Praca da Assembleia

Wearing: Paprika dress, Luiza Barcelos shoes, Michael Kors watch, Gorjana necklace and cuff, Jacquie Aiche rings.

While in Belo Horizonte in Brazil I had the incredible pleasure of meeting a whole lot of my readers during two events with Luiza Barcelos. I had no idea blogging was such a big part of Brazilian life and am still overwhelmed at the support by so many young girls that came to say Hi. It really makes such a difference being able to meet individually and say thank you to everyone who reads my blog in person. I snapped these photos in Praca da Assembleia before the second event in which I wore this black backless maxi with nude sandals. While meeting all of the stylish readers I realised how different my simple style can be compared to the more daring Brazilians with crazy bold colours and layered accessories, which only made me appreciate their broad taste as readers even more.

Photos by Luiza Ferraz