Wearing: Lover dress, J Brand pants, Patricia Chang coat, Alexander Wang boots, Gorjana bracelet, Jacquie Aiche rings.

The sneaky thing about my outfits is the several layers of thermals I have hiding underneath, but even that wasn’t enough for Milano’s wet snow and icy breeze. It seems I packed completely wrong for this trip. Coming from Australian summer to the middle of winter in New York and Europe there is no way I accounted for enough legitimately warm options. It isn’t possible to continue living in my (Australian-warm-cultured) denial while my hands turn red in the cold, making it silly not to invest in gloves, scarves and beanies. So much of me would love to wrap a duvet around myself with a waisted belt and go about my day.

I’ve pictured this dress numerous different ways but I hadn’t anticipated this throw together, keep warm outfit I mustered up in a rush one freezing Milano morning. This dress is actually an incredibly soft leather that still kicks up when I’m dancing to warm up in the snow. Looking forward to wearing it again in the Southern Hemisphere soon…

Photos by Nicole Warne