Wearing: Asos dress, Jimmy Choo clutch, Sophia Webster heels, House of Holland Sunglasses, Ryan Storer ear piece, Ileana Makri rings, Jacquie Aiche rings.

It isn’t every day that I put something on that feels like it was made for me, and is yet only $41.56. The feedback I have experienced on Instagram about this dress has been both amusing and ridiculous, positive and negative, with people demonstrating pure bullying or their own physical concerns by commenting on mine. I’m certainly not trying to open a can of worms as ultimately I think all that matters is being healthy, happy, and wearing what makes you feel good.

Photos by Josephine Willcox

  • Aimee

    I think this dress looked incredible on you! Your height and slender frame complemented it so well and the accessories you chose finished the whole look. I always like wearing things that get people talking and you are one of those people who can turn the negative, childish and unnecessary feedback and turn it into something positive. You are one of my biggest inspirations of fashion and your wonderful outlook on life x

  • It is a great dress, a bonus that you got it at such a great price, I love ASOS for that. I have noticed that people seem to see Instagram as a place to follow people and then dump their negative opinions all over them. You strike me as happy, healthy and all that matters is what you feel, not what Instagram followers think. It is very hurtful that people say mean things. As a blogger you are a ‘real’ person, without a publicist to write something for you etc. but no one should have to put up with that. The point of blogging is being yourself and being genuine, you are more relatable. Keep doing what you are doing, ignore the mean comments and opinions. Happiness you really find within, and that is what is so noticeable in your photos.

    Much love, Jenelle

  • estelle_loyer

    No one could ever pull off this dress as well as you. And those heels are killer xx

  • Katie Amelia

    This whole outfit is absolutely stunning. You look flawless x

  • sagit




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    Xoxo, Saga ♥his dress looks definetely fantastic on you! Love it 🙂

  • Natali

    You always look so stunning and chic!

  • natalie

    i love your dress!

    you look so amazing jessica


  • stylishlyinlove

    Wow, Your shoes are amazing. I love the design of them. I can’t believe the price of the dress. It fits you like a glove.

    If you get a sec, check out me latest post. Thanks in advance.


  • Emily Whitehall

    This dress looks like it was designed with you in mind. It’s perfect for your height and figure, and all those haters can just go away. It’s better to wear something worth talking about than something no one will remember.

  • Nico
  • It suits you perfectly. Love it!
    And the clutch gives the extra pop of color (Y)


    Gorgeous Dress, gorgeous body and personality! It’s exactly for you, because there is something like a symbiosis between you two 😉

  • maai

    your style is amazing! I love this look, beautiful as always

  • Vanes

    that´s not important what others are thinking, you look amazing as always!
    xx Vanes

  • rhodawong

    this dress is super sleek! gorgeous!

  • Bri Wang

    Beautiful dress! I’m surprised anyone had anything negative to say. You look amazing.



  • jho

    There are so many great things about this entire outfit but I adore this dress and it fits you so well.

  • and kate

    stunning as usual sweetie!
    that dress is gorgeous – and as for the shoes – ah-maz-ing!!

    have a wonderful day
    lots of love
    kate xo

  • Olga

    Great dress, great heels and gorgeous figure! Don’t understand how such a beautiful look can cause negative emotions.

  • Eva Milano

    I saw a photo on Instagram and I love how it fits you!

  • I absolutely love how this fits you. I don’t think that I would be able to pull the length of the dress off, but it looks perfect on you! Such a good purchase for such a good price! Don’t really understand the negative comments though 😉

  • incredibly awesome

  • This dress looks like it was practically made for you Jess! You look amazing! Seriously, I don’t understand why people waste so much energy on negativity. Your last sentence is definitely something to strive by, I totally agree!

  • Oh gosh! Your shoes!!

  • You look amazing!


  • Kelsey Wilburn

    you’re looking gorgeous as always!

    kw ladies in navy

  • you´re so much prettier than beetlejuice! 😉 love the dress and that clutch…you look amazing! xo, Alma

  • Someone

    I’m not a fan of the dress but you look incredible wearing it. You have a natural, healthy, model type physique that appears to be down to genetics rather than a strict work out and diet plan. Some people are clearly misinformed or are unhappy with their own weight and feel the need to leave negative comments. Ignore them, you are beautiful 🙂

  • Jade

    Great look ! 🙂

  • MonochromeMagpie

    Very well put Jessica, I think people take advantage of the fact that there is that technology barrier between them and you. Many of them would not say it to someone in person but have no inhibitions about typing it out. I’m all for constructive criticism (even though I do tend to only see it as a negative at the start…) but cyberbullying is not acceptable. I’m glad to see you above all the pettyness of it 🙂

  • Anna Black

    Wow you just always look amazing, stunning long legs!!

