Wearing: Zimmermann playsuit, Karen Walker sunglasses, Michael Kors watch, Luiza Barcelos flats, Gorjana cuffs.

No one ever believes me when I say how terrified I am of flying. I am that incredibly nervous person before a flight, sweating and to be completely honest I always leave Australia in tears mostly scared to take that initial step. But the relationship I have with flying is such an extreme of love and hate. I think part of me loves to hate it, knowing I am pushing myself to do something I am scared of, and not only giving myself a relieved personal high five when I get to my destination but have actually started to enjoy the time above the clouds and thoughts. Even if something scares the shit out of me, I don’t think I’ll ever let it stop me from trying and enjoying .

This is exactly what I was reiterating to myself when Chiara, Thassia and I went on a helicopter ride around Rio de Janeiro. It started with gritted teeth that quickly turned in to a childish grin and nearly begging to do it again. If you are ever heading to Rio, I couldn’t possibly recommend the helicopter ride any more (we flew with HeliSight). There is something incredible about Rio, where you can’t decide if it is the Brazilian people, food and culture or the simple perfection of scenery where mountains meet the city and the sea all rolled in to one that makes it so unique. But it is definitely best seen from above!

All photos by me