Brasil Video Diary


It only took me a few hours in Belo Horizonte with Luiza Barcelos for me to realise how much I needed to document my time in Brasil. I don’t get much time or help to shoot my video diaries very often while travelling, so it worked out perfectly to have a few helping hands to hold the camera for some shots (or simply make me feel like it was safe enough to take my SLR with me everywhere which I sometimes avoid while travelling by myself).

I hope this video shows more insight of the beauty of Brasil, and the incredible time I had there. There is not much more I can say apart from how utterly infatuated I am!

  • Mariposa Fashion

    I love Brasil!!!
    super video
    xoxo from germany

  • Thebridgecrosser

    this looks absolutely devine! Can’t wait to go there one day 🙂

  • My dream vacation is Brasil!  Love the video.

    If you’re curious about Seattle fashion in the rain, check me out!

    • jessicastein

      Watching the video back gives me wanderlust for Brasil too! Thank you X

  • kim

    This is amazing! I love your video travel diaries! xxx

    • jessicastein

      Happy to hear you like my video diaries, I’m always wondering if anyone actually likes them. Either way, its great for me to have to reflect on later in life! Thanks so much, J x

      • kim

        Your welcome! I’m going to Brazil in 2 weeks, then Chile, Bolivia and Peru. You’ve inspired me to make a travel diary too!

  • what a beautiful video, brasil looks breathtaking!

  • guestfromeurope

    your videos always gives me such an energy! thank you and keep up with all the good stuff you are doing! xxx

    • jessicastein

      I’m so glad to hear that, thank you so much!! X

  • Somebody from Somewhere
  • Milna Mandusic

    Gorgeous video!

  • Corbynn



  • Marie

    Hey Jessica ! Please, what software are you using for your video ? iMovie ?

    Tkank you 🙂


    • jessicastein

      Hi Marie, I used iMovie. Hope you enjoyed it, Jess

  • Sarah

    Hi Jessica, absolutely love your video diaries! Just wondering where you think you are travelling to next after Australia? xo

    • jessicastein

      Hi Sarah, Thank you!! I’m currently editing another one from NYC that I hope will go down well too, haha. I’m in Australia for the next few weeks to see family, spend christmas here and save some serious cash. I’m not entirely sure what 2013 will consist of as it depends what pops up (Brasil was extremely unexpected!), but I do believe first trip will be back to NYC for FW. Where do you think I should go? Xx

  • Thefashionflyer
  • Molly Pavlovich

    This video makes me want to run away to Brasil! You do such a fantastic job with the video diaries you post 🙂 Xo

    • jessicastein

      Thank you Molly! I’m so happy to hear readers feedback if they actually like me posting videos 🙂 Xx

  • Molly Pavlovich

    you should also do a post with some of your favourite songs, you have the best taste in music! 

    • jessicastein

      Haha thank you! A bit thanks to Zanita for introducing me to this song… and then I had it on repeat for weeks! X

  • ChicReaction

    you’re amazing ! And I loved your videos ! All enjoy and fun trespasses the ocean through these videos !

  • Pilar

    I always get excited with your posts but a video diary .. it’s just more amazing
    Completely adore all your outfits,  the music and Chiara! Perfect Video!  
    Thanks to you now I’m thinking of planning a trip to Rio next summer! 
    thanks Jess

  • Sophia

    This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever soon! All your videos truly touch my heart. You have a beautiful spark and passion and I admire you so much! BEST blog ever! Please reply xoxoxo 

    • jessicastein

      Hi Sophia, thank you so, so much. I always hesitate thinking if it is worth doing a video diary as they can be a bit tricky while travelling, and time to edit after etc but comments like this truly make it feel so rewarding that I did. I’m so happy to share a piece of Brasil with you! Xx

  • Caroline

    What a great video! Infortunately I couldn’t see you in Brazil! But you’ve described my country very well! Xoxo

    • jessicastein

      Hi Caroline, You’re so blessed to be from Brasil. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see as much as I would like to as I was there for just a short period, but I’m hoping to get back one day soon and hopefully see you there! Jess x

  • This gave me chills! I just want to go travel all over now with my camera! 🙂
    xx, Melissa

    • jessicastein

      Argh I’m so happy to hear it brought out the wanderlust in you Melissa! I’m currently editing video from NYC that I hope everyone likes too… X

  • b

    omgosh i love this so much!

  • Madeline

    I loved this!!  What is this song?

