1/ Ponte Vecchio  2/ Sunset over Ikies  3,4,5/ Bali  6/ Meeting & matching beautiful Tamu  7/ Soho  8,9/ Backstage at MILK Studios during NYFW  10,11/ Shot by Tommy Ton for Vogue & Style.com at MBFWA  12,13,14/ Paris  15,16/ Shooting Luiza Via Roma collab with Zanita in Florence  17/  Lover lace under Florence’s Duomo  18/ Lover lace on Milano’s Duomo rooftop  19,20,21/ After party with Luiza Via Roma & girls in Florence  22,23,24,25/ French Med escape  26, 27/ Wandering Amsterdam  28,29/ Santorini  30,31/ Copenhagen  32,33/ Stockholm  32/ Shooting Acne with Zanita  34/ Breathing in NYC  35/ Water break while shooting ODLR  36/ Wearing a DIY NYC subway map dress!  37/ Tibi NYFW  38/ Post shoot celebrations in London  39/ Silly at LFW with the girls  40/ Topshop Unique LFW  41/ Dion Lee LFW  42/ Wandering Milano  43,44/ Birthday celebrations in Paris  45,46/ Indescribable Brasil  47/ Shooting ODLR  in NYC 48/ Giddy in Central Park’s fall  49/ Top of the Rock.

Even though we are already a few weeks in to 2013, I couldn’t let 2012 pass so simply without giving the year the acknowledgement it deserves. 2012 was no doubt the best year of my life, so far. It is truly crazy to think how long days can feel when you’re away from home, but looking back the weeks and months have flown by. These are some photos I haven’t shown before, or my favourite moments.

2012 was the year of working hard, trial and error, and learning that sometimes you have to say ‘no’ (I usually say yes, bring on everything!). It started slowly with me packing my bags and boarding the plane again forcing myself to move ahead, and taking a breather half way through realising the turbulence over a dozen countries. I found my content being alone, finding friends that became family away from home, having family at home supported me non stop, and I even let myself fall head over heels…

Even if time slips away faster each year, I can thank my readers and my blog for being a helpful momentum, pushing me to document these moments and strive to make the most out of every circumstance.

Happy 2013, and happy every day.

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