Luiza Barcelos Photo Diary



1,3,7,8,9,21/ In store event at BH Shopping  2,18,19,30/ Shooting in Praca da Liberdade  4,15,22/ Previews of Luiza Barcelos upcoming AW collection  5/ In store event at Diamond Mall BH  6/ Shooting in Praca da Assembleia  10/ Dinner with Chiara in BH (wearing Lipsy top, J Brand pants, PS11)  11,20/ Touring Luiza Barcelos Factory and HQ  12,13,26,27,28,29/ Shooting at Praca do Papa   14,24/ Dinner in BH with Gabriel and Chiara  16/ Personalised “Tuula” car for my time in Brasil thanks to Fiat  17/ With Luiza Barcelos and Chiara at Christo Redemptor in Rio  23/ Interviews for Brasil TV at Luiza Barcelos HQ  25/ Shooting at Pampulha  31/ With Chiara at Christo Redemptor

I can’t thank Luiza Barcelos enough for giving me the opportunity to get to know their company, and their beautiful country. This trip made me realise how truly blessed and lucky I am to not only be able to work with such a great team, but truly get to know the individuals behind the label which makes me so proud to be involved in and watch their wonderful success. It sounds corny but if I had to sum up the team and everyone I was fortunate enough to meet in Brasil- it would be ‘hospitable’. And after months of travelling with only a few pairs of shoes I was like a kid in a candy store thanks to Luiza! A surreal 8 days of little sleep shooting lookbook content, meeting readers at two in store events, meeting with local media and designers, shooting with Vogue Brasil and quick visit to Sao Paulo FW, but most importantly soaking in beautiful Brasil the entire time.

Photos by Luiza Ferraz

  • Sophie

    Stunning photos! I love your combination of stripes and florals. The balloon shots are so insprational! Spotted u in washington square park-beautiful!

  • Amber

    You’re living the dream!

  • rhodawong

    love all your photos! beautiful you both!

  • Nzlamanyuk

    It looks so fun and I wouldn’t blame you for geeking at all those shoes, I geeking out at all of them too. But, mostly the pointy spiked ones. xNel

  • Natalie

    amazing photos! you and chiara look beautiful

  • Natali Karppinen

    Fabulous photos! Lovely photo diary :)

  • threecactus

    Ahhhh I love these photos, especially the car promoting Tuula :) CUTE! XX

    • jessicastein

      Thank you! Haha, yes the car was a complete surprise and I burst out laughing/smiling every time I saw it! Xx

  • Milna Mandusic

    Lovely photos!!
    My favs are the one with the balloons! 

  • Businesscasualbydorota

    Living a dream- beautiful photos!!!!

  • Nanieke

    This is so fun to watch, what a stunning collection of photo’s. You gave me so much positive energy with this pictures, very nice job! :)
    You both look very beautiful, everytime, and smile real.

    Much love, Nanieke

  • Irene Colzi

    amazing pictures! i love them!


  • Alyssa wilkinson

    Jess can we buy luiza in australia? Just went to the website its in portugese!

    • jessicastein

      Hi Alyssa! I’m certain you can buy in Australia at a few stores in Sydney and Melbourne, I’ll ask Luiza Barcelos exactly where they are and get back to you asap. Xx

      • Alyssa wilkinson

        Ok any luck jess?

  • Stylishlyinlove

    Beautiful pictures!


  • Vanessa

    Amazing pictures! You always look stunning!

    Vanessa – 

  • Anna Parker

    such amazing pictures!


    I like your pics and you are so so pretty!!! Today in my blog Red Gloves. If you want you can visit me. Kiss from Andalucía

  • Laura Alksne

    wow. it sure does look like you han an ah-mazing time over there!!! 

  • Thefsaga

    It looks like you had a really good time there! Beautiful photos:)
    Xoxo, Saga <3

  • Rouge

    the pictures are great !


  • LolitaintheMix

    Love this photo diary!! What an amazing pictures looks like a great experience and lots of fun! You look stunning on each picture and love your outfits!

    -xoxo- lorena

  • Emilia Laine

    it just looks so perfect ! i wish i could do something like this in the future !

  • Ania

    amazing photographies ! you are so cheerful in them, seems like you  had a really nice time there ! you and Chaira look so beautiful xx

  • Eva

    Great photos and you looks so cute with those balloons! A little like Miss Dior 😉 xx

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  • Floortje van Cooten

    Great photos lovely!

  • mckenzie.collins

    This trip looks nothing short of fabulous! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  • Francisca Borges
  • Andrea

    I love this post! The pictures with balloons are great!

  • Lise Gibet

    Qué belleza ! Eu gosto de eses fotos e de sus zapatos ! 

    I’m french but i speak French, Portugues and English!

    Kisses :)

  • PatriciaBrand
  • Fabliha Reza

    so beautiful! looks like an amazing amzug trip and those shoes are stunnnnning!

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    beautyful pics :)

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    like so much the post..

    Today on my blog, outfit of paintings

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    Those pictures are just amazing!


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    both you and chiara are gorgeous.

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    what an amazing experience! great looking shoes =]

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    You both look stunning ! I adore Your style ! great blog my Dear !

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    Those balloon pictures are so fun! And those studded shoes are so lovely xx
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    lovely photos!:)

    im holding a giveaway on my blog, check it out, its worldwide!

  • Belen Sanchez

    From the very first moment I saw your pictures in Brazil, can’t stop thinking about visiting it! The pics are pretty amazing. Un beso

  • Touch of Purple

    Wowww AMAZING photos, dear! I like so much the post…
    I’m glad you enjoyed it! =D

    Big kiss,

  • Welovefur

    Wow! What a beautiful photos!


  • Camila Lima

    Brasil <3 
    Hope you really enjoy here!

  • Lily KG

    Looks like so much fun! Lots of colour, and I love the balloons a la Miss Dior Cherie ad

  • Eilish Ryan

    Gorgeous photos! Your life is so amazing.

  • rhodawong

    gorgeous as always! and i love your new layout!

  • Gemma


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  • Olivia Muenter

    SO much love for these set of photos! Scrolled through them and wished so badly that this was my life. Also those shots with the balloons – so whimsical, fashion-forward, and, well, happy! They all just make me happy (and wish I had your legs…). You and Chiara live the dream life, really.

  • t

    Are you a model? Or do you design clothing? I love the blog,looked through the shop and am just a little confused