Wearing: Stylestalker shirt and skirt, Sam Edelman sandals, Alexander Wang clutch, Michael Kors watch, Jennifer Zeuner necklace, Gorjana bracelet, Jacquie Aiche rings, Mania Mania ring.

If anyone looked through my floordrobe they would notice an unreasonably high amount of two pieces. It is silly how excited I get when finding out that one decent piece has a significant other. I’m not certain this works with three pieces though, because all I suddenly think about is triple denim. This is my second two piece ensemble from Stylestalker in the last few months and I’m hoping this streak continues for next season!

Photos by Josephine Willcox

  • Puje lk

    Just love this look!


  • Lucrezia Fausti

    wow! love all! <3


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  • Luba Dimitrova

    Gorgoeus look ! The origami skirt is amazing !

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    XX Luba
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  • natalie

    the shirt and skirt is sooo gorgeous!

    you look amazing


  • Elena Vasilieva

    absolute awesomeness

  • Vilde B

    Beautiful dress! You look amazing as always.

  • albrechtova.karolina

    Goooosh what a perfect suit my dear!!!:)

  • Eva
  • Lydia Bishop

    Your new hair cut has inspired me to ditch my long locks! Love the simple clean jewelry x

    • jessicastein

      Ah I’m so happy to hear Lydia! I honestly don’t know why I didn’t cut it off sooner… and now washing my hair so much less is another advantage. High five to low maintenance! X

  • Oliver Lips

    Wow, I really like how the blouse opens on your chest and closes again at the collar. Sexy yet classy 😉

  • Alma Falcone Molinelli

    love everyhting!!!!! xo, Alma

  • Lisa

    Great look, I like the pattern :)

  • Styleclouds

    What an amazing combo!! xo, Christina


  • Radka Sokoliova

    WOnderful! I love that dress :)


    Radka from

  • Francesca Giagnorio
  • Caroline St. Francis

    You have the best dresses/shirt-skirt combos and this is no different! Love the pattern and the cut of the skirt!

    ~ Caroline

    • jessicastein

      Thank you Caroline! I’m such a sucker for a good combo. Hope you’re well X

  • estelle_loyer

    The pattern is so gorgeous xx

  • Somebody from Somewhere

    wow that dress is just great!

  • Christina

    its not bad that you into two-piece thing!!!!
    i always fing it very darin for someone to wear them because they dont fit to everyone nice!!!!
    excellent choice this shirt and skirt btw

    • jessicastein

      I completely understand what you mean Christina. I don’t wear two pieces everyday but rather save for something special, and still get great use wearing this skirt with a grey tee/sweater and boots, or the shirt with leather pants to dinner etc. X

  • Jeline Catt

    I’m in love with your two piece ensemble! I’d definitely buy the skirt. It looks amazing. ♥

  • Charlotte

    I love this outfit ! The shirt & skirt print are gorgeous !

  • Lucy Apted

    Its a very concealed two piece! Love the look! xxx

  • ball_of_wool

    I absolutely adore your two piece outfits, always!

    • jessicastein

      So happy to hear this as I’ve just ordered another incredible two piece to wear at MBFWA next week…. double dose overload! X

      • ball_of_wool

        Yay, can’t wait to see how you style it! <3

  • LOLA
  • skinny.chili

    The skirt by itself would be a standout piece, the matching shirt is the icing on the cake!

  • Ángeles

    Estas divina!! Un look de 10!

    Un beso.

  • rhodawong

    you have the most amazing collection of dresses!

  • Nina Trendsurvivor Papaioannou

    You look amazing! Love your stylish ensemble and the shoes!

    See you in my blog, maybe.



  • suzilm

    fabulous AW clutch. LOVE

    For the Love of Audrey

  • Alex
  • Malena

    The shirt and skirt are so beautiful, very interesting cut.

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  • Lesley O.

    You really do feature some of the most unique and talented designers on this blog. The outfit is stunning!