  • Dress To Cook

    Gorgeous look my dear, breath taking dress!

    Dress To Cook Blog

  • Stunning Dress! x

  • Freya – Fashionable People

    Love this whole look – so elegant and classic, yet I love the modern twist with the ear cuff

  • Jenaly Enns

    Fantastic outfit. I absolutely love that dress!!!

  • Belén Cavas Hernández

    Really beautiful sandals, i want this cute ear cuff!!!

  • Zuzankita

    wow wow wow sun 🙂 and your sandals 🙂

  • Liza Avgoustakis

    I think you look gorgeous – and that’s why I just bought this dress too! x

  • BonsMade InCa

    So fashionable and the clutch really gives this outfit a pop of color!

  • Elisabeth

    The haters are obviously suffering from pure jealousy – this look is stunning! xx

  • Elisa Taviti

    Very stunning!!! I love that dress *___*

    Elisa My Fantabulous World

  • Mariela Dominguez

    That dress is so perfect! You look stunning ❤

    xoRaven On a Desk

  • Nicole Klassmann

    This dress is amazing and you look so, so good in it! I definitely agree with you on what you’re saying, too – if you feel great wearing it, then by all means, wear it!

    xx Nicole

  • you look incredible!


  • Jaeger
  • You look totally stunning. That dress is so rad and the heels to die for. I´m really sad that you received some negative feedback. They are just jealous.



  • mariposa fashion blog

    Very nice look!!!
    i love it!!!
    xoxo from germany

  • lola

    Beautiful post!!!!
    Today in my blog Bright flowers. Thanks for you visit!!! Kiss from Andalucía

  • bernadetteczle

    so classy xx

  • I was suprised when I read what you wrote, because I can’t see anything wrong with you or this dress.
    Great look ! new outfit post !

  • Kate

    This is the best fashion blog I’ve ever seen and that’s what I was looking for. You are amazing and your taste is exquisite!

    Kisses from Poland : )

  • Elena Calfer
  • Lydia Bishop

    Girl you look great!! 🙂 🙂 Makes me happy!

  • FabFemme

    This is a fabulous outfit and you are a fabulous lady for seeing those comments for what they are – amusing and ridiculous! Fabulous Femme is all for wearing what makes you feel good!

  • Kris

    You look beautiful no matter what you wear. You could wear a paper mâché dress and rock it! Perfectly said though. I always enjoy seeing what you wear. All the haters out their can keep hating, that’s never going to change. That just means they live a sad life.

  • modelovers

    So gorgeous! Really love your style!



  • Bonnie Clyde

    That dress is perfection!!


  • Francesca Giagnorio

    You look taller than you always are with this dress 😀

  • Sasha Jane Shanks
  • Alyx


  • Ana Pejkanovic

    Gorgeous!!! I do not know which part do I like the most..dress, shoes, clutch…gorgeous.

  • Mariana Paulos

    Amazing!! 🙂

  • Mirjam

    I’m IN LOVE with your earcuff, shoes, glasses, accessoires and just with everything ♥

    Much love,


    mo d e g a a r d e Blog

  • Pilar

    You look stunning in hear, I’m sure all those bad comments are from jealous people!
    It’s always amazing to see you wear outfits like this, so different! Never stop wearing what you want or doing what you love for other people! We are here to be happy not to please others!!

  • Kate Lees

    You look wonderful. Stunning ear cuff too x

  • Sandra Cuñat

    Amazing look! You look great, there are all kinds of people, but the most important thing is to show respect. I’m glad you are above all the ridiculous comments!
    I love the dress, it’s great and super stylish, the shoes are fabulous too!


  • This dress fits you beautifully!! I have kind of a maybe strange question: what undergarments do you wear under form-fitting dresses, so that you don’t have unwanted lines?

  • The_Vreeland_Effect

    This is an amazing look.
    I wish I could afford those mesmerizing heels, but in the meantime,I had to buy the dress!!!!

  • Ann

    YOU ARE A VISION. You make any piece of cloth work 😀
    Ann xx