Nusa Lembongan Instagram Diary


1/  2/ Ferry ride from Bali mainland to Nusa Lembongan  3,4/ Crystal clear waters and volcano in the distance  5,15/ Villa Bukit  6/ Packing lightly (Supermuse dress, Lover bikini, Samudra clutch, Karen Walker sunglasses, House of Holland sunglasses)  7,8&9/ About to dive in to the big blue (wearing ASOS bikini top and bottoms, Jennifer Zeuner necklace)  10/ Two local boys admiring the view from their backyard  11/ Buggy rides (ASOS overalls, Samudra clutch, Karen Walker sunglasses, market hat)  12,13/ Motorbike rides  14/ Overlooking the port (wearing Supermuse dress, Karen Walker sunglasses, See by Chloe sandals, Samudra clutch)  16,17/ Sunset from dinner at Indiana Kenanga  18,19/ Bali mainland bound

Thanks to a last minute invitation to stay at a friends new villa on the island of Nusa Lembongan, my family and I packed our super light backpacks and had a spontaneous family adventure. We caught the ferry for $50 return from mainland Bali to Nusa Lembognan, not having researched where we were heading at all. The villa itself was incredible, nestled amongst the trees on top of the mountain with views out over the sea towards Bali’s volcano’s.  With barely any time there we still managed to not only relax, but also see a traditional Balinese funeral and cremation, the crystal clear waters while snorkelling from a boat, and getting around on bikes without feeling unsafe. I had originally planned to try and see the Gili islands this visit to Bali, but a change of plans made an unexpected discovery of this paradise.

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    Wauw, stunning pictures! Love your blog! Once I hope to have a blog like you.

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    Looks like amazing place ! The pictures are stunning !

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    Boyfriend jeans and pearls in my look today

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    gorgeous pics!!!! so beautiful…xo, Alma

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    Beautiful photos! I am in dire need of some sun and sea! This post makes me want to plan a getaway.

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    oooh gosh these pics look so nice, oh what, nice? GORGEOUS ! as same as you ♥


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    Wow it looks so beautiful over there, I love your little white dress also!!

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    what an amazing place!

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    The mesh white dress is so lovely! Supermuse had amazing pieces! Nice pictures anyway, you look gorgeous :)

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    Absolute dream to go to Bali or Indonesia!
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    I’m so jealous! That looks like paradise.



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    Great picts! Love the orange bikini top!



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    I wish I could be on vacation right now! Love your white dress, it looks really nice. Check out my blog:

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    I was first obsessed with Bali after seeing Eat, Pray, Love. But I must say, seeing a place through your eyes, so to speak, is even better than a movie. And your vacation wardrobe is so inspiring! Can’t wait to go on my trek across Europe and put to work all the ideas I’ve picked up from your blog!!! XOXO

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    amazing place!

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    Amazing pictures! I have to go there!


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    Such great pictures – Makes me beyond ready for a vacation. Love that tropical print clutch & the mesh white dress – So chic!

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    Ww such beautiful pictures, it truly looks like a dream! Thanks for sharing!

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    I saw overalls recently and wanted them, but wasn’t sure how I would feel about wearing them, but you have convinced me.

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    I love your travel diaries :) You always have so amazing pictures to show us!


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    So jealous looks like an incredible place! xxx

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    Ummmm can I be you for like 24 hours?? Pleaseeee?!

    Stunning pictures and your outfits are perfect for such an exotic/tropical location!

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    Incredible pictures! Looks like you had an amazing time. I also love that gorgeous white dress!

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    Amazing pictures, you really captured the island sooooo well!

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    Was just wondering where abouts on Nusa is a good area to stay in?

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    It looks like such a magical place!!! Amazing pictures !!

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    gorgeous photos…I wish I were in the beach now!

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    Omg…so lovely, I loved Bali so much and now I wish I had visited Nusa too…:/ sour sweet memories, but maybe I can go back one day, its just I´m so far away from Indonesia….I take 2 and half days to get to Bali from Portugal.
    Lovely pics,,thanks for sharing!

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    wooww!!! It’s a lovely place!!! soo relaxing!!! I like a lot that white dress!! .D

    (an easy way to combine a vest)

  • Lesley O.

    I have always wanted to travel to Bali and I was so envious that entire week you were posting on instagram! Stunning scene, stunning photography!

    A new post is up on Local & Opulent and it is all about that rings, Rings and more RINGS! Get inspired – I did!

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    It looks like so much fun! I am happy for you!

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    Your photos are really awesome. Really enjoyed looking at each of them. I wish I could take such beautiful photos like you did. Just curious how did you take underwater photo?

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    hi tuula how was it in bali i saw in one of your instagram photos your money was stolen in Bali in the ATM? me and my friend are planning to head to Bali soonest and we wanna know some safety travel guide.

    thanks a lot.

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    beautiful pistures!hopefully you wouldn’t regret comeback to bali (indonesia).

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    Gooooorgeous! What a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing these amazing photos. :)

    Keep calm and carry lipstick.

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    Love your photos, as always x

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    Just gorgeous!!!!! So exciting and inspiring!!

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    I love this! Thanks for all your inspiration. xx

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    I have been to Nusa Lembongan but didnt have time to stay there. But it’s absolutely gorgeous! I love how secluded the island is. You should go to Gili’s next time, I’ve been to Gili Trawangan too, the beach is simply amazing, with cafes, boutique along the beach! Dying to see other Gilis.

  • Michelle

    I adore your travel posts, and how you are so lucky to make your wanderlust a tangible, viable part of your life.

    It is such an inspiration for young girls like me, I can only dream that one day I can travel and see as much of the world as you have!

    xo Michelle

  • Dhea

    Indonesia is my country!! You should come again to Bali and if you come to Indonesia you shoul visit Raja Ampat island in Papua. Raja ampat is the most exotic and relaxing place in indonesia after bali!!:D

  • Teagan

    I have just recently found your blog, but have instantly fallen in love with it! I look at it as often as my tumblr account! Your style, the things you do are so inspiring!
    You are so lucky to live the life you do.. I am aiming to do some what of the same.

    I am heading to Bali in two short weeks, so any tips would be great? What to take, wear, be careful of?

    <3 from,
    Teagan xx
    Western Australia

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    Hi, your photos are stunning. Could I please have permission to repost on my Lembongan villas’ instagram? Photo creds of course