    • jessicastein

      Thank you Madeline! The song is ‘November Skies’ by Tomas Barfod (feat Nina Kinert) X

  • Sylvia

    I really loved that video. Such an inspiration and I have wanderlust now. Thanks for sharing this Jessi

  • Belén Cavas Hernández
  • GK Stylin’

    Hi there – fabulous video! I’m actually going to Rio in January and lucky enough to be staying at the Fasano! Can’t wait! 
    What is the name of the song in the video? I love it. xx

    • jessicastein

      Aren’t you a lucky duck! So wish I was going again. And Fasano is incredible. Try their Strawberry Caipvodka’s while you’re by the rooftop pool, I didn’t get much time to enjoy swimming but the cocktail and sunset was out of this world. The song is ‘November Skies’ by Tomas Barfod. Let me know some tips when you return! Safe travels Xx

  • Nelya Zlamanyuk

    Looks so much fun! xNel

  • Thefashionsaga

    So good edit!his video is absolutely amazing 😀
    You look so adorable so stunning !Love  it ♥
    Check out my fashion blog on 
    and my fan page here on facebook : ) 

    Xoxo, Saga
    ck out my fashion blog on and my fan page here on facebook ) Check out my fashion blog on and my fan page here on facebook ) Check out my fashion blog on and my fan page here on facebook ) ♥

  • Eilish Ryan

    This is fabulous! You are so inspirational.. Lovely video, looks like you had an amazing time. Definitely makes me want to visit Brazil! x

  • Mar Mesa

    LOVELY !!!!!! I envy you.


  • Aimee

    Hey Jess! I heard this song on Zanita’s blog a few weeks back and was listening to it non stop at work to keep a smile on my face 🙂 After I seen your Europe video diary it gave me some serious inspiration to document a road trip I did from Victoria to QLD and back along the coast. I thought this song would be perfect for it and yet again after seeing this amazing post from you I am so excited to complete it! You bring out so much creativity, inspiration and happiness in me. Thank you x

  • Beautiful! you should have your own show 🙂

    • jessicastein

      Ah… haha…. wow I wish I could have my own travel channel! I would absolutely love to introduce my readers to cities and countries, advising on where to stay, what to do and where to shop etc. If only in the perfect world I had someone to travel and film with me, and somehow fund it! A girl can dream 🙂 X

      • Who knows maybe you are going to have it in the near future! Your blog is awesome. Your photos are full of engergy it’s fun to watch them 🙂

  • Ania

    amazing video! I love the fish-eye effect 🙂 it’s such a nice memory, you’ll probably watch it many many times! great job with putting it together ! xx

  • Dear Jessica, your video dairies are so inspiring to me. Such beautiful shots with such nice songs! When seeing them I can’t wait to go travel. Unfortunately it’s so expensive. I can’t imagine how thankful you must be for having all these opportunities to see the beautiful things the world has to offer. Please make some more video dairies! 

    X Shannen,

  • I have been dreaming about South America for a looong time, however am just needing to save a little more to fly there. I was hoping to go 2 years ago but didn’t have enough money, only had enough to go to Fiji 😛
    Your videos and photos make me so jealous! It must’ve been amazing!

    • jessicastein

      Hi Leanne, I had enormous wanderlust for years and years before I ever went overseas! Huge kudos to you for being able to be disciplined enough the save for Fiji even… because I’ve had a taste for travel I save every cent for it but even my immediate family have never really had the chance to. Keep saving and being determined to get there because I promise it is absolutely worth it, even if a few years away. If you ever need advice for anything travel related please feel free to email me directly. Jess x

  • SP

    Thank you for sharing Brasil with us!!
    You are a beautiful woman who deserves a beautiful lifeI hope to be like you and be blessed with the first of travel

    Your video is amazing, you have an amazing future ahead!
    Never stop smiling (:


    PS.. I would love if you would share some of your favorite songs with choose the best ones!!

    • jessicastein

      Hi SP, wow what an incredible compliment, thank you so so much. Feedback like this genuinely makes all of the homesickness, hard work and sleepless nights worth every second! This song choice was influenced by my friend Zanita who has great taste in music, but I might add some details of my playlists soon if people would find that interesting at all? Haha. I love music but moreso the feeling some particular songs evoke while I’m on a plane heading somewhere new, and that song will forever remind me of these moments where I just ‘go with it’. Xxx

  • This is so beautiful thank you! Every time you or Nicole go to another interesting place i just at it to my future itinerary. I loved the europe video and i am super excited for the NYC one!  xx

    • jessicastein

      Hi Hayley, How have you been? I’m back at home for a few weeks now! Thank you so so much, so happy to share a piece of travels and hopefully inspire someone to visit their when they get a chance. NYC video is slowly coming together… luckily the Coast is so quiet I can actually catch up on some work these days! Hope you’re well, Jess x

      •  Aw i am great thank you, and thanks to you i am hoping to to student exchange for a semester in NYC in 2014! I got to visit Paris, Venice, Sorrento, Rome, Salzburg, Ypres and Munich this year and have caught the travel bug BAD and i do think your beautiful blog is part of it hehe. Hopefully you can catch some really sun instead of these overcast muggy days, enjoy your time off xxx

