Ik Kil Cenote

Wearing: Asos bikini

These photos will never do justice to what can only be described as the best thing I have ever seen and experienced in my life. I researched Mexico for weeks before I left, and Ik Kil cenote was the inspiration and driving force that led me through some not so great weeks. There was not a person to walk in to this open cavern that didn’t gasp in wonder and amazement. The lush rainforest suddenly gives way to the earth and exposes a little piece of true heaven… with sunlight flooding in and small waterfalls creating rainbows of light between the hanging vines.

We came straight from Chichén Itzá and after hours of walking in the heat this was instantly refreshing in more than one sense. When we arrived there was a modest line of people meekly attempting the multi levelled jumps from the side. My brother worked his way up, jumping several times along each step. When the crowds started rolling in towards the end of the afternoon I nearly literally slapped some sense in to myself as a reminder that it is now or never… resulting in walking straight up to the top platform and jumping in.

Floating on my back and staring up to the rainforest and sky above through waterfall droplets above was something I never thought I would experience in my life. There were birds and bats constantly fluttering around and though it was calm and tranquil, there was an echo keeping us all company. My mind would wander imagining the creature that lived in the 40m depths… and every catfish that touched me as it swam past would make me flinch.