Wearing: Asos overalls, Zara top and shoes, Gorjana necklace, Dior lipstick.

Good morning from Prague! I flew away from Milan and the fashion week circuit to escape for a short few weeks of European winter. Flying to Berlin, bus to Dresden and then the train to Prague has reignited my love for travelling throughout Europe already. It is such a funny thing to try and explain that while travelling overseas I feel at home.

Wandering through the cities Old Town’s and falling for the historic, gothic architecture is refreshing after the solid few weeks of work of fashion. Both the cold and explorations are dictating my wardrobe at the moment, but gosh it felt nice to ditch the heels and pull on a pair of overalls instead.

I visited Prague for the first time years ago, in the heat of summer and tourists. I wandered aimlessly which is my favourite thing to do, but if anyone has any sightseeing, incredible views, food, bars, vintage shopping recommendations I would be eternally grateful!

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