  • mckenzie.collins

    I always love these videos so much! You inspired me to make my own actually of my last trip! Anyway Brazil looks simply amazing 🙂 Glad you had a great time xx

    • jessicastein

      Hi Mckenzie, thank you! Is there a link of your video that you could send me so I can see? X

  • mehlaqa

    Your posts are so inspiration and they always seem to give me wanderlust xx

    • jessicastein

      Ah I absolutely love hearing this!!!! Thank you so much for letting me know, the fact that I strike wanderlust in others how I get it so much really makes me happy. Hope you’re well and happy xx

  • Wow, thank you so much for sharing your amazing journeys all around the world! You are so lucky to be experiencing all this but you truly deserve it 🙂 I appreciate all the time and effort you put into your blog, it’s a pleasure for the eyes !

  • Anna Parker

    What an amazing looking adventure. I would love to travel more. xo

  • Rania Whitford

    Ahhh Rio, Christo Redempto, what a spectacular blog! How amazing is your life? I am blessed to travel with my guy all over the world and desperate for Rio to be on that list in 2013, all thanks to those out of this world pics you took and now this overwhelming video, it’s beyond anything I could’ve imagined! We celebrate Christmas in NYC this year, I know you adore that city and from one obsessed (wannabe New Yorker) to another, it’s such a delight to just even share that. Looking forward to many more posts Jessica. xoxo 

  • jackieb_19

    Jess you are the most inspiring blogger! The way you seamlessly integrate fashion and travel always makes me so happy as they are both my main passions. I am currently in Thailand on holiday and will be making a video diary for my blog/ youtube channel. Thank you for making me smile and fuelling my lust for travel and fashion!

  • Alana_cjw

    Such a great video and perfect atmosphere, I love my country, brazil it’s my place, really glad that u had a good time here. I love ur blog, even though I live here in fortaleza ( city from brazil) I’ve never been in rio haha wish I could go to ur hometown Australia my first destiny for a trip, tell us more about that beautiful country as well
    Xoxo Alana from brazil

  • I admire you soooooo much Tuula jaja since I met you in instagram jaja I love all your photos, and my little sister wants to be a top model like you so she admires you, too! I hope one day we met each other…

  • Are you JeesicaStein?

  • Bakcoco

    Amazing views! Great Video

  • Coline Chavaroche

    U have amazing pictures


  • Suruchi

    Thanks for the video Jessica. The music is gr8. I m seeing Brasil from ur eyes:) u r adorable. I hope i can see it for real someday.

  • Fatima

    Amazing ! I follow you on twitter and i love love love your pics and your lifestyle you travel a lot n explore the world, keep it up love from kuwait

  • Frankieelovee

    What kind of camera do ou use? 🙂 and how did you start out in this fashion vlogging/blogging kind of career!??
    Monique xxxx

  • kschoeck

    So inspiring! Love the photography and the outfits! You make me want to travel and buy cute outfits 🙂

  • JenniferT

    SUch a beautiful recollection of brazil Jessica 🙂

    I went to brazil and NYC in 2012 with some girlfriends, and your video diary of the two places are uncanny to my experiences there. keep up the amazing work that you do. You are a total inspiration for fashion and travel. To which are two of my passions 🙂

    You recently came to melbourne for a visit ( my home town), loved your instagram photos. P.s I’m a total Zimmermann fan

    Jennifer Xx

  • Amalie Sofie

    Love this video!!! Thank you for all the inspiration you give me through your photos on your blog. You’re amazing 🙂

  • .

  • i’m brazilian (from Rio) and this is my 1st visit here!! I’m a Chiara’s huge fan, and now i can say i’m yours too!  you’re so cute and i loved you style! congrats from Rio de Janeiro!! 

  • Penny Georgia

    What is this song called? Beautiful video xx

  • Frankieelovee

    Hello!!! I’m Monique an I am very inspired by your blogs/vlogs and fashion!! I’ve always wanted to do little videos like this when I travel and you inspired me even more!! Thank you!! What kind of camera do you use? The quality is amazing!!!

  • wonderain

    why i only can see the photo, but can not find the video?

  • Kblossoms

    Beautiful video of your Brazil travel, so down to earth and real. Love your spirit for adventure.

  • yanjing

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  • Georgia

    Hey Jessica! This has inspired me even more to visit Brasil, it has always been very high on my list. I love following all of your explorations, I live a very similar lifestyle but am in earlier stages of documenting it at xx Happy travels, can’t wait to see where else your end up!

  • Veronica Bucher

    On my list of places to see!