Milano Instagram Diary

1,13,17/ Duomo square  2/ BTS trying on sunglasses while shooting with Safilo (wearing Asos jacketLover top, J Brand jeans)   3,16/ Shooting in front of the Duomo  3/ Powder blue coat at Gucci  4,12,18/ With Nicole at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II  5/ Waking up to snow  6/ Wearing Asos jacket & Alexander Wang booties  8/ On the way to shows  9/ Duomo  10/ Afternoon tea and treats to warm up  11/ Jimmy Choo heels on the Galleria’s exquisite tiled floor  14,15/ Breakfast with rooftop views  19/ Sunrise views over Porta Venezia  20/ Flying over the Swiss Alps

I came to Milan for a photoshoot with the Safilo Group thanks to Attilo. I had such a fun day shooting with Simone Falcetta between other influential online women, capturing just our expressions paired with the Safilo Group’s frames.

The weather was below freezing, with non stop wet snow since the day I arrived but it just reassured the fact how much I love Italy if I can happily get through a preview of European winter!

Quite often my mum and I wonder if we had the choice would we choose to be Asian, or Italian. And it mainly comes down to the food. I could live off caprese, pasta, pizza, bread, olive oil, meats and wine easily for the rest of my life. Though I also feel the same about dumplings. I joke that I determine my love for a country by its food… and here in Italy I couldn’t be happier.