Wearing: Asos skirt, Camilla & Marc top, Rag & Bone sandals, Michael Kors watch, Proenza Schouler bag, Jacquie Aiche rings and Shashi ring.

I’ve been trying to squeeze in as many meetings as possible for my suddenly short time in Sydney. Every morning that I have meetings on I blank at what to wear while staring at my ‘floordrobe’.  I ended up sticking to monotones with my most reliable peplum I bought years ago on eBay for a steal, and my new favourite Asos skirt that no one could believe is actually Asos.

I’ve been home for about two months now but somehow it has completely flown by, and I leave for LA this Tuesday. Being back with family definitely has a lot to do with this fleeting feeling, and I’m again perfectly torn between the comfort of home and summer, and the excitement of that initial take off.

Photos by Nicole Cooper

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