Prague Photo Diary

Wearing: 1/ H&M coat (similar here), Topshop knitJ Brand pantsProenza Schouler bagIsabel Marant sneakersMichael Kors watchJacquie Aiche rings and Dior lipstick.
2/ Asos overalls, Maje coat, Topshop beanie and scarf, Zara top and boots.

I caught a last minute train from Dresden to Prague for a weekend away. I visited during the summer a few years ago that now feels like a lifetime, and it was completely different wandering the freezing winter streets. I love European summers but there is something more personal about experiencing the relaxed, off peak romance that makes you feel lucky that you’re not sharing every moment with a thousand other tourists.  I walked around for an entire day sightseeing, stumbling upon produce markets and getting lost down beautiful little alleyways, welcoming the familiar feeling of walking somewhere I haven’t before.

Thank you so much to my readers who left me wonderful advice when I posted arriving in Prague, unfortunately I didn’t have time to do everything and as a lot of things are closed on Sunday’s I will have to save them for next time.

Things I definitely recommend are an early morning walk along the Charles Bridge (before too many people arrive), walking up to Vyšehrad Castle with views over the city, people watching in Old Town Square, amazing vegetarian restaurant at Clear Head (book ahead!!) and Sunday morning brunch at Cafe Louvre. I’m looking forward to relocating to Germany for a few months this year and cannot wait to visit Prague again, and explore as much of Europe as possible!


  • Radka Sokoliova

    Wonderful pictures 🙂 Hope you enjoyed Prague as well and please come to Košice,Slovakia once 🙂


    Radka from

  • jessicastein

    I can’t believe I missed something as delicious sounding as a giant cinnamon roll! I’m relocating to Germany for the European summer and I swear I will make the trip back to Prague just to try it. X

  • jessicastein

    Hi Oliver, thank you! Trust me it isn’t just my photos, they do not do it justice. This city has such charm that draws you in. X

  • jessicastein

    Aw thank you so much Sandra. Sometimes I feel like my readers will get over my “oh my goodness, this place is amazing and it is surreal to be here” approach, but that is exactly how I feel when I travel. I don’t ever want to get used to it and would rather always see the world through fresh eyes. It is incredible having Tuula, and readers like yourself whom make me feel like I’m not travelling alone. X

  • jessicastein

    Hi Oksana, Wow 6 months!! That is huge, and hugely exciting! When do you leave? And where are you visiting? I am relocating to Germany for the Euro summer and extremely excited. I’m trying to brain storm how I can utilise my travel advice for my readers more… either a travel advice page on the blog itself or maybe an iPhone APP with everything from accom, food, shopping, sightseeing recommendations etc. Do you think that would be beneficial to you at all? Xx

    • Oh my, what a lovely coincidence! Where in Germany will you be living? We will be staying in Munich. The plan is let it be our “central base” and to take trips out to the rest of the countries. It would be so wonderful if we could meet up for coffee while we’re both in Germany! So far we have Italy, France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Sweden, UK, Ireland, and of course Russia & Ukraine on the list. Too many places, too little time! 🙂 I too have been thinking of how to best use my travels to benefit my readers. An app is an interesting idea, but I love the simple way you recommended your favorite things like you did in this post. So I think a separate page for travel advice on your blog would be the most beneficial, and it would allow you to interact with readers on a more personal level (assuming that’s what you want). XOXO

  • jessicastein

    Thank you so, so much. You have no idea how happy these beautiful comments make me when trying to portray Prague for how magical it truly is! X

  • jessicastein

    Wow, you are so lucky Vanes! I definitely recommend going to Czech Republic. Other than Prague I have also been to Cesky Krumlov years ago and had a lot of fun. I’ve always wanted to visit Slovakia but my parents are hesitant about it… would you recommend anywhere for me to visit? X

    • Hi Jessica, I ve just discovered your personal fashion blog and found also your saying about Slovakia here. I come from Slovakia. We used to be Czechoslovakia in the past but split in 1990 and Slovakia is a small but very beutiful country with the most beutiful women, even top model Adriana Sklenarikova Karembeu comes from Slovakia too. Bratislava is a small but very cute city, recommending to visit for one day to wonder around and you do not need to be afraid of something bad to happen. We have had democracy since 1989 and it is the same as in Czech republic. Just want to make you sure, you do not need to be afraid of coming here.

      All the best. Michaela 🙂

      • Marta

        Just to clear up fact that CZ and SK split on 31.12.1992…

  • jessicastein

    Thank you Diana, so nice to hear from someone who has been there and can relate! Lucky duck getting to go twice last December xx

  • jessicastein

    Thank you Anna! And being tall has some cons don’t worry, it is extremely frustrating, not to mention FREEZING in the middle of winter when clothes don’t reach to cover my ankles and wrists! x

  • jessicastein

    You’re from Prague? Don’t worry, we all do it. I live an hour north of Sydney and don’t make the most of it as often as I should. Instead I stay home and save my pennies to fly to completely different corners of the Earth! It is always nice to revisit our ‘same old places’ with fresh eyes. X

  • O.

    Dear Jessica, visit Budapest! And you can get to Vienna from here in 3 hours by train. Definitely two beautiful cities you should see in Europe!

  • Pilisstyle

    How i miss my home..i hope you had a good time there!

  • Kristyna

    It is amazing you have been here (I am from Prague and currently here) and I am happy to see you have enjoyed your ti:) But as same as everywhere else the beautiful parts visited by tourists are so different from the rest of the city/country…and also cheaper, especially beer 😉 I am just sorry the weather wasn’t better, maybe next time 🙂

  • Kblossoms

    Prague is beautiful thanks for sharing!

  • yanjing

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  • Hof Kim Cohen

    wow!!! amazing!!! those colors of the building!

  • Anna

    Prague is beautyful