Hamilton Island Photo Diary

1/ Catseye Beach  2,24,29,30,31/ Whitehaven Beach (wearing Lover bikini)  3,4,18,19,23/ Ferry whitewater 5/ Early morning shooting by Catseye Beach  6/ Potentially the cockatoo who stole my Lover bikini top!  7,8,28/ Catseye Beach (wearing Lover bikini top I used to own…)  9/ Le Specs showing me permanent sunset skies  10/ Sunrise  11,25/ Weekend read (wearing Zimmermann bikini, Michael Kors watch, Karen Walker sunglasses)  12/ Qualia’s poolside  13,14/ My first oysters at Qualia  15/ White crochet details (wearing Zimmermann dress, Jacquie Aiche rings)  16,17/ Beachside with my boy  20/ Embracing the blue skies  21/ Early morning shooting (wearing Lover skirt, Asos dress)  22/ White sandals  26/ Five minute dip! (wearing Zimmermann bikini)  27/ Incredible sunrise  32/ HappiJess!

Do you ever have one of those endless, exhausting days that leave you feeling empty…. only to reflect and think “hmm, it wasn’t too bad”. I always try and live life reminding myself what is valuable- what is worth worrying about and letting pass. I know this all too well with travelling by myself, to never have too many expectations, and the only thing to expect is for things to go wrong, which they will. But sometimes, once a year or so the rationality slips away and just leaves you drained.

Missing our flight from Melbourne to Hamilton Island by 10 minutes was completely my fault reading the ticket’s time wrong. There was only one flight per day, and the next day’s was full. I initially thought I would write a longer rant about it but in summary- after no help from airline or hotel staff we flew to Brisbane, flew to Mackay, hired a car and road tripped to Airlie Beach, renting a random room at 10pm and boarding the ferry 7am ferry to Hamilton Island.

This would all be fine, but with extremely limited time to spend together, it was costing us more than (way too much!!) money. Looking back just the next day while we were finally enjoying our 48 hours on the island I remember thinking “well, that was worth it.” Just like the corny quotes that fill my room poetically point out; travelling isn’t about being and staying somewhere, but the ability to adapt to a changing route and ending up enjoying it. And at least I got to unexpectedly show off some other parts of Australia that I hadn’t seen yet either!

It was my first time to Hamilton Island and it definitely has the soaking sunshine, clear blue waters I was longing for, with easy access to the Great Barrier Reef and all Whitsunday Islands. Apart from finally being able to spend time together, realising a cockatoo stole my bikini top was definitely the highlight!

  • beautiful photos <3

  • Zanita

    Bloggers earn money in a huge variety ways that aren’t always as obvious as a hideous banner or blatant tagging. I can personally vouch for Jess’s hard earn work and success. She’s a great talent and has earnt everything she has. 

    • I agree with Zanita. If other people’s happiness bothers you, don’t read it. Watch the news instead. I doubt anyone would read blogs with photos of someone balancing their checkbook and crying about how they’re going to pay bills, or their broken down car, or their inability to travel at all ever. I would rather sit around and “sloth” any day of the week rather than pretend I know something about what other people go through. She’s doing great. Don’t hate because she has the guts to do things she make her happy.

  • I absolutely love these photos. I am Australian living in Paris and miss the Australian warmth and beaches. 

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    Lots of bisous from snowy Paris <3 

  • Nisa

    Ww you’re sooo skinny.
    I’m gonna stop eating too, right away!

  • looks tough 😉

    ♥ Thankfifi

  • Glorious, you look so happy Jess!

  • Francesca

    Jess, what’s the brand of your wonderful hat? Love it!