    A new post is up on Local & Opulent and it is all about that rings, Rings and more RINGS! Get inspired – I did!

  • Mun

    I’m not a big fan of 2 piece ensembles but i think i’ve just changed my mind…

  • Bonnie Clyde

    Amazing outfit!!


  • appelezmoiisaline

    Waw ! Your outfit is very very very beautiful ! i like it ♥♥

  • stylearua
  • Stephanie Timmins

    Love the styling of the shirt and skirt. So well done !
    Stephanie xoxo

  • stylishlyinlove

    Love the geometrical cut on your dress. It is very flattering on you.

    If you get a sec, please check out my latest post ‘Parisian Melody’. Thanks in advance.

    XO Sofia

  • Loes White

    The geometric cut on that skirt is really clever. Love these two pieces together.

    Loes xx

  • Londontallgirl

    Love the printed details of this combo, suits you so well!

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  • La Petite Olga

    Gorgeous look! Love this skirt!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Sara Morais

    I loooove matching pieces. And that geometrical cut of the skirt reminds me of a similar one from Zara (I know, Zara is a copycat). The shirt is not my favorite, I must say but the skirt is really beautiful.

    Check out my latest post and get to know an amazing shoe collection from a Portuguese brand.

    xoxo, The Citified

  • Rose

    your legs are to die for and you are just perfect Jess :)

    • jessicastein

      Aw thank you Rose, my legs are inherited from my beautiful mother haha! X

  • Anna Black

    I love this outfit so much, the skirt has the most unique shape!! Gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

  • Oksana Radionova

    Wonderful structure in the skirt. And the print is delicate and chic. Beautiful ensemble! And your legs are perfection! XOXO

  • thankfifi

    love it! I’m a huge fan of 2 pieces also – just got a pair of printed shorts from zara and am sooo disappointed they don’t have a significant other…
    p.s. currently preparing my post for tomorrow – triple denim, uhoh…

  • Kadi Eller

    Lovely pictures. Gorgeous look! :)

  • Jade

    Georgous outfit ! 😀

  • Asie Kiyaeva

    so beautiful legs!!

  • Jessica G.

    Amazing look!


  • Lolita

    Oh my… AMAZING ensemble ! and the shoes & clutch are just to die for…

  • Lucia Didri

    You look so fancy and elegant! Love the pattern of this two pieces! I invite you to check out my new video of our ROAD TRIP TO MIAMI #bymedidrihitsmiami up on my blog! Kisses & Hugs


  • Lubna

    That is such a pretty outfit!


  • Judith

    You’re very pretty!

    I like so much this skirt.

  • Reece Andavolgyi

    that skirt is beautiful! and your hair looks good!

    reece xx

  • Piia

    It looks like the most perfect shirt-dress, but probably has a lot more wearability as a two-piece. You look absolutely amazing in it!
    Bowtie Diary

  • Sindi

    i just love your dresses!!!

  • Stephanie Lam

    Love the matching set!! And those heels are super cute!


  • Ilaria Tomasso

    This dress is just adorable! :)

    Destination Moi

  • Alyx

    Gorgeous, loving you in all these prints.

  • Milna Mandusic

    Just gorgeous

  • Nathalie

    Love this outfit so much!
    The skirt and sandals look amazing.

  • Vanes

    you look so amazing! and the pattern and shape are pretty interesting!
    xx Vanes

  • Andrea Ryan

    Two piece sets are awesome. I wish more of them existed because they are kind of hard to find, in my opinion. This one is lovely though, especially the hem of the skirt.

  • Evi

    Gorgeous outfit! AMAZING!

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  • greekette
  • sagit yeshua

    Wowww!! This dress is absolutely amazing !!

    Great look ♥♥




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    Xoxo, Saga ♥

  • Kacie Cone

    Oh my gosh that dress is too cute, I love it on you!

  • Belen Sanchez
  • check out fashion

    Great dress looks great on you 😉

  • Stephanie Nguyen

    I love this! Such a gorgeous print :3

  • Dean Corno

    I love how this looks! The style of the skirt is great.

  • Stacey

    You look great! Just wondering do you use a beige lipstick? If so what brand is it? I’m on the hunt for the perfect one!! Thank you 😀

    • jessicastein

      Hi Stacey, Thank you! I only really use Burt’s Bees lip balm in Pomegranate on my lips and I am utterly obsessed with it. X

      • Stacey

        Oh cool, that does sounds nice! Thanks for sharing x

  • Rhiannon Eyre

    I don’t think I could love this outfit more! I’ve been looking for a skirt like this for a while, I’m very jealous of this one!

    • jessicastein

      Thank you Shannon, I can completely relate as I’ve been scouring online for the perfect Proenza-esque cut skirt!

  • xelaa123

    So beautiful

  • Sarah E

    the shapes and lines of this dress are stunning! i love it


  • jessicastein

    Hahaha thank you for brightening my day with a skirtgasm! X

  • Princess A

    You have one of the best wardrobes for a blogger. This is just simply stunning!

  • Huong

    Wow! What an amazing look, Jessica! I am in love with the print of your two-piece! Sadly, I must confess that I do not have any, so I think I might have to start incorporating two-pieces into my wardrobe thanks to you! 😉

    Pink Carnations

  • Corinna

    Jessica, I must say, you are one of my favorite bloggers! You’re an amazing photographer and have a relaxed-yet-chic style that I adore. Not to mention you also get to travel everywhere! (: Anyway, just finally wanted to comment and tell you that.

  • Irene Colzi

    in love with your look!


  • jella

    you look very beautiful!i can’t find the clothes to the link of stylestalker please help me!

  • Luisa Meoli

    loving the two-pieces combined!! gorgeous look & loving the fresh hair look!

  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • Laura

    This is so beautiful! I love the clean lines and pattern

    Best wishes,
    Skyscraping Style

  • Cristina Purusniuc
  • Freya – Fashionable People

    Wow incredible dress – I love the unique and modern style

  • Sabrina


  • Valentina Novo

    Love the shirt and skirt combination and your hair looks amazing!

  • Lucia Didri

    Hello Again!! Perfect look as I told u before!! I´m looking forward to see your new post! I just wanna invite u to visit Bymedidri. Today I show you a BLACK & WHITE outfit with RED LIPS. Kisses & Hugs


  • Annie

    Lovin the sandals!

  • Stylesmiths

    Absolutely adore this look. The high neck button juxtaposed with the plunging neckline is truly a unique piece :).

    Good thoughts from Washington, D.C.,

    x Kel of Stylesmiths

  • Liliana Ferreira

    I’m actually love the two pieced outfit ! Love this one !


  • Newborn Fanatic

    Love their stuff and this outfit is beautiful!!

  • Eva

    These two pieces are great ! Love the look :-)

  • martabarcelonastyle

    That dress is so elegant!! :DD

    (an easy way to combine a vest)

  • life is a shoe

    your dress is amazing!

  • Angelica Lainis

    When I saw this on instagram I instantly fell in love. You have such amazing pieces in your wardrobe <3

  • Sjo Stortbeton
  • Mary

    I LOVE this outfit! So beautiful and unique.


  • Michelle .

    Love this combo!!



  • ST54 Access

    Love the prints on this outfit! And the cut, perfect!

  • pilisstyle

    you look gorgeous! the shoes,the skirt, the top!!!!!!!!

  • Anja Gosha

    i reallu like your pictures xx

  • Jenny

    What a gorgeous outfit! Are your top and skirt new and currently in stores? Thank so much!

  • Hanni

    Love the shoes.


  • Vikki

    Love this outfit, you look stunning! Stylestalker do some great pieces and this print is just gorgeous. x