Wearing: Lover dress, Alexander Wang boots, Karen Walker sunglasses, Michael Kors watch, Luv AJ cuffs, Jacquie Aiche rings, Shashi ring.

To be completely honest I haven’t completed unpacked my luggage from travelling yet. There is still some being sent from Brasil, and some more who else knows where thanks to my sudden souvenir collecting and clothing explosion during the last few weeks away. As a result I am not sure what I even own at the moment besides what is at the front of my rack/top of the luggage pile. I picked up this white dress as soon as I arrived home in a celebration leaving minus degrees in NYC to Sydney’s summer weather, and have been happily living in it every day or two since.

I bought these boots online while in NYC, and thanks to my incredibly high arch from years of ballet they were to small to even attempt to try. A huge thanks to my readers on instagram who recommended that I stuff them with wet newspaper… it worked perfectly!

Photos by Nicole Cooper

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