NYC Photo Diary 1

1&2/ Love sculpture on 6th Ave  3&4/ Incredible views of mid town and Central Park  5&8/ Soho  6/ Shopping on Broadway  7/ Zimmermann’s Soho store  9/ Hot dog heaven (for Nicole)  10/ Fairy lights at Rockefeller Plaza  11-16/ Times Square tourists with Patricia Chang (wearing Rag & Bone jeans, Maje coat, Zara top and knit)  17&18/ Views from the Dream Hotel rooftop  19/ Washington Square Park  20/ My ‘thank you’ note to my mum as part of a gratitude study for NYU students  21/ Downtown  22/ West midtown views  23/ Patricia’s sneaky macaroon gift for me on TOTR  24/ Endless love for NYC

This is just a fraction of my photographic evidence to come of the freaking amazing time I had in NYC the weeks before I left. I say freaking in attempt to emphasise how it feels like every time that I am here, I fall in love with it even more and it doesn’t look like that is going to stop. Every time is a new and completely different experience than the times before. And there is such an incredible contrast between being here during Fashion Week, to be able to wander this enormous city by myself for hours on end with just my camera, headphones and strangers to smile at.

I also think it is odd when people insinuate that doing the typical ‘touristy’ things in NYC are not cool. Usually they are pretty decent experiences, otherwise it wouldn’t be a popular thing to do. I find that the best way to travel is to experience as much as you can, being a mix between the top tourist recommendations aswell as making sure to have the balance of ‘pretend I am a local’ perspective too. Just do as much as you physically can, and sleep when you get back home.

I’m writing a list of my favourite things to do, see, eat etc while in NYC in my following diary if anyone is interested. If you are after advice on something / somewhere in particular just let me know!

Photos by me

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