vacation.

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    This place is magic!

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    Oh, this looks amazing! Great pictures, as the weather grows steadily colder here in Norway, my google searches for places like this increases 😉

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    thanx i like this pics


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    Been there. The steps down are extremely slippery. It’s a wonder someone doesn’t slip and break a bone every day.

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    awesome places

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    This is totally awesome… it looks like such a fun place =)

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    I love this post so much! i always come back to see your great pics and this amazing place! Becouse of you, this is on No.1 on my bucket list when it comes to travels… THANK YOU :* http://mayas1985.blogspot.com/

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    fairy tale place!

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