El Castillo

Wearing: Asos dress and shorts, Converse shoes, Gorjana bracelet, Jacquie Aiche rings, Mania Mania ring.

I have quite a long bucket list of what I hope to see and experience in the world, and after Cabo I stretched my stay in Mexico to fly over to Cancun. I used Cancun as a base for a few days, starting with exploring Chichen Itza and learning about the Mayan and Toltec cultures. Thankfully I arrived before the crowds and the scorching heat set in.

I travelled to Mexico with a weird collection of clothes in my luggage and during the last few days had to make do with matching whatever was clean, therefore I folded this T bar dress in to my shorts. As a traveller I always have a pair of sneakers with me and was reminded of the importance of comfort while wandering the grounds of Chichen Itza in the blistering heat and nearly fainting on a few occasions.

( P.SΒ I am currently selling some of my wardrobe on eBay here ^_^)