London Instagram Diary

1/ Before the Burberry show  2&16/ Shooting by Trafalgar Square  3/ Flying over London  4,5&8/ Sunset at Oxford Street Circus  6/ Back of a black taxi  7/ Shooting in Convent Garden (Asos dress, more outfit details here)  9,10&18/ St Paul’s cathedral on a stunning sunny day  11/ Invites and Patricia Chang skirt details  12/ Incredible lighting and space at Christopher Kane’s show  13/ Mulberry final walk  14/ Final walk at Burberry  15/ Karlie Kloss being a goddess in Burberry  17/ Burning sunset from my taxi near Buckingham Palace  19/ Shooting by the British Museum (outfit details here)  20/ Flying over the Swiss Alps en route to Milano

A few years ago I lived in East London for just a few months. I had planned on staying as long as my visa let me but at the time there was no way I could make it through the whole winter. I left London for Sydney home (via Thailand) in a rush and never really looked back since. Being back there recently made me unexpectedly nostalgic and wanting to explore a city I used to know so much about. Fortunately the rare London sunshine was drenching the city and warming the people of the CBD too.

This was my first real time at LFW and it felt strange running from shows and meetings, driving past the cities familiar monuments and watching the stunning sunsets from the back of the cab. The highlights of my FW was Christopher Kane’s collection and of course my first Burberry show.

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