Melbourne Instagram Diary

1,2,3/ Walking along Southbank on the Yarra (wearing Zimmermann jumpsuit),  4,10/ Breakfast on Degraves  5/ Trams in the CBD  6/ Centre Place  7,8/ Views along the Yarra  9/ Matching my friends street art in Brunswick  11/ Street art in city alleyways  12/ View of Flinders Street Station from our room (wearing Josh Goot top, Topshop shorts)  13,14,15/ Views over Melbourne from Sky Deck at sunset  16/ En route from Melbourne to Hamilton Island, flying over Brisbane.

While on our mini whirlwind ‘see australia’ tour we spent two nights in Melbourne. Due to the time frame I decided against carrying around my big SLR, which at the time my shoulder (and boyfriend) loved the decision I am now looking back sighing as I wanted to show another snippet of Melbourne. Instagram will have to do!

Some of my best friends live in Melbourne and I used to fly down to visit every chance I could for the weekend on last minute cheap flights, but haven’t been able due to mainly being in the Northern Hemisphere. It is funny that I’ve never lived in Melbourne, but it feels so much like home. Having friends here, their favourite spots turn in to my favourite spots. I’ve always said that if I ever moved to an Australian city (I live an hour out of Sydney), it would definitely be Melbourne.

I do believe Melbourne has the best poached eggs in the world. Being my favourite dish, during my favourite meal time, I have tried a lot of poached eggs in a lot of places around the world (that is if they know what they are!). My diet in Melbourne seems to be a variation of eggs benedict, florentine, etc etc while there and thank goodness we were staying 30 seconds walk from Degraves Street. I also had the best dumplings of my life at HuTong dumpling bar, where I practically inhaled them before taking a photo.

We obviously didn’t get to do everything Melbourne has to offer but I still had the chance to show off a few things. During the 40 degree heatwave we wandered the CBD grid and along the Yarra River, had drinks at The People’s Market after vintage store window shopping in Brunswick. Shared dinner at The Vegie Bar with friends and watched the sun set over Melbourne from the Sky Deck.

I’m hoping I get the chance to go to Melbourne much more this year, and a large part of me is considering going back just for the dumplings…

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