Top of the Rock

Wearing: Maje coat, New York City top from Canal Street tourist shop, Zara skirt and boots, Michael Kors watch.

I always intended to end my trip on a high, but didn’t know it would literally turn out that way. I had known I was heading home for a few weeks, although no one else (including my ¬†family) did so I had been making sure to go out of my to soak in every moment. When starting off a trip there is so much adrenalin and excitement, but like any constant in life it naturally starts to wear off a little despite hard efforts. It isn’t that everything wasn’t as incredible or as meaningful as when I first set foot in Europe, but I would notice my mind would wander, wondering how much better my body would feel with a night in my own bed, not living out of one suitcase, a hug from my family and all of the other simple things you borrow and collect from strangers turned to friends along the way.

I spent my last night on Top of the Rock, not somewhere completely new for me but it still feels new everytime. My Australian friend Laura has been many times before, but for some reason it was my New Yorker friend Patricia‘s first time. How can we have such an easy way to see something so beautiful every day and never choose to experience it? I guess we all do that every day.

If you ever get a chance to go to New York, go to Top of the Rock and watch the sunset. It is not even an option, just go. At $25 per person it is probably one of the most affordable ways to guarantee a few hours of giddy endorphins and those “I’m so happy to be here” moments that won’t make even the most uptight tourists cringe.

While leaving I heard a staff member say to another of the sunset, “every night is beautiful, but don’t you think tonight was exceptional?”. A little eavesdropping could not have ended it all on a better note.


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