Great Barrier Reef Video Diary

I really hope that one day I get the chance to travel all around Australia. Preferably taking it slow, in an old van with a mattress in the back. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had my wanderlust kick in at an early age; purchasing last minute cheap fairs to Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns etc and going by myself from age 16. The East coast is magical, but even my small taste of the Northern Territory made me realise how much more to this country there is that I haven’t witnessed or experienced.

Spending the two short days on the Great Barrier Reef and Hamilton Island refueled this thought and I aim to be able to do it in the next few years while I have my blog and able to show off the beauty of Australia. Gathering from the dozens of travel advice and enquiry emails I get everyday I think some international readers would enjoy it nearly as much as I!  Until then I’ll be going where the wind takes me (or cheap flights). If anyone is considering travelling to Australia but is hesitant by how ‘far away’ it is, or how long or more expensive the flight down under is… I promise it is worth it